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19 Reasons Andy Dwyer Is Your Spirit Animal

Bert Macklan is truly an angel without wings.

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1. You're all about saying 'yes' to life.

2. Dancing? More like inspiring everyone through movement!

3. You see the world as a big place to go exploring.

4. You're more of an improviser at heart.

5. You definitely NEVER confuse puns and quotes.

6. You're excited by the little things in life.

7. You're not afraid to dish out a solid compliment.

8. You're in a serious relationship with food.

9. You bring that zest for life with you everywhere, like school and work.

10. No one's fooling YOU!!!!

11. You're basically the Wikipedia of your friend group.

12. You're not afraid to admit when you're wrong.

13. You're always ready to talk about the latest news stories.

14. I mean, you're basically a doctor.

15. You honestly are.

16. You have a great sense of fashion.

17. Sometimes you're just trying to keep folks honest and on their feet.

18. You are excellent at time management.

19. You're a brilliant strategist.

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