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14 Times Samantha Jones Summed Up Exactly How You Feel During The Holidays

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1. When your grandfather refers to black people by a dated, offensive term. Again.

2. When all female family members over 30 bring up your 'biological clock.'

3. When you and the sibling(s) you like get a drunken moment alone.

4. When you're back in your hometown but absolutely nothing feels right or the same.

5. When your uncle asks you what you think of his new girlfriend.

6. When you run into an ex back home at the bar.

7. When it dawns on you that there might be some perks to being stuck at your crazy cousin's place.

8. When your cousin asks if you want to see her wedding Facebook album. Again.

9. When you mom says she doesn't think Ted Allen is the right choice to host 'Chopped.'

10. When your mother starts listing all the things she'll need you to do while you're home.

11. When your mom asks you for the millionth time why you don't visit more often.

12. When your sister tells you to watch what you say around the baby.

13. When your dad brings his weird girlfriend to dinner.

14. When it's Friday night and you're so bored at your parents' house.

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