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    • courtneyw4d1efa99d

      My fiancé is the kindest, most patient man there is. I have Bipolar AND Borderline Personality Disorder, and I am an absolute handful. I have emotionally abused him, have screamed at him, have hurt myself, etc…but through it all he is love. The best thing he has ever done for me is to not let me take my diagnosis and wallow in it. He is constantly pushing me to do research, he keeps my medicine and gives them to me weekly because I always lose my bottles, he called and got me a therapy appointment because I was emotionally and physically unable to, he doesn’t let me abuse him, he provides useful tips that he’s gained from his hours and hours of research. Basically, he won’t let me become a diagnosis. To him, I am Courtney, a woman full of love and laughter, and that pesky mental illness is something that we will combat and overcome together.

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