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Which RLC Are You Most Like?

Ever want to learn which RLC you are most like? Take this super official quiz to find out who you should start scheduling all of your one on one meetings with!

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  1. What do you find yourself saying a lot?

    "That's fair"
    "Do what feels right"
    I don't really talk as much as clap...
    Dude! Bro! Hot Diggity Dope!
    the lyrics to whichever song is currently stuck in my head
  2. What can you be found doing in your free time?

    Eating tacos, and probably in my bed
    Getting your steps in
    Probably outside, being athletic
    Eating Boston Pizza, and probably in my bed
    Free time? I'm doing homework (aka videogames) always.
  3. Describe your ideal #ootd (outfit of the day)

    booties, tights and a dress
    whatever would have me fit in at a country club or on a yaht
    leggings, long tshirt, plaid or denim shirt, infinity scarf and converse
    sneakers, fleece sweater, relaxed fit pants
    50/50 split between trendy jeans or business casual
  4. Favourite TV Show?

    Gilmore Girls
    One Tree Hill
    Adventure Time
    Walking Dead
    The Simpsons
  5. What item can't you live without?

    My phone or coffee cup
    My fitbit
    My X-Ring
    My Blender/Skateboard
  6. What app do you use the most?

    Simpsons Tapped Out
    Spotify (for them tunes bro)
    Boom Beach
  7. What is your theme song?

    Closer - The Chainsmokers
    Whatever's currently in my head, that I'm singing
    Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin
    some rap artist you've probably never heard of
  8. Which Harry Potter Character are you most like?

    Ron Weasley
    Draco Malfoy
    Seamus Finnagin
    Cedric Diggory
    Mrs. Weasley
  9. Where is your dream vacation?

    Harry Potter World
    Morrocco or Instanbul
  10. Fave Canadian Capitol City

    Montreal (don't tell them this isn't a capitol)

Which RLC Are You Most Like?

You got: Sam!

You might be a Sam if you enjoy the simple things in life. Sam's can often be found going for walks, or doing outdoorsy things. Sam's appreciate hammocks, spending time with friends, keeping up with sports, and finding some good deals.

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You got: Warren!

If you are a Warren, you are a classy individual. You like adventuring and travel and discovering new things. You also may be a bit of a unique duck, with endearing quirks and like the internet to find funny things. Often can be found singing, and not always aware they are doing it.

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You got: Dana!

If you are a Dana, you could be replaced by a cat, and no one would notice for at least a week. You are organized, tidy, and particular in your tastes. Your snapchat game is strong, enjoy doing things for "the insta", and would rather be eating nuggets and probably wish you were in your bed right this moment.

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You got: Nick!

Nick is the trendiest of options that you could have received on this quiz. Nick is unironically very West Coast, and often does the yoga, the vegan, the hiking and the adventuring things because he likes it, not because it's currently cool.

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You got: Courtney!

If you are a Courtney, you like going to the gym with your friends (read, Dana) only because you can later also eat chicken nuggets. If you like brunch, Target, napping, Kate Spade, stationary, bullet journalling, and eating burrito based food all while wearing lululemon products, and drinking coffee, you are probably a Courtney.

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