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    31 Pieces Of Furniture From Wayfair Both You And Your Bank Account Will Love

    Money: saved. Home: furnished.

    1. A velvet accent chair so you can sit in style. Embrace all the fall feels in this statement piece and elevate your decor to a new level.

    2. A glass-top dining table for a seriously posh look as you're sitting around and sipping on pumpkin-spiced drinks and eating pumpkin-spiced snacks. The best part? It's glass, so cleaning up messes (like your overflow of whipped cream) is a breeze! Who says you have to spend an arm and a leg to get a great dining room table?

    Glass top dining room table with wood leg

    3. A gold-tone Art Deco bar cart so you can bring the party wherever it needs to go, all season. It's not technically a necessity but this beauty is a must-have. Why keep the spirits (or whatever else you want to display on this beauty) out of reach, far away in an upper cabinet?

    gold bar cart

    4. A modern farmhouse console table for displaying all your fall decor. Set this sleek console in your entryway for chic addition to your space and to catch all your clutter.

    A reviewer photo of a console table

    5. A Serta tufted futon so you can have the best seat in the house for all your pre-Halloween movie marathons. Bonus: It easily converts from a couch to a sleeping surface in seconds. No need to buy a guest bed when you have this futon that can do double-time.

    A reviewer's black Serta futon with blue pillows on it

    6. A free-standing bathroom cabinet because most bathrooms don't have built-in storage. Bring in the storage yourself for less than $100, and watch your bathroom ~shine.~

    The cabinet in a bathroom

    7. A C-style end table so you can enjoy your favorite fall foods without the fear of spilling them on the couch. Slide this versatile and affordable end table wherever you need it.

    the table

    8. And an over-the-toilet shelf to make everything you need in the bathroom easier to reach. The toilet is an essential part of any bathroom, so you might as well make the most of it, and with three shelves you can save *so* much space.

    The shelves with a few items on them over a toilet

    9. A cube bookcase because space saving is even better when it's symmetrical. You can also store things in an asymmetrical fashion. I won't judge, and you'll still create more space and save some money while you're at it.

    The cube bookcase with assorted items inside

    10. A tufted storage ottoman that looks like it's straight out of a Victorian mansion. It's so comfy you might forget it has stuff inside. But then again, you'll remember when you see all the extra space in your cabinets and around your home.

    The storage ottoman in a living room

    11. A smaller sofa and chaise perfect for all your Netflix binge sessions. You know those Saturdays when you simply refuse to leave the apartment? Yeah, you're going to want this for those days.

    the couch with a knit blanket over the back of the couch

    12. A rolled-arm loveseat that has a super cute rounded back to make it different from your average loveseat. Perfect for smaller spaces or as an accent in a larger room.

    the beige loveseat in front of a fireplace

    13. A lift-top coffee table with hidden storage, so you can easily and quite smoothly separate your laptop and work materials from that delicious lunch you're enjoying on the side.

    Black lift top coffee table

    14. A luxe standard bed whose stunning color options and fun design will make your existing linens look so much fancier. No need to buy artwork for your room — this bb is the masterpiece.

    A bedroom featuring the bed in emerald

    15. Or a metal bed frame that is simply gorgeous as the star of your bedroom or as a supporting cast member. Dress this beauty up with some fancy pillows or blankets and you're basically living in The Great Gatsby.

    The twin size frame in gold in use

    16. An accent chest with six *included* basket drawers (what a deal!) so that every toy, tchotchke, and towel has a place and your home can be a clean and organized oasis. Well, at least it'll look that way.

    The chest in walnut

    17. A flip-top bench with a hinged top and roomy hidden storage space so you can store your less-attractive supplies. It's also got one open rack so you can display your more desirable goods.

    The bench in rustic brown near an entryway

    18. A versatile utility cabinet with adjustable shelves to fit *whatever* you want to hide behind its doors. With its sleek design and neutral color choices, it's basically camouflaged.

    The cabinet in white being used in the garage

    19. A clean and modern toy bench so your den no longer looks like a minefield of Barbies and Tonka trucks. It has handles for easy movement by adults and a lid with a safety hinge for little fingers.

    THe bench in blue

    20. A spacious wardrobe perfect for organizing the laundry pile in your space if you're short on closet space. It's great for guest rooms, studio apartments, or just those with *a lot* of clothing (aka me) and is way cheaper than custom shelving or a closet reno.

    The wardrobe in use

    21. A shelf filing credenza because work is only going to become more remote, so why not make your home office look like you're the CEO?

    A wood and white filing credenza

    22. A two-tone iron hall tree so your entryway can have some organization and look absolutely impressive against any wall. The dark, ombre colors put beauty first but it isn't shy about being a totally functional organizer.

    A hall tree supporting clothes, books, shoes, bags, and trinkets

    23. A faux leather and marble dining room set because “one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf aside, the dining room set offers vibrant red chairs with rich marbling. All that's missing is your favorite meal.

    the four red fabric dining chairs and black marble table

    24. An upholstered storage bench to hide your extra stuff in plain sight. Who knew space-savers could be this comfy and affordable?

    The storage bench in a living room

    25. A geometric bookcase because stacking books on horizontal shelves is so last year. Plus, this baby saves heaps of space and looks good while doing it — all for less than $100.

    The geometric bookcase with books on it

    26. A six-drawer double dresser that is so big it will fit your entire wardrobe. No matter how you like to divide your clothes, there is a space for everything in here, which means no more rogue piles of clothes around the room.

    The double dresser with assorted items on top in a dresser

    27. A modern round, cross-legged coffee table that's ideal for smaller spaces — and people prone to bumping into sharp edges on the regular...no more of *that* with this beauty.

    Review. photo of the round cross-legged coffee table

    28. A toy organizer that supports up to 16 plastic bins filled with your kid's favorite play things. Imagine a world where toys are never left on the floor again — it can be yours!

    The toy organizer filled with toys

    29. Or a glam multilevel glass-topped frame coffee table because your living room deserves a piece of art that doubles as a nice place to put down your beverage.

    The satin nickel frame coffee table

    30. A Novogratz counter-height dining set that’s perfect for small-yet-chic spaces. This sleek set includes a table with three built-in shelves and two matching stools that neatly tuck in under the table to save even more space when not in use and give you more for your money.

    The dining set with two barstools in a living room

    31. A steel and wood three-level prep table because if you don’t have a kitchen island but really want one, this durable piece gets the job done. Its wood countertop is great for slicing and dicing, and it can hold up to 30 pounds.

    The prep table with a wood surface and two shelves in a kitchen

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