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    31 Gifts From Walmart That Basically Every Parent Should Check Out

    Gifts so good you won't want to let a certain jolly man in red take credit for them.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A VTech camera that'll help your future Ansel Adams or Anne Geddes practice their photography, find the right angles and create photo collages. It can also do video and voice recordings and comes with four built-in games.

    child holding the pink Vtech Kidizoom camera with floral design

    Promising review: "It's a perfect camera for little beginner photographers, the buttons are pretty well placed for my 5-year-old to hold and take pictures, he loves playing the little games and using the fun frames that are included. It's also easy to upload the photos to the computer." β€”Kahlan

    Price: $29.99 (available in two colors)

    2. A Lego Star Wars advent calendar so your kids will have something to look forward to almost every day in December.

    Advent calendar with Star Wars figurines on display for each day leading up to the holidays

    Promising review: "We always buy this one (new year model) for my Star Wars lover! He is 15, yet still enjoys these sets during Christmas time. He plays for hours with them β€” so anything that gets him off electronics and allows him to feel in the holiday spirit is a winner in my book!" β€”Bratlyn98

    Price: $29.97

    3. A Little Tikes adjustable basketball hoop for pickup games of horse now and later β€” just extend the hoop height as your kids grow.

    Plastic basketball hoop with sturdy base and extended hoop height

    Promising review: "I bought this for my 4-year-old grandaughter for her birthday. She loves it! And it adjust so the older kids can play too. It's heavy-duty but easy to move. It's also super easy to adjust from one size to another. We are very happy and it's well worth the price." β€”vicki

    Price: $39.86

    4. A Radio Flyer tricycle to help your kid pedal in style. It even comes with a racing pennant for added flair and visibility.

    Red low-riding tricycle with racing pennant flag attached

    Promising review: "My son had an older, used big wheel and he loved it but it broke so we decided to get him this one! The price was what sold us and we've had other Radio Flyer toys that are still going strong. He absolutely loves it and the flag sealed the deal for him! Easy to put together and works great!!!" β€”Mnic90

    Price: $49.94 (available in two colors)

    5. A set of Lincoln Logs because they're a classic and great for kids of all ages. They come with three construction ideas but freestyling is always welcome.

    Lincoln Logs in the formation of a fence, home and fire pit

    It comes with 111 pieces and instructions on building three structures.

    Promising review: "i love these Lincoln Logs for many reasons. First of all, I grew up with them. They are very durable since they're made out of wood and are very easy for children to build things with, especially log cabins. The price was great for the quality and quantity." β€”kathleen777

    Price: $39.99

    6. A dollhouse that'll keep your kid busy for hours so you can finally take a Zoom call or a shower in peace. It's got everything from a trendy home-gym to a cozy rooftop pool.

    Product with 4 levels including gym and shopping area, living room, bathroom and penthouse

    Promising review: "This is very well built and such a fun house! The details in every room are wonderful and it is quite sturdy. Took two adults 90 minutes to assemble." β€”Kayla

    Price: $113.92

    7. A Hot Wheels raceway track and cars to go with it so your child can have some extreme action and do stunts any time, anywhere.

    Product with orange, red, green and gray track and included vehicles

    It comes with a track and five vehicles.

    Promising review: "Grandkids have a blast with this. It's made good, plays well, and the kids love it." β€”cindi

    Price: $24.88

    8. A Play-Doh set with every color of the rainbow for making and modeling all sorts of things. It's got six sets of eight different colors, so your brood will be well-stocked.

    Eight colors of Play-Doh in quantities of three

    It comes with three each of eight colors of Play-Doh.

    Promising review: "I have three little ones from pre-K through second grade. They each have to bring in Play-Doh for their classes and this pack saved this momma some money!" β€”Jennifer

    Price: $29.99

    9. A Fisher-Price musical playset to help your little John Legend or Lady Gaga start working on their craft early. It comes with three little baby figures and it folds up so you can easily take it anywhere.

    kids playing with a plastic playset with a soft bottom mat and interactive attachments

    Promising review: "Ordered this as birthday gift for our 2-year-old granddaughter. She loves it. We are daycare for her. When she arrives she goes straight to this toy. If I haven't opened it up yet, she reaches in one end and pulls the babies out. If it is open, she sits down inside the semi-circle that folds down and begins to play. We did put the little feeding spoon up out of reach because, of course it went directly into her mouth." β€”Ronald

    Price: $33.99

    10. A Razor scooter because it's perfect for kids who like to cruise around town but aren't old enough to drive. The handlebar is adjustable and can go up as your child grows taller.

    Silver scooter with green wheels and handles

    Promising review: "Scooter arrived all assembled, just had to lock it in upright position. Scooter is lightweight. Haven't figured out how to fold it back in place yet but my kid loves it. Easy to ride on and like that he will be able to ride it for at least another 5-10 years." β€”Jennifer

    Price: $29.97+ (available in 12 colors)

    11. A styling doll that'll give any aspiring hair stylist something to practice on.

    Doll head with dark hair and aqua highlights and hair styling accessories

    It comes with a styling head, comb, hair clips, and other styling accessories.

    Promising review: "I brought this as a gift for my 9-year-old daughter's birthday. She loves it. She wakes up playing with it and Its the last thing she plays with before she goes to sleep." β€”Tamika

    Price: $24.88

    12. A Jurassic World T-Rex so your kid can feel like they're at the theme park when they're actually safe at home. This dino moves its head and roars *almost* as loud as the real thing.

    Realistic T-rex with movable head

    Promising review: "He loves it. He was showing me all of the features and was so excited. The only downfall is this toy is very loud." β€”Sheryl

    Price: $34.88

    13. A Little Tikes slide for beginning sliders. It's great for your child's fun and fitness. It's also easy to assemble β€” just snap it together in no time.

    Plastic blue and red slide with easy-to-climb steps

    Promising review: "With this pandemic I had to make staying at home fun for my lil one. This slide was a great addition to his toy collection! It was easy to set up just snap the pieces in place! It is easy to clean just wipe down! It is great for outdoors and indoors! The first time I set it up in our home my lil one took cars and rolled them down the slide like a ramp it was pretty awesome! This also is a great water slide! It is a great deal for the price! Storage is great!" β€”Newbiemom

    Price: $29.97

    14. A game of Uno to play when their screen time is used up for the day. It's a classic game the whole family can play.

    Uno cards being used to play a game

    Play this by taking turns matching numbers and colors until someone gets rid of all their cards and wins.

    Promising review: "This is a classic game that's always fun we were looking for something to do in the house for family time and this is definitely one of the games we will continue to play easy for all the kids to understand and lots of fun the skips are the best!" β€”Bsmom

    Price: $4.97

    15. A Barbie Dreamhouse pet playset because it comes with plastic pets that won't chew up everything in your real home.

    Product with multiple animals, pet carriers and pet home

    It comes with one pet Dreamhouse, three pets, plus one surprise pet, two pet carriers, one food dispenser with bone, one merry go round, one pet convertible, one pool, and one doghouse.

    Price: $20

    16. An LOL Surprise! jewelry-making kit with a storage case that'll let your child make all kinds of cool creations, including friendship bracelets β€” it's got enough supplies to make 100 of them!

    Pink tray with various beads, thread and jewelry making supplies

    It comes with 1 LOL Surpriseβ„’ rolling case with handle and reusable work station, five surprise charms, chipboard friendship wheel, 34 skeins of colorful friendship thread (8.75 YDS. each), two skeins of metallic cording (2 yards each), five skeins of elastic cording (1 yd. Each), 126 alphabet beads, 610 accent beads, three Surprise metal charms, one washi tape (10 ft), 2 safety pins, one Surprise bonus sticker, two Surprise tear and share BFF charms, 25 Surprise gemstones, Surprise Remix Lyric page, two sticker sheets, easy-to-follow instructions.

    Price: $20

    17. A Frozen 2 gift set so cute it might spark a Frozen-inspired family karaoke night.

    Anna and Olaf in ice canoe

    It comes with Anna, an Anna dress, Anna boots, Olaf, an ice canoe, and a satchel.

    Price: $19.88

    18. A Vtech interactive desk because your child can use it several different ways. The LED screen doubles as a writing pad or you can transform it into an easel and chalkboard for them to use as an art station.


    It includes five interactive pages, stool, a toy telephone, and the music player has more than 20 melodies.

    Promising review: "Very easy to assemble together, lightweight to move around the house. My toddler absolutely loves the write on board and music. This is something I definitely recommend to any parent wanting something to help their child learn the ABCs." β€”annalisa

    Price: $42.88

    19. A Wreck It Ralph mini-arcade game to play until arcades are open again.

    Product with on/off switch, red joy stick and buttons to play games

    Promising review: "So far, I have the Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man versions of these mini arcade games, and I would say the Fix it Felix game is the best of the three. The graphics are great, they take up the FULL screen, and it is the full version of the game from what I remember playing on the full size game machine. The only negative is that the joy stick is on the left side of the device. Would prefer it on the right side." β€”TexMick840

    Price: $14.97

    20. A VTech singing puppy toy because it's adorable and will introduce your toddler to colors, numbers and new words.

    Plastic puppy with leash and interactive buttons

    Promising review: "Between the wheels, buttons, lights and sounds, this puppy definitely holds my baby daughter's attention longer than most toys. She loves it! It was the perfect first birthday gift!" β€”MissRad

    Price: $18.18

    21. Kids' pajamas that'll help your little bear stay cozy and be prepared to hibernate every night.

    Black and white pajama shirt and matching red and black buffalo plaid pants

    Promising review: "I loved the matching family Christmas pajamas. I ordered six pairs, all different sizes, and they all fit perfect. The pajamas are so comfortable and soft you don't want to take them off." β€”rkhicks

    Price: $15.99 (available in sizes XS-XL)

    22. And a matching pair for mama bear so you can be ready for any family photoshoots that come your way.

    Family wearing matching pajamas

    They're also available for papa bears.

    Promising review: "Fits great and will be great for our family PJ pictures." β€”AnaH

    Price: $19.99 (available in S-3X)

    23. A Baby Alive doll for any kid who's been asking for a baby sister. This doll bounces, giggles, stands, drinks water and even needs diaper changes.

    Baby doll drinking from a bottle in colorful outfit

    It comes with a doll, outfit, bottle, diaper, and instructions.

    Promising review: "I got this for my niece's second birthday. She loves it. Doll bounces and makes giggling sounds." β€”ChrissyG

    Price: $24.96 (available in three colors)

    24. An outdoor swing set with two swings and a slide to make your backyard feel like a park.

    Outdoor yellow and blue playset with two swings and a slide

    Promising review: "This was the best summer purchase made for my kids!!! We have a very small yard and this fits perfect without taking over the entire space! I was so impressed with how well the product was labeled for putting it together along with the instructions! Very sturdy and very well constructed! I highly recommend this to anyone looking a small swing set for their kids enjoyment! Thank you Walmart and Sportspower you made this summer and summers to come!" β€”Tass123

    Price: $134.99

    25. A VTech learning toolkit because it'll help any budding Tim "The Toolman" Taylors in your household take on their next home reno project.

    Colorful toolkit with handy play tools and interactive buttons

    It comes with two double-sided activity cards, electronic project tray, hand-powered toy drill, hammer, wrench, two nails, and two screws.

    Promising review: "This is an amazing toolbox. I purchased it for my 2-year-old nephew. He won't put it down. There are lights, tools , a working drill, and info cards. Definitely worth the money!" β€”Twinkie

    Price: $17.99

    26. A Little Tikes garden bench playset that'll provide hours of gardening fun for your kids, even if they don't have a green thumb.

    Colorful plastic garden with gardening tools and faux flowers

    It includes four flower pots, two soil discs, two flowers, one tray, one sifter tray, one rake and one shovel.

    Promising review: "So many things to do with this playset! Water, sand, sensory. It's a great hands on activity. The quality is great. Very fun." β€”Shanae

    Price: $36.99

    27. A game of Jenga so you can have a fun game to play with your kids. It's a classic that's easy for all ages to enjoy: simply try to remove blocks from the stack without making the tower fall.

    Family playing a game of Jenga

    Promising review: "I have not played Jenna in years so when I saw it, I had to get it. The entire family had fun from age 6 to 50! Looking forward to playing again. A bargain for the price!" β€”Rachael

    Price: $12.97

    28. A Melissa and Doug kitchen playset with a fridge, stove, and kitchen accessories for any aspiring chef. It comes with cute accessories and will definitely give you some inspo for your real kitchen.

    Gray and black kitchenette with kitchen accessories

    Promising review: "Everything about the playset is high quality. It is very durable and should last for thousands of pretend meals. The details of the countertop design, backsplash tile, and ice cubes you can get right out of the ice maker are marvelous. This is well worth the money." β€”Grandparents

    Price: $139.99

    29. A quilt-making craft kit that'll keep them busy for hours and help them create a cozy blanket they can be proud of. There's no cutting or sewing involved, just lots of knot-tying.

    the quilt-making kit

    It comes with 24 colorful fleece squares (12 x 12 in. each), 20 felt embellishments, fabric glue (0.34 fl. oz.), and easy-to-follow instructions.

    Promising review: "Had a great time making these with my kids! Now they have a new blanket and a memory they can have forever." β€”Amanda

    Price: $9.97

    30. A Batman voice-changing mask to make your kid sound just like Bruce Wayne and freak you out when they ask for a glass of water in the middle of the night.

    Product on a child

    Promising review: "Got it for my 3-year-old nephew and he loves it! Fits a little big on his little face but the eyes light up and changes voice. It has a few phrases already programmed." β€”karen

    Price: $28.99

    31. And a three-piece Batman hat, glove and scarf set because it'll help them stay warm when they're out fighting the Joker (AKA their sibling) in Gotham City (AKA your living room).

    Black and gray camouflage winter accessories set

    Price: $9.98

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