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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Do 95% Of The Work When You’re Ready To Tidy Up Your Home

    Time to leave after-work tidying in the past.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A 10-piece set of clear organization bins so you can keep everything close at hand while wrangling all those random items that end up shoved in the back of a drawer. Bonus points if you arrange it in rainbow order!

    10 piece set of plastic clear bins

    2. A trio of wire baskets that are classier than you might expect for a simple storage solution. Use them to hold linens, snacks, or anything else that needs to live somewhere other than your counters or the floor.

    the baskets

    3. A kitchen utensil set with 28 practical tools, like measuring cups, whisks, spatulas, clips, and more that will sit tidily in the included cup. Now, you can finally part ways with the hand-me-downs you've had since you first moved out and will have an organized set on hand next time you make your favorite cuisine.

    An image of a 28-piece kitchen utensil set

    4. A three-tier utility cart to declutter your kitchen cabinets and give bulky kitchen appliances, dishware, and cups a stylish place to call home. It's got hooks for hanging dishtowels or utensils. Plus, it can double as extra counter space if you need it.

    An image of a three-tier utility cart

    5. A pair of storage baskets because they prove storage can be cute. Use them to hold spare blankets, magazines, or anything else you want out of the way. When you don't want to use them, rest assured that these storage baskets are stackable and easy to put away without taking up too much space.

    woven boat basket holding reading materials

    6. A set of three white and gold wooden shelves, so you can have an extra chic storage place for all your towels and toiletries and give your bathroom an easy update.

    An image of a set of three wall mounted wooden shelves inside a bathroom

    7. A three-level wooden shelf with a metal frame for anybody who needs a place to display their tchotchkes neatly. It has three spacious tiers to store plants, books, pictures, and candles. Oh, and it's under $50. It really doesn't get any better than that!

    An image of an iron and wooden wall shelf with plants, books, and candles on the shelves

    8. A modern stoneware dish set to replace the years-old, mismatched dinnerware you're currently using. This 16-piece set looks like it came straight out of an Anthropologie catalog, all without breaking the bank. Just think how much more organized your open shelving will look with these on display.

    An image of a 12-piece dinnerware set

    9. A storage ottoman that'll provide a place to kick your feet up and storage space for blankets, pillows, toys, and more. Aside from its sleek and sexy ~lewk~, what makes this storage ottoman even more awesome is its collapsible design. Now, you can use it when you need to and take it down easily when you have to.

    An image of a collapsible storage ottoman with a removable lid and durable faux black leather upholstery

    10. Or round tufted storage ottoman so you can have a place to prop up your feet, as well as storage space for all the items you can't shove into your closet. Just think how many pairs of shoes you could store in this!

    An image of a round tufted storage ottoman with a chic tufted top in linen upholstery and nail-head detailing

    11. A classic open storage nightstand because it has plenty of space for organizing all your valuables and other bedside necessities. In addition to its awesome price point, reviewers love that this nightstand comes in six timeless colors.

    the brown nightstand with books in it and a lamp on the top

    12. An innovative outlet mount with a cable organizer so you don't have to stare at a gangle of cords all day long. This handy gadget will charge your phone or other smart devices in a neat and tidy way.

    white wall outlet mount

    13. A file folder bin to hold all the important documents you might need again one day (even though let's face it, you probably won't) and free up some precious desk space.

    model grabbing something out of the storage bin

    14. A classic five-shelf bookcase so you can easily store books, plants, photos, and decor in an eye-catching way.

    An image of a five-shelf bookcase featuring two fixed shelves and three adjustable shelves

    15. A set of three under-bed storage bins for holding those summer clothes you've just retired for the season (*sobs*). Easily slide these under your bed or stack 'em in your closet.

    3 gray under bed storage bins with dividers

    16. A skinny rolling cart that makes use of the small awkward spaces in your home. Use it in the laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, closet, or really anywhere, to fully utilize every inch of storage space available to you and keep all your essentials organized.

    white wire three tier rolling cart in between a washing machine and dryer

    17. A storage bookcase with a modern farmhouse sliding barn door to give you extra storage wherever you need it, without looking like an eyesore. Just think how much you could store in a piece like this! Finally, all those craft supplies or books will have a home.

    wooden tall storage cabinet with sliding barn door

    18. A wire laundry basket to keep your dirty clothes from piling up on the floor or in ~the chair~ (you know the one I'm talking about). It actually looks cute while collecting your laundry, and the washable liner keeps everything nice and clean. Plus, the handles make it easy to carry.

    wire laundry baskets with white cloth liner

    19. A cute over-the-toilet cabinet for adding extra storage space in your bathroom. That area is valuable real estate for extra space to hide away extra unsightly items.

    wooden over the toilet cabinet

    20. A 12-tier over-the-door shoe organizer that can hold up to 36 (!!!) pairs of shoes and keep them accessible while also out of the way and off the floor. Go ahead and get those shoes you've been eyeing now that you have the space for them!

    12 shelf over the door shoe rack in gray metal

    21. A set of 100 thin velvet hangers to fit even more clothes in your closet without anything falling on the floor. No matter how big (or small) of a closet you have, these will definitely maximize your space.

    gray thin velvet clothing hangers

    22. A six-piece set of wire cupboard organizers because cabinet space doesn't grow on trees and you need to make the most of every 👏 last 👏 inch 👏.

    23. A wall-mounted wine rack for saving space and putting your collection on a display. The sets are available to fit 12 or 24 bottles displayed side by side to save even more room. Cheers!

    the wine bottle holder

    24. A drawer organizer that'll turn your junk or gadget drawer into ~organized chaos~. It's got five compartments for everything from spatulas to buttons to measuring spoons to those rubber bands you seem to find all over the house but have no idea where they came from.

    25. A set of hanging wall baskets to take advantage of any empty wall space that's begging to be used for storage. Get that fruit basket off the valuable countertop for good and keep your fruits and veggies organized!

    2 gray wire hanging baskets

    26. A spinning spice rack with 16 jars, labels, and five years of spice refills included. That's right; you won't run out of spices for FIVE years! Plus, how much more cohesive will your kitchen look with matching spices? Make Antoni and Bobby proud with just one purchase.

    round turning spice rack with 16 spice jars and labels

    27. A desk organizer set for wrangling all your workday essentials, from sticky notes to pencils to pushpins. It's seriously got a compartment for EVERYTHING.

    the gold organizer on a desk

    28. A set of seven clear stackable pantry containers to make guests think you were on this season's The Home Edit and give your pantry a put-together feel. Because they are airtight, pantry essentials stored inside will stay fresh way longer.

    7 clear plastic containers in various sizes

    29. A multifunctional lift-top coffee table built to do more than one job. It's got storage space inside to store your clutter and keep your coffee table clear. Plus, you can lift the top to access a bonus place where you can eat, work, or play games without leaving the couch!

    gray wooden coffee table with lift top and dark metal legs

    30. A nine-piece set of refrigerator bins to corral your chaotic groceries into clear, easy-to-reach sections, so you know exactly when you run out. Use a dry-erase marker to label each one, and switch out labels easily!

    set of 9 clear storage bins for refrigerator

    31. And finally, a Bissell 3-in-1 lightweight vacuum because it's easy to use and can clean nearly any surface in your home. Dust and debris on your carpet, area rugs, and hard floors don't stand a chance! Plus, you can easily transform it into a hand vacuum to get crumbs, pet hair, and more off countertops or upholstery.

    You admiring all your hard cleaning and organizing work:

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