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    31 Things From Chewy That Have Truly Impressive 5-Star Reviews For A Reason

    Keep your furry, feathered, and scaled friends happy with these products that reviewers love.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A dog DNA test that allows you to learn more about your pooch's genetics (even potential relatives!) and overall health.

    An image of a couple using an Embark dog DNA test

    Promising review: "We’ve had our wonderful mixed-breed dog for three years and people always ask us what he is. We always have to say we don’t really know. I loved this process! It was easy to do the swab. I was notified the minute the mailman picked it up, when it reached the lab, and received updates throughout the entire process. I learned of one potential health issue we might need to be aware of, which was easy to share with our vet. Now that we know the combination of breeds, I can see where each of the breed characteristics comes into play. We had a lot of fun coming up with a breed name for him such as Schnoodle Shepherd, Cockapoodleschnoo, or German Poozer Spaniel. It was fun learning more about our sweet boy." Ebeast

    Price: $149 (originally $199) 

    2. A cactus scratching post which is so darn pretty, people may be shocked to realize that it's not a piece of home decor but actually a scratching post.

    An image of a cat playing with a cactus cat scratching post

    Promising review: "I'm happy I got this scratching post. I needed a scratching post that my big orange cat won’t pull over when he uses it. Not only is the tall cactus a good size for him, but the base is wide (and heavy) enough that it stays standing when he uses it. Putting the pieces together was easy. It only took a few minutes. As a bonus, while most scratching posts are ugly, this one is not. I wish more cat furniture was this cute and not embarrassing to have out on display in my house." jenmb

    Price: $54.82 

    3. An aquarium filter for removing ammonia and nitrates from tank water so your turtles and fish stay nice and healthy. FYI: this item is almost half off (you save 48%) so don't be afraid to add two to your shopping cart.

    An image of an aquarium filter

    Promising review: "We used two other filter systems before buying this one, and it did the trick for us! Crystal clear water." Trish

    Price: $55.99 (originally $89.99) 

    4. A detachable grooming blade that cuts dog, horse, or goat hair with ease.

    An image of a detachable blade for grooming

    Promising review: "I purchased the blade size 4FC to use on my Shih Tzu Maltese mix. It leaves 3/8-inch in length. I used high speed and went slow through the thick hair. It did get warm but cooled off fairly quickly. It cut well. It was my first time cutting a dog's hair and her first haircut. It took about an hour to complete the job." Evan

    Price: $28.04 (originally $35.83) 

    5. A spot flea treatment for cats, because if your outdoor cat keeps tearing off their flea collar, then of course you'll still want to keep fleas and ticks at bay. Added perk? This treatment is now 65% off.

    A flea spot treatment for cats

    Promising review: "Fleas became a big problem this spring for the indoor-outdoor cat that adopted me. Unable to get him to a vet, I had to rely on over-the-counter RX. Chewy helped me out when the first product was a bust. With Advantage, the cat stopped scratching almost immediately, and my sanity returned. It's been three weeks now, and I still see no fleas." –FurMom14

    Price: $58.98 (originally $79.99)

    6. Some immune system bites for dogs which are packed with wild-caught Alaskan salmon and probiotics, so your dog stays healthy between vet visits.

    An image of immune system bites for dogs

    Promising review: "My dog Charlie scratches and chews all over himself almost constantly. Since putting him on this chew daily, his symptoms have greatly reduced. He has only been using the product a week and every day shows improvement. I'm hoping in a few days he'll be symptom-free. Furthermore, he thinks he's getting a daily treat and is so excited when I offer him his daily dose. I highly recommend Aller-Immune Bites!" –Charlie


    7. A heavy duty 76-inch cat tree, if your cat is plagued with boredom and needs a place to rest, scratch, and play.

    An image of a 76-inch cat tree

    Promising review: "I was looking for a cat tree that looks big enough to handle big grown adults. Most cat trees I saw featured young little kittens in their pictures and you can tell many cat trees are just too small to hold an adult cat comfortably. This cat tree is perfect. The size is great — so roomy and spacious! And so sturdy, the quality is amazing. Considering all of this, the price is unbeatable. I would recommend this cat tree in a heartbeat! My kitties love it!" –Leob

    Price: $129.99 (available in two colors)

    8. An artfully designed elevated cat bed that will fit with your mid-century modern aesthetic perfectly.

    An image of a cat inside an elevated cat bad

    Promising review: "All three of our cats love this bed. We have more than enough cat furniture, but I purchased this because I thought the materials would be kinder to the longhairs’ fur. Carpeted cat beds tend to mat their fur. This bed does not, as the materials are soft and smooth. This little bed is well-made, sturdy, and the cushion is machine washable in cold water; air dry. I would purchase this again, as it is a quality product." FoldMom 

    Price: $35.41

    9. A ceramic sleeping log in case your aquatic children are in need of some new tank decor (or a nap).

    An image of a ceramic betta log sleeping den

    Promising review: "In less than 24 hours, both of my boys were investigating, inspecting, and nestling inside their new betta logs! One of the logs had a tiny, sharp area inside but it was easily filed down to a smooth texture. Both logs arrived in one shipment. One was perfect, one was broken. Chewy had a replacement shipped that same day, and I received it the next! Safe to say we are fans of the product and the customer service!" BettaMom

    Price: $6.99 

    10. A tank top which says, "I'd Rather Be With My Dog," because truthfully there is no better place to be.

    A tank dog that says I'd rather be with my dog

    Promising review: "I love this tank top. Of course I would rather be with my dog! Too bad there was not a plural one, because I've got lots.  It is really comfy but runs a little small. Not a problem though." –5sniglets

    Price: $17.99 (originally $29.99) 

    11. A retro box of cat toys and treats for when you want to reward your temperamental cat for getting through a vet visit like a champ.

    A box of cat toys and treats

    Promising review: "I’m an '80s baby so I love anything fun and retro and apparently, so does Sookie! The tunnel is so cute and easy to close up and store away. It takes me forever to pick out toys and treats when there are a million options on Chewy, and honestly, my cat will play with anything. Goody Box is always so perfect for people like me. Perfectly picked treats and toys at a sweet price." –Nikki 

    Price: $24.99 (originally $31.66) 

    12. An ultra-tough rubber ball that's a favorite for doggos and their parents because they're impossible to destroy and last ~forever.~

    MochasMom / Chewy, MalMom / Chewy

    Promising review: "If you have a dog that is crazy about playing ball and loves to chew them up, then you need these balls. My chocolate Labrador cannot destroy these and he loves them! Yay! These are absolutely the best, I've been buying these for about five years now, and they do not wear out. We only reorder them because he loses them in the river or buries them and they can’t be found for a few years! Thank you Chuckit for a wonderful ball, and thank you, Chewy for having these in stock!" —Kathy

    Price: $5.99 (originally $12.99, available in two sizes)

    13. An orthopedic cat and dog bed with a removable machine-washable cover and a wraparound bolster that will help your darling angels feel more secure. Reviewers say these are a big hit with pets who like to have an extra cuddly and cozy environment to sleep in.

    A dog and cat in the bed
    Odie / Chewy

    Promising review: "I bought the XL bed for my 55-pound husky mix. My dog prefers the bolster style bed for prime cuddling sessions. The quality is top notch. The center is extremely soft and the structure of the bed is rigid enough to support my pup all day without feeling like plastic. Overall, this bed exceeded all my needs. He now has a bed in every room and this one is by far his favorite." —DoYouHaveChangeForADollar

    Price: $39.89+ (originally $46.99+, available in sizes M–XL and two colors)

    14. A pair of grooming gloves that'll gently massage your pet at bath time and also capture more hair than a brush — wet or dry! People also rely on these for times when you need a softer touch for sensitive areas or for kitties and puppers who don't like brushes.

    A person demonstrating how much hair they removed with the gloves (it's very impressive!)
    MyCatsNameIsNikke / Chewy

    Promising review: "Our pup hated the normal brush. It took two of us to brush him — one to hold him awkwardly while he squirmed and one to try to brush whatever we could reach. These gloves are a game changer. I started petting him with them while he chewed on a toy and he even seemed to enjoy it! They work great for getting all the hair out too — better than a brush. He has an undercoat and looked like a new dog when I was done." —Alison

    Price: $24.98 (originally $29.99, available in sizes Junior—XL and three colors)

    15. A cat harness with extra-strong Velcro that gently secures even the squirmiest of cat explorers. It's extra soft and made from cotton with an un-dyed lining that's good for cats with allergies.

    A cat in the harness, on a walk
    LauraJo / Chewy

    Promising review: "My 20-week-old kitten and I love this harness. It is very well made, attractive, easy to put on and very secure. He would wear it all day if I let him!" —Lynda

    Price: $24.95 (originally $26.95)

    16. A nonskid slow-feeder bowl to help your pupper pace themselves at mealtime.

    A brown dog eating out of the blue slow feeder bow.

    Promising review: "Our Zoey was a fast eater. By fast I mean her food was gone in less than a minute. As she aged, we noticed her vomiting and belching more, in part because she was eating so fast. Once we purchased this bowl it forced her to slow down. It was perfect for our needs. She is enjoying her food, has stopped belching after eating and we have not had any vomiting issues." —Robyn

    Price: $9.99+ (originally $14.99+, available in two sizes)

    17. A parrot chew toy because your feathered companion deserves to be entertained, too. The all-natural toy is made of wooden blocks and a cotton rope, and features multiple shapes and colors, making it as vivid and unique as your bird.

    A bird on the toy, shown in an outdoor environment

    Promising review: "Couldn’t wait to sink my beak into this colorful toy. I wish my mother would have ordered me two of them. I’m an African Grey parrot and love to chew and destroy things." —Jackson

    Price: $11.95 (originally $17.95)

    18. A Sherpa dog and cat carrier bag with mesh panels and a spring wire frame that's approved by most airlines. The furry-lined bottom will help keep your buddy extra comfortable while you travel. Pro-tip for you reptile-lovers: it's great for bearded dragons, too!

    A person carrying the carrier, with a cat inside

    Promising review: "Such an improvement over the large plastic carriers I used to use. Both my cats love these bags, and will hang out in them and nap in them if I leave them out after a trip. I think they're just the right size for them to feel cozy and safe. The two entry points are really handy too. I love that they fold flat for storage too, since my apartment is pretty small. Would highly recommend!" —Kate

    Price: $35.39 (originally $73.99, available in sizes M—L and two colors)

    19. A package of Pill Pocket treats, because sometimes it's hard to get your picky pal to take medicine. All you do is put the pill in the hole and pinch closed. These treats are made with real chicken and mask any medicinal tastes and smells. They'll definitely make medicating your pup a more pleasant experience for both of you.

    A package of the pill pockets

    A lot of reviewers compliment these pill pockets for picky dogs and cats that haven't responded as well to other brands.

    Promising review: "Two of my dogs require medication on a daily basis. There is no way I can manually try to force these meds. I tried another reputable brand of pill pockets, and they worked for a couple of days until my dogs realized that there were pills in them. So I decided to try Greenies Pill Pockets. First of all the consistency of the pocket was easy to form over the pill. Then came the test of flavor. My dogs love breakfast and dinnertime now that they get the Greenie treat. They don't even blink. I love these!" —Cisco

    Price: $14.98 

    20. An immune-boosting tincture that reviewers swear by for improving the health of their dogs, cats, and birds.

    A bottle of the liquid

    Promising review: "I do medications at our local shelter and a few years ago our vet recommended DMG for our elderly cats as an immune-booster so I was familiar with it. My almost 18-year-old Persian had developed many growths on her back over the past several years that were non-cancerous but were weeping a sebaceous fluid. I started using DMG at my vet's recommendation and after two surgeries to remove most of the growths I can say that none have come back and the few small ones she does have, have not increased in size! I give her 0.5 mL once a day in the morning with a small amount of wet food. I would highly recommend DMG if you want to boost your pet's immune system." —Anne

    Price: $21 (originally $41.78)

    21. An aquarium cleaning magnet because the water should stay ~inside~ the aquarium when you're cleaning it — not all over your clothes. This magnet removes algae efficiently from both glass and acrylic aquariums, and reviewers say it won't stress your fish out during use.

    A person using the cleaning magnet

    Promising review: "Works great. Very easy to use on all my tanks! I no longer have to climb on stepladder or get water all over the place! It also doesn’t bother my fish. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves tropical fish as a hobby." —Miri

    Price: $8.81+ (originally $11.49+, available in sizes S–L)

    22. A bag of orchard grass hay with a sweet smell and taste your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla will love. This hay is soft, high-fiber, and low-protein. Reviewers with allergies say this is a great alternative to timothy hay.

    A guinea pig in the hay
    Rebecca / Chewy

    Promising review: "I react really badly to timothy hay. Orchard grass hay has very similar nutritional content to timothy hay but causes less of an allergic reaction in humans. My pets have been using it for one day so far. I'm not sneezing anymore and they are devouring it. I'll be buying this from now on!" —KerriT

    Price: $4.39+ (originally $5.49+, available in five sizes)

    23. A deodorizer that's safe to use on all surfaces and that reviewers swear by for de-funking even the most stubborn stenches.

    The deoderizer

    Promising review: "I had been searching for a cleaner for my yard for quite some time. I have two Great Danes and their potty habits can be, well, smelly. I’ve gone through the expensive cleaners all the way to the cheap ones and none of them worked until this. I was able to clean my yard (that is artificial grass) and there is no more urine smell. I highly recommend this." —Heidi

    Price: $17.65 (originally $19.80)

    24. A ceramic reptile heat emitter that reviewers say does an excellent job regulating the temperature with the precision you need to keep your cold-blooded friend happy and warm. Also, because it doesn't emit any light, you can use it 24/7.

    Chewy, CevicheBellysMommy / Chewy

    Promising review: "This item has changed everything for my bearded dragon. He's a much happier, healthier lizard. The climate is so important for these little guys and my other bulbs just weren't doing the job. But this does. Very pleased." —PeytonGannon

    Price: $14.65+ (originally $27.99+, available in two sizes)

    25. A hip health and joint-function supplement fortified with glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM to alleviate minor aches and help maintain joint flexibility.

    The supplement

    Promising review: "My almost 6-year-old longhaired dachshund has had mild arthritis since she was a baby, I noticed she was having difficulty ambulating. She could no longer go upstairs with me, nor could she step up/off small curbs during walking. I knew this product worked in humans and thought I would try it with my pup. Wow! In one week she’s climbing stairs, jumping on/off curbs and able to walk further. I give her two soft chews and it’s working beautifully. Very affordable at Chewy. I will continue to keep my baby on this product." —Minnie

    Price: $26.99 (originally $33.30)

    26. A cat litter disposal system that reviewers rave about because it does a great job trapping odors for days at a time.

    Chewy, HeyMom / Chewy

    Promising review: "I used to think that this product was very unnecessary — that is, until I moved into a studio apartment. I knew that I would be cleaning the litter box a lot more often, and making several trips to the trash bin outside every day sounded impractical. I don't know how I lived without it. I keep it right next to the litter box, and it's easy and convenient to use. I am surprised by how well it traps odors, and with two cats, one pail lasted about a week. If you are considering this, then get it!" —Lexibrooke

    Price: $17.99 (originally $22.99)

    27. A customizable metal ID tag with a unique design that attaches directly to the collar — no more jingling!

    A dog with the tag on its collar
    River / Chewy

    Promising review: "My kitten is a master at getting tags and collars off of himself. Yet this tag isn’t coming off. It obviously doesn’t jingle, which makes him happy also, he hates the jingles of tags and bells. And it’ll fit many different styles and types of collars too!" —Dree

    Price: $8.95 (originally $8.95, available in four sizes)

    28. A container of blue cloud dust bath to keep your spunky little chinchilla soft, fluffy and oil-free.

    Chewy, River / Chewy

    Promising review: "I have tried many dust baths with our chinchilla and I honestly have never been more satisfied than with this brand. Our chinchilla sneezes and itches less and it makes his fur look so fresh, so soft, so clean, and so shiny! Not to mention, he absolutely popcorns at the sound of it in his pan. Worth every star!" —ChinLoverzPA

    Price: $9.49

    29. And a dust bath house to contain your chinchilla's messy bathing routine. It has a rounded bottom for your chin' to roll around in, and is easy to wash with just soap and water. Plus, your furry critter will look adorable in it.

    A chinchilla in the dust house
    Chinchilla lover / Chewy

    Promising review: "My chinchilla and degu love this bath house. The rounded bottom is perfectly for them to roll around in their dust bath. I use Oxbow Poof! dust as it has the finest particles and works best for my kiddos. This bath house lasts forever too, I've had mine for nine years now and just wash it out with warm soapy water when needed." —CatW

    Price: $19.99 

    30. A styptic powder for dogs, cats, and birds that'll help your buddy stop bleeding from minor cut and scrapes. It's perfect for clipping wings and nails, and superficial injuries for the skin. This product has no alcohol, so it won't cause unnecessary stinging.

    The powder

    Promising review: "This is a must-have in our pet first aid kit. We keep this on hand for nail trims as well as if one of our pets gets a cut. It aids in stopping the bleeding and I highly recommend having it on hand at all times. We have rabbits, chickens, dogs and cats — it's safe for all of them." —Diona

    Price: $9.34 (originally $11.88)

    31. A bottle of aquarium water conditioner to dechlorinate your water so it's safer for your fish. Plus, this highly-rated item also replenishes your fish's protective coat to reduce their stress.

    A bottle of Stress Coat

    Promising review: "We have to do water changes often because of the quality of water where we are and this has been a wonder. The water changes so frequently and it not only stresses our fish out but in turn stresses us out. Stress coat has helped tremendously in our situation. We have five neon tetras and five African dwarf frogs and they all seem to be less stressed during water changes. Would definitely recommend." —Shelbie

    Price: $1.79+ (originally $1.99+, available in eight sizes)

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