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    20 Things From Target To Help Make Your Home Your Happy Place This Winter

    Homebodies, unite, this one's for you.

    1. A three-wick black honey vanilla candle that'll make your home smell like heaven and pair perfectly with your winter aesthetic. You'll feel like you're in a fancy hotel every time you get a whiff of this sweet-but-not-overpowering scent. Reviewers say it reminds them of much more $$$ scents.

    the candle

    2. An opulent plug-in globe wall sconce if you're looking to brighten up your reading nook with new lighting fixtures, but don't want to deal with the hassle of hardwiring — this globe can be plugged in or hardwired. It's also a great accent piece for relatively bare walls.

    the globe sconces on two sides of a purple couch

    3. A Lodge 6-quart cast-iron Dutch oven for anybody who likes to make big batches of soup (or stew! Or bread! Or pretty much anything!) to enjoy when they're curled up on the couch.

    red Dutch oven

    4. An upholstered platform bed with a channel tufted headboard in linen or velvet, to help you create a soothing bedroom you'll never want to leave. Get your mattress off that super-basic metal bed frame, and really ~elevate~ your decor.

    the light gray velvet bed frame

    5. A chenille robe because it's the perfect transition piece to wear when you're switching from daytime pajamas to nighttime pajamas.

    model in the gray robe

    6. A comfy rounded accent chair that'll be your new favorite spot to read, check your email, watch TV, or whatever else you like to do after work. It's upholstered in fuzzy fabric so soft, you'll feel like you're sitting on a big, fluffy cloud. Plus, it's versatile enough to go with a wide variety of decor styles, so no matter what you currently have going on in your living room, it'll fit in.

    the sherpa chair

    7. An over-the-door shoe organizer with 15 pockets, so you can make sure that your awesome collection of kicks takes up as little space as possible. It has different-size pockets for other items as well! I use these to store my (way too expansive) sunglass collection and other accessories.

    The overdoor organizer with various items inside

    8. A pair of cozy crossband slippers for padding around the house. While there's no science to back me up, I'm pretty sure these will make your troubles melt away.

    pink slippers

    9. A blue velvet sofa that has such a plush, beautiful design, it'll make everyone think you've hired a high-end interior decorator. Pair it with a good glass of wine and your favorite HGTV show, and you'll be living in grown-up ~bliss~.

    the blue sofa in a living room

    10. A Half Baked Harvest cookbook so you can whip up restaurantworthy grub without leaving home or spending your life savings on takeout. It's got recipes for things like pizza pasta with pepperoni breadcrumbs and chocolate olive oil cake. Are you drooling yet? 🥘

    Half Baked Harvest cookbook

    11. A pair of Apple AirPods because who wants to worry about getting tangled up in cords when you're sitting on the carpet, putting together your most challenging puzzle yet??

    Apple airpods

    12. An espresso maker because who needs to leave home to have a delicious latte? Not you, after you score this baby! Think of all the money you'll save by making your own coffee concoctions at home. Not to mention the convenience of being able to stay in your pajamas while honoring your caffeine habit.

    the espresso machine

    13. A sleek, contemporary ladder bookshelf to hold all the books you're going to read when you're hunkered down for the winter.

    the bookshelves

    14. A farmhouse upholstered accent bench that'll look great against that blank wall in your entryway and give you a place to neatly store all your going-out essentials in case the unthinkable happens. (The unthinkable? Having to actually go out.)

    A wood and cream upholstered accent bench

    15. A three-pack of ankle socks to keep your feet warm on chilly winter days. And if you're forced to go out, these will look adorbs sticking out of your sneakers or ankle boots.

    the socks

    16. Colleen Hoover's It Ends With Us, a juicy novel that'll be perfect to read in a single sitting. Warning: this book about a recent college grad in a new relationship with a mysterious neurosurgeon might keep you up way past your bedtime.

    It Ends With Us book

    17. A furry ottoman for turning your living room into a laid-back oasis. No need to splurge on a recliner when you can have a place to kick up your feet for less than $100.

    sherpa ottoman

    18. A 13-piece hand lettering kit for anybody who likes a good crafternoon. This has everything you need to create a work of art.

    art made with the kit

    19. A crewneck sweatshirt because it's the perfect homebody attire. Got a Zoom call? Throw this on to look profesh. Watching New Girl again? This sweatshirt won't judge you.

    pink sweatshirt

    20. A textured faux fur blanket because it's the most important item in the "homebody" starter kit. This one looks and feels luxurious, so it'll keep you warm and cozy without sacrificing your style.

    Neutral blanket

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