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    31 Subscribe And Save Products From Amazon For Forgetful Dog Owners

    Make your dog very happy by subscribing to these so you never run out of food or toys. You might even save a little money while you're at it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Healthy dog treats so you'll always be ready to reward your good boy or girl when they do a trick... or beg you with their puppy dog eyes., Amazon

    Promising review: "Hill's is a brand that our vet has recommended in the past. The fruit snacks are a large size and our dogs love them. The only thing is, they eat them right up within seconds so we use them as large treats for being good rather than chews." —Kale

    Price: $4.49/month (available in two flavors)

    2. Lamb and salmon-flavored puppy training treats that'll help you have your puppy on their best behavior in no time. They're grain-free, so you can feel good about what you're giving your little one.

    Reviewer about to feed their dogs the treats

    Promising review: "My puppy loves these treats. He's a German Shepherd and the first time I gave him these was when he was 7 weeks old and he loved them. He starts listening and paying attention right when he sees the bag. I use these to teach him commands and he listens and learns. At the pet store they have those treats out in the open but he won't eat those. So IDK if he's a picky dog or not but I do know he loves these. These are the only ones I have tried." —Sharan Chauhan

    Price: $3.84/month (available in five sizes and two flavors)

    3. A big bag of Blue Buffalo dry dog food for making meal time delicious for your dog. They'll definitely run towards their bowl when they hear this bag opening.

    Promising review: "We have two Australian shepherds and they love this food and one of them has a sensitive stomach, this doesn't give her any problems! Highly recommend, good quality food. I wish it was a little less expensive but you get what you pay for!" Kuwabara Family

    Price: $51.14/month (save $2.69 a month by subscribing; available in three sizes and three flavors)

    4. Cesar Gourmet wet dog food for days when you want to treat your furry friend to an extra tasty meal. Each pack is individually wrapped to ensure it's ~fresh~.

    Dog eating the wet dog food

    Promising review: "My dog is a picky eater and as she gets older (currently 14 years old) she does not like to eat her dog food. I do not feed her any table food. This was my first time buying this brand. I could not empty the container into her bowl fast enough. She was pushing me out of the way and quickly devoured everything in her bowl. I did mix this with her dry food (dog chow for seniors). Usually she picks the dry food out and leave it on the floor. This time she ate everything and no evidence was left behind. The is will be an ongoing purchase for us." —KCL

    Price: $18.50/month (available in two sizes and fifteen flavors)

    5. Crunchy, 100% natural dog treats made with real fruit, because they're nutrient-rich and can be given to small or large dogs.

    Reviewer showing the treats in their hand

    Promising review: "These are great treats to use as rewards or what I like to call 'distraction therapy' when you need your dog to do something that he might not otherwise like to do. For me, that is getting my 12-year-old arthritic yellow lab up the stairs. They are a tiny bit slippery, but he can handle them when he doesn't think about it. So I use the treats to give him something else to think about as we're approaching the stairs. Most days it works beautifully. The treats are small enough not to add too many calories to your dog's diet, but solid enough to give him the crunch satisfaction he craves. They also ship well and the bag is nearly all intact when it arrives, unlike some other small crunchy snacks. I've actually tasted them and they taste like bland cookies. You can smell the fruit flavors when you open them up." —Frank V

    Price: $4.55+/month (available in two sizes and five flavors)

    6. Greenies dental treats that'll make your dog's breath smell like something other than hot garbage. Just let them chew on these treats and they'll have clean teeth and fresh breath in no time.

    Reviewer showing their two dogs and the treats

    Promising review: "I give Greenies to my two dogs every Saturday night after I wash the dishes. I don't know how they do it, but they seem to know when it's Saturday. They sit in the kitchen eagerly waiting for me to finish the dishes. When I'm done, I say to them "what's next?" They coax me upstairs to get their beloved Greenies. I guess they like them!" —Audrey Troyoka

    Price: $33.29/month for a box of 36 (available in eight quantities)

    7. Greenies Pill Pockets because they'll help even the most stubborn dog swallow their medicine. Just put their pill into the treat pocket and give it to them. These make their monthly pills, like heartworm prevention or flea and tick medicine, go down easily.

    Reviewer showing their dog and the pill pockets

    Promising review: "The pickiest dog in the world has no idea his meds are buried in these! Prior to purchasing these pill pockets, we tried almost everything! If he even got a whiff of meds, the chicken, cheese, beef etc etc etc was just spat out and looked at with suspicion, for the next few days! I’ve already added two more bags of chicken-flavored pill pockets to my cart! Thank you Greenies!!!" —Mike Tong

    Price: $14.23/month (available in three sizes)

    8. Rachael Ray Nutrish long-lasting treats that'll have your dog drooling every time they see the bag. These treats are made with the world's best ingredients so they're safe for your best bud.

    A pug with the treat

    Promising review: "My pup loves these. Not sure if it’s the taste, texture or her love of Rachael Ray, but she never turns one down. She politely asks for one, sits patiently while I pull one from the pack, gently takes it from my hand and then bolts down the hall with it to take her time savoring the all the ingredients that Rachael lovingly smushed together and made into a soft flavorful bone. My doggie rates 4 paws (because that’s all she has)." —Amy Pruitt

    Price: $9.42/month (available in 2 sizes, three flavors, and four quantities)

    9. Milk-Bone treats made with real bone and calcium because they'll make your dog very happy and give them a little bit of protein, too.

    Reviewer's dog with the jar of treats

    Promising review: "Having these delivered to my home is much cheaper than going out and getting them. My lil' Chihuahua Minnie won't eat any other 'cookie.' Milk-Bone products are the best! I have been using Milk-Bone products since the 1970s." —ItalianBrian

    Price: $8.25/month (available in two sizes, three flavors, and seven quantities)

    10. Arm & Hammer disposable pet waste bags so you're always prepared when nature calls your pup. These have odor control as an added bonus.

    The waste bags in a bone-shaped container

    Promising review: "These smell fresh and are large and durable. It's hard to tell online what you're going to get, but these are great. The roll is a little large for the dispenser I had from a different brand so I take one or two off before putting them in the dispenser. I also use these for the litter box and they keep the stank in so I don't have to run the bags outside right after but can put them in the bathroom garbage until I take it out. For the big dogs, these are more than large enough to contain their poops and have never ripped or even come close to it. These are my favorite bags and I have tried many!" —Doe Z

    Price: $7.99+/month (available in three quantities and four colors)

    11. Calming chews to help anxious doggos relax. Give your dog a bite of these and it should help soothe and calm them. They're especially helpful for dogs who have separation anxiety.

    Reviewer holding the jar of chews in front of their dog

    Promising review: "My sweet older doggie has developed anxiety over the years. My vet recommended we try a natural anxiety remedy for him. We put a few of these in his bowl each day and they seem to be helping! He used to get worked up for a solid half hour every day when I got home from work, follow me around the house constantly, lick his legs, and “cry” even if I just left the room. He seems much calmer now and more like his old self. Buying again!" —Natalie R

    Price: $26.09/month

    12. Multivitamins with probiotics and fish oil because they'll help keep your dog's skin and coat healthy, improve digestion, and promote good joint health.

    Reviewer showing the dog multivitamins

    Promising review: "My Eddie is a 10-year-old cocker spaniel who’s slowing down a little. I researched what I should be giving him and found this product. He’s been taking two a day for a few weeks now and I can honestly say, he’s got his pep back in his step!!! He gets excited for them every morning and I enjoy giving them to him. They are cute little heart-shaped morsels and I’m so glad I found this product. He’s running around and doesn’t seem so slow to get up these days. They are really helping Eddie. I swear, the difference is obvious!" —EnB

    Price: $24.69/month (save $1.30/month by subscribing)

    13. Dental spray you can spritz right into your dog's mouth or their water bowl to get rid of gross dog breath and help get rid of tartar, plaque, and other oral diseases.

    Promising review: "I bought this because I saw all the great reviews. I needed to buy something to help with my two dogs' bad breath. It was just really bad. They go to the vet and have no serious issues. This spray really works. Their breath smells so much better than before. My dogs don't come running up to me just waiting to get it sprayed in their mouth but they do tolerate it. I bought this only for their bad breath. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my dog's teeth and noticed they are actually cleaner! Like a big difference. This isn't why I bought it but I'm so happy it helps with that too. I spray it in their mouth once daily on each side and also spray in their water bowl every day." —Ini Panini

    Price: $15.19/month

    14. Tinkle turf for days when you can't get to the park. They're great for training your dog or for travel and have a grass-like feel with odor control.

    Reviewer showing their dog on the turf mat

    Promising review: "I have three dogs (two little and one medium) and this works great for them! If we are gone for an extended period of time, this is a great spot for them to go the bathroom and keep the rest of our house clean. We did not need to train our dogs. They automatically went to the grass and knew what it was for. With three dogs, this is a lifesaver for us, so that we can go out and run errands and not worry about coming home to a mess. In our opinion, it is easy to clean. We simply take it outside, hose it off then separate the pieces to dry. Keep in mind that it is important to do this daily or it may begin to smell." —TheGummyMummy

    Price: $47.99/month (available in four sizes)

    15. A shammy for your pup that'll dry them 8x faster than a regular towel or blow dryer. Keep this absorbent towel handy for when your dog jumps in a pool, the ocean or a big puddle.

    Model's hands using the shaggy towel to dry off a dog

    Promising review: "I have five dogs and a soggy yard in spring and fall so I keep this by the back door. I also have the rugs made of the same material. This shammy does work really well! Well made, and a good size (my dogs range in size from 3.5 to 126 pounds)." —Carey

    Price: $18.70/month (available in two colors)

    16. A first aid kit to take on adventures with your dog, because it's always a good feeling to be prepared for the unexpected. It comes with a carabiner to make it easy to attach to your dog's leash or your backpack.

    Model walking a dog with the kit pouch attached to the leash

    It comes with 1 walks 'n' wags pet first aid pamphlet, 1 latex-free exam gloves, 1 first aid tape, 3 gauze pads, 1 gauze PBT bandage roll, 4 antiseptic wipes, 2 patch adhesive bandages, a carabiner, and 1 elastic bandage.

    Promising review: "Has everything you'd need if you're on the go and have to use it. It's about the size of your hand and easily fits into almost any bag without taking up too much room." —Blue

    Price: $12/month

    17. Probiotic drops that'll relieve any stomach issues and allergies. Just put a few drops in your dog's food and they'll feel better in no time.

    The probiotic drops

    Promising review: "This is the best probiotic/digestive enzyme I've found for my dogs. Much less grass eating, much less shedding and skin problems, and their energy level is better. I feed them a raw food diet and these are a great addition to their food. I just add the drops to their food and they eat normally. These drops are much easier to use and the price is much better than the bites. I am not sure the pumpkin helps but it seems to be easier on them and work better than the bite I used which didn't have pumpkin." —Seth M. Quealy

    Price: $17.97/month

    18. Supplements to help promote healthy hips and joints. It's got a natural salmon and krill flavor your pup will go nuts for.

    The container of supplements

    Promising review: "Much better price than I can get anywhere else. My dog (12 year old lab) has had significant improvement is mobility and seems to really like the taste in her food. Definitely recommend to anyone with a dog that needs some joint pain relief." —James Grantham

    Price: $19.99/month (available in three sizes)

    19. Fancy BioSilk detangling spray for your dog so good you might use a little bit on your own mane.

    Reviewer's dog next go the spray and a few brushes

    Promising review: "My little Martini had some deep close-to-the-skin mats around her neck and ears and I thought maybe it’s time to get rid of the longhair look. I bought some BIOSILK and it’s absolutely FANTASTIC! I sprayed it on the mats and worked it in and then started brushing and combing. You need to gently work at it but it sure helped to easily de-tangle. The scent is really nice also and I will definitely be trying the moisturizing shampoo." —Kathleen

    Price: $9.49/month (available in two quantities)

    20. Elk antler dog chews that'll keep your dog busy for a while. These gentle chews are great for all ages and sizes.

    Reviewer's dog chewing the bone

    Promising review: "I gotta tell 10-month-old puppy can chew through ANYTHING! No matter what toy I bought he would have it shredded in minutes. These Elk Antlers are amazing! He's been gnawing at this for weeks and hasn't been able to make a dent in it! And his teeth are so white I think I'm going to start chewing on them, hahaha! A bit pricey but well worth it because you'll save on chew purchase pays for itself." —exotic dancer

    Price: $29.95/month (available in two patterns and eight sizes)

    21. Wet dog food made with farm-raised beef so good, even the pickiest pups will gobble it up.

    The can of dog food

    Promising review: "Dogs love it and I like that it is real ingredients without fillers or additives. I mix a spoonful of it with their dry food, mostly to mix in pills I crush and liquid milk thistle for one dog who has liver problems. I was careful to slowly mix it in as I tapered off their previous canned food to avoid upset stomachs and bowel problems. They really took to it and I can recommend it highly!" —ginabean

    Price: $25.88/month (available in four flavors)

    22. Dental sticks for dogs that'll also help with upset stomachs, gas, and other digestive issues while cleaning their teeth.

    Reviewer's dog with the sticks

    Promising review: "Our rescued Yorkie, Duke, is very picky about treats and has severe digestion issues but these Probiotic Stix are a winner! He LOVES the flavor, they don’t come back up after eating, and they really settle his tummy for the day when he gets just one-third of one. Already giving our older dog the Mobility Stix which work well too. I really appreciate their healthy ingredients." —Suzanne Byron

    Price: $12.32/month (available in two sizes)

    23. Eye wash pads because they'll gently clean and sooth your dog's eyes without any irritation.

    Promising review: "Have been using this product for six years for my dog. She let's me clean her eyes which tend to get a dry crust from time to time. It has never had any adverse side effects." —Lindali

    Price: $8.02/month

    24. Burt's Bees spray made with honeysuckle for dogs who itch a lot. It'll help relieve irritation and sooth their itchy skin.

    Reviewer's dog sitting next to the spray bottle

    Promising review: "My dog used to have two dry patches on her back that really bothered her. I did some research and bought Burt's Bees For Dogs Natural Itch Soothing Spray and within a week her dry skin patches had started to get noticeably better. We've been using the product for about a month now and you can't even tell she had them. I use a couple of sprays in the morning and that's all it takes." —Hot Mom Shopper

    Price: $5.69/month

    25. Natural healing balms for cracked paw pads, dry noses, and skin fold dermatitis. Just rub a bit of balm where ever your pet needs it for instant relief.

    Reviewer's dog laying next to the balms

    It comes with five wrinkle, skin, paw, and skin-soothing balms.

    Promising review: "These products work amazing for my dog, I have a pit with skin allergies and this helps heal his rashes and soothe the skin so he doesn’t keep itching, will definitely be buying again." —Alexandra

    Price: $19.29/month (save $1.01/month by subscribing)

    26. Bissell cleaning pads for carpet and rugs to get rid of stains caused by your pet. Just put these on top of a stain, stomp on it, and leave the pad to do its work. Toss it out after it dries and enjoy your newly-cleaned carpet.

    Promising review: "I set the pad down on a dark stain on my beige carpet, and I left it sit for about 12 hours because it was a very dark stain. I could see the stain lifting onto the pad after just tapping it down, but left in place to be sure. I removed the pad, and it removed it completely! I am reordering more to keep on hand now! It worked on dark, dried pet stains that I discovered in a spare bedroom as well as on fresh stains. Huge fan!" —NRobertsHR

    Price: $23.74/month (save $1.23 by subscribing)

    27. Flea and tick prevention that'll repel mosquitoes, too. Just put it on your dog once a month to stop itchy and harmful bites.

    The box of treatment

    It comes with four monthly treatments.

    Promising review: "Our little Schnauzer had a bad flea problem. We treated her and our yard, to no avail. Then I ordered K9 Advantix, applied it to her skin and in no time at all she was flea-free. We have administered a monthly treatment now for four months and she stays flea-free. I love K9 Advantix and wish I had tried it sooner." —Kindle Customer

    Price: $46.53/month (save $2.45 by subscribing)

    28. Priobiotic ear cleaner that'll soothe and protect their precious little ears. Use it to restore ear health and promote the growth of good bacteria.

    A small dog next to the bottles of ear cleaner

    Promising review: "This stuff is phenomenal! From household cleaners to shampoos, these products are amazing. It doesn’t have an odor to me, but it does seem to help with the cleaning as well as keeping flare ups & infections at bay! We’ve been using this almost a month with no issues!!! This is so much more affordable than a trip to the vet and especially antibiotics!" —Harley Russell

    Price: $9.99/month

    29. A pack of three adorable reusable doggie diapers to make your pup look stylish while they practice their potty-training.

    A dog wearing a floral doggy diaper

    Promising review: "I got this for my female bulldog for when she goes into heat. I fell in love with the pattern and they fit her perfectly first time something fits! It’s easy to wrap her in myself and she looks adorable in it. It absorbs the mess and I washed them with no problem. She’s a short 60-pound girl. Size large fit her the best. Medium works too." —Eren

    Price: $23.59/month (available in sizes XS-XL and three colors)

    30. Magic white shampoo that'll enhance your dog's natural hue and make their coat look brighter.

    A before-and-after of a reviewer's dog getting washed and then looking fluffy and bright

    Promising review: "This stuff really delivers! My dog is a smelly dirty white dog. Mainly because he likes to dig in the dirt.I have tried many doggie shampoos but this one smells so good and leaves him with a super white coat." —Tina Hanson

    Price: $12.99/month (available in two sizes)

    31. And a knotted toy so you can play tug-of-war to see who's stronger — and it'll make a good chew toy.

    Reviewer playing tug-of-war with their dog

    Promising review: "This toy is amazing! The braid has stayed intact for nearly four months while being carried around by my dogs all day. None of the strings have come loose either. I wasn’t expecting much from this toy as it’s extremely affordable, but it really impressed me with its durability. I’ll definitely buy another!" —Madi

    Price: $10.99/month (available in two colors)

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