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    23 Of The Cutest Pet Halloween Costumes You Can Get On Amazon

    You'll be frightened by how cute these costumes are.

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    1. A delivery driver costume for any dog who goes nuts when you get a package. With this costume, your pet might finally be able to get a job working for UPS, because it's just plain smart to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    Reviewer's dog in UPS costume

    2. An Ewok costume so the force will be with your pup on Halloween. Turns out you don't have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to find the perfect costume for your pet.

    Reviewer's dog in ewok costume

    3. A spider costume that'll instantly transform your dog into an eight-legged, four-pawed creepy-crawly spider.

    4. A lion's mane so your cat can channel their inner Mufasa and look pawsitively purrfect on Halloween.

    Reviewer's cat wearing lion mane hat

    5. A Cookie Monster costume for any hungry pet who likes to steal cookies or any other food they find.

    Reviewer's dog wearing cookie monster costume

    6. A pair of wings that'll turn your cat into a bat for less than $10. They're perfect if you don't feel like wrestling your feline into a costume but want to make sure they're festive on October 31.

    Reviewer's cat wearing bat wings

    7. A bunny set in case your dog wants to go as Elle Woods in my favorite scene from Legally Blonde.

    Reviewer's dog in bunny costume

    8. A pirate costume that'll have your pet singing sea shanties in no time. Watch out, Jack Sparrow, this good boy might take your spot in the next Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Reviewer's dog in pirate costume

    9. A witch hat and scarf set for your guinea pig or other small pet who wants to look bewitching on October 31.

    10. A Ghostbusters costume that'll have any spooky spirits shakin' in their boots. Who you gonna call? This good boy.

    Reviewer's dog in costume

    11. A crown and necklace set for your reptile who deserves to dress up like the royalty they are this Hallows' Eve.

    Reviewer's bearded dragon wearing gold crown and necklace

    12. A sailor suit despite the fact that your pet probably has ~zero~ plans to sail the high seas later. Anchors aweigh!

    Reviewer's cat in sailor costume

    13. A cowboy costume for any pet who wants to channel his inner John Wayne this Halloween. Siri, blast "Wild, Wild West" by Will Smith.

    Reviewer's cat in cowboy costume

    14. An octopus costume that'll have your pet swimming in compliments. This is one sea creature I'd love to bump into at the beach.

    Reviewer's dog in blue octopus costume

    15. A Freddy Krueger costume because it'll turn your worst nightmare into an adorable dream. Just look at the glove that comes with this costume! It's too cute.

    Reviewer's 3 dogs wearing the costume

    16. A guitarist costume for your little cutie crooner. Watch out, rock stars, this pup is coming for you.

    Reviewer's dog wearing the guitarist costume

    17. A tuxedo because your pet will get a lot of use out of it. Not only can they dress up as James Bond for Halloween, they can also wear it to any weddings or black-tie events they're set to attend.

    Reviewer's dog in the tuxedo

    18. A Superman costume so your dog can unleash their inner superhero this Halloween and take a bite out of crime. Forget Clark Kent, I want Superpup on my side.

    Reviewer's dog in Superman costume

    19. A skeleton hoodie that'll look super cute and cost less than that time you had to take your dog to get an X-ray after they ate a sock.

    Reviewer's dog in skeleton shirt

    20. A strawberry costume because it'll keep your bunny, chinchilla, or other little pet cute and comfy for Halloween.

    Reviewer's bunny in pink strawberry outfit

    21. A bee costume that'll have your pet absolutely buzzing with cuteness this Halloween. This bee won't sting but it might beg you for food.

    Reviewer's dog in bee costume

    22. A dinosaur costume for your pup-osaur. Beware, this extinct species of dino likes treats, boops, and kibble.

    Reviewer's dog in green dinosaur costume

    23. And a pumpkin costume because if you call your pet a pumpkin all the time, you might as well dress them up as one.

    Reviewer's cat in pumpkin costume

    You talking to your pet on Halloween:

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