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    20 Useful Products From Amazon To Help You Organize Your Dorm Room

    These'll keep clothes, shoes, makeup, and office supplies nice and neat.

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    1. A two-tier shelf organizer that you can place on top of your dresser or desk to save space and keep all your essentials — jewelry, toothbrushes, cosmetics, etc. — in a place where you can find them. Thanks to its plastic material, this organizer can be easily wiped clean, so if you accidentally spill something on it — looking at you, toothpaste! —you won't have to toss it.

    2. A set of four drawer organizers that can store underwear, socks, and bras at the same time! Now when it's finally laundry day, you'll know exactly where to put things away. And once you've successfully stored all your intimates with room to spare, you can use these to store art supplies, jewelry, and more!

    a reviewer photo of their socks and undergarments organized

    3. A mesh desk organizer for keeping your mail, folders, sticky notes, and notebooks nice and neat and on your side of the room. Since this organizer comes in two colors, you can get one for both you and your roommate, so there are no more mail mix-ups down the road.

    4. A three-tier utility storage cart if you are currently using an old TV tray as a place to put your essentials — like your phone, laptop, beauty products, or keys — and want something bigger that can provide more storage space.

    5. A wall-mounted mirrored jewelry cabinet, so you not only have a full-length mirror in your dorm room, but also a place to store countless pieces of jewelry, cosmetics, sunglasses, and other small accessories. The even better news is that you can also lock this cabinet if you are going home for the weekend, so nothing goes missing.

    6. An 18-inch freestanding laundry basket so even your laundry essentials can match the floral, minimalist, or zodiac-inspired decor theme that you and your roommate agreed upon. And unlike plastic laundry baskets, this polyester laundry basket is machine washable, allowing you to give it a good clean once it starts to smell.

    the free standing basket with faux leather handles and polka dot print

    7. A dresser organizer with five storage drawers to store all your clothes, intimates, and accessories, so you have more closet space for coats and other items. Since this organizer comes with all the tools needed to assemble it, you won't have to worry about asking your parents to help you set it up the next time they visit.

    the dresser organizer inside a closet with bins resting on top

    8. A bedside storage caddy that you can easily place underneath your mattress, so you won't wake up your roommate early in the morning as you try to ~quietly~ find your phone. Aside from storing your tech, this organizer can also store glasses, snacks, and headphones. Now you can stay in bed a little longer each morning!

    9. A hanging closet organizer with a garment rod that will save closet space while allowing you to store clothes, scarves, and handbags at the same time. And once the semester is over, it can easily collapse and fold flat. Now you'll have an amazing storage essential that you can use next year and beyond!

    A hanging closet organizer with a garment rod that can store clothes, scarves, and handbags simultaneously

    10. A toiletry canister jar that has a storage lid on top so you can keep cotton balls, scrunchies, and makeup blenders inside while storing earrings and rings on top. But that's not all — you can also use this canister jar to keep all your paper clips, thumbtacks, and flash drives organized.

    a reviewer photo of the canister with a gold lid containing cotton pads and swabs with hair accessories on top

    11. A 360-degree rotating makeup organizer that can hold 60 makeup brushes plus 30 skincare and makeup products at the same time. And in case you were wondering, this organizer can be cleaned easily, for those inevitable leaks and spills.

    a reviewer photo of the three tired rotating shelf full of beauty products and toiletries

    12. A five-tier carousel closet organizer that has 40 pockets and a 360-degree swivel, because if saving closet space is a top priority, rest assured that this organizer will help keep shoes, belts, hats, and clothes nice and neat.

    A five-tier smart carousel organizer inside of a closet

    13. A haircare and styling tool holder so you can stop storing dryers and irons in the bottom of your desk drawer. Plus, since this organizer has three sections, you can hold three full-sized tools at a time. Now you'll also know when your roommate returns your curling iron or not.

    A image of a haircare and styling tool organizer holder

    14. A five-tier corner shelf for when you really want a bookshelf and a small corner is the only wall space left. Thankfully, this shelf only takes 10 minutes to assemble, so you and your roommate won't have to waste precious studying time to put it together.

    15. A power strip with12 AC outlets and four USB ports, so you and your roomie won't fight over who gets to use the last outlet ever again. This power strip also comes with a 6-foot heavy-duty power extension cord and a surge protector to protect against spikes and fluctuations. Talk about a great value!

    A reviewer's image of a power strip with 12 AC outlets and four USB ports

    16. An adjustable wooden shelf organizer to keep your work desk looking like you spent an hour organizing it, even though the whole job really took you under 10 minutes. This organizer also comes in four timeless colors, so it will easily fit into any desk decor you got going on.

    An adjustable wooden shelf organizer

    17. A pair of foldable under-bed storage bags that'll make storing extra blankets, out-of-season clothes, and bulky shoes a whole lot easier. Now you'll have more closet space to yourself and won't have to ask your roommate to share a little bit of theirs.

    A reviewer's image of two foldable under bed bags used to store clothes

    18. Or a storage ottoman that you can use to stow away extra blankets and as an extra place for guests to sit. And since this ottoman can be easily collapsed and folded away when you are done using it, you won't have to worry about it taking up too much dorm space.

    19. A low-key wall-mounted organizer so you never have to tear the room apart to find your glasses or phone again. This mini shelf also comes with durable shelf adhesive tape, so it stays secure on whatever surface you stick it.

    20. A desk lamp with USB ports because, of course, you'll want fun and functional pieces that take up minimal space and can handle several tasks at once.

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