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    Simmons Bedding Is Having A 20%-Off Mattress Sale For Prime Day

    Don’t sleep in — otherwise, you’ll miss the chance to snag comfy, memory foam mattresses at a discount.

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    Whether you’re indulging in a Dateline binge-a-thon or recovering from that morning run, the truth is we tend to spend a lot of time in our bed — even when we’re not sleeping. So, if you find that your current mattress has seen better days (especially if it never stops squeaking), perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a new one.


    Aside from splurging a little extra on a brand new dining set, sometimes you gotta spend a little more dough on a mattress. After all, you do use it every single day of your life.

    Yes, some mattresses are pretty expensive. However, now you can get ready to save while scoring the mattress of your dreams, because Simmons Bedding has a 20% off Prime Day sale! And yes, it'll arrive straight to your door in a convenient compressed box.


    You'll just need to use their 20% off coupon! This sale lasts until the end of Prime Day – just an FYI that you will need a Prime account to see this deal. 

    So without further ado, let's check out what's on sale:

    First up to bat is the Simmons 7” memory foam mattress, which is made with a plush memory foam that relieves pressure and partner disturbances. Besides, if your partner is a restless sleeper, and you’re the type who sleeps like a bear, this is definitely going to come in handy.

    An image of a 7" memory foam mattress

    Best of all, this mattress is also risk-free—meaning you can sleep on it for 100 nights and easily return it if you aren’t satisfied.

    Price: $159.20+ (originally $199+; available in sizes twin–king)

    In case the words “pressure-relieving'' and “fewer partner disturbances” aren’t convincing, hopefully the hundreds of five-star reviews and its 4.4 star-rating might.

    The product's 4.4 star rating

    “Our son LOVES his new bed. He sleeps so soundly that he missed the bus four times. Not hard at all, true plush firm.”— Djandclarke

    “We love it! I can't feel it when my partner moves. It is great for side sleepers, it's the perfect firmness (Not too firm)!”—Billy

    Next up is Simmons’ 10” gel memory foam mattress — this mattress builds upon its memory foam design by adding a soothing layer of gel foam to maximize comfort. It also has a moisture-wicking mattress cover, which is sure to be a godsend to those who always wake up in a pool of sweat (*raises hand*) at night. And just like Simmons’ other mattresses, this mattress is also compressed into a convenient box that arrives right at your doorstep.

    An image of a 10" gel  memory foam  mattress

    P.S.—The mattress also has a 4.4 star average and plenty of positive reviews to boot:

    Promising review: “This is a nice mid-level mattress that is good value for the money and comes with a 10-year warranty. The sleep quality is good and the gel memory regulates the temperature. There are no cons I could think of, and hence, it is a 5-star product for us.”—KA

    “I ordered this Simmons memory foam mattress to replace the mattress on our boat that was making my hips ache, and causing me to wake up tossing and turning all night. I need a soft mattress, otherwise, I wake up in pain across my lower back and in my hip joints. I also sleep hot, so the gel foam layer is a plus. So far we've only slept on this for two nights, but I slept like a baby, and my husband didn't complain either.”—ChristiJo

    Price: $256+ (originally $331.37+; available in sizes twin XL–king)

    Hybrid beds more up alley? Not to worry — the Simmons 10" hybrid gel memory foam mattress is sure to be your new BFF in no time. Unlike Simmons’ other mattresses, this mattress marries individually wrapped coils with soothing gel memory foam and a moisture-wicking cover. Basically, it's all you could ever ask for in a mattress.

    A 10" hybrid gel memory foam mattress

    Unsurprisingly, this mattress is quite the hit — user reviews reflect that it's supportive, great for side sleepers, and overall, super comfortable.

    Promising review: “This Simmons mattress is an excellent Hybrid mix of materials. It feels very soft and comfortable for me, but also supportive. I can sleep on my side (and back) and I feel the softness of memory foam. It still offers support, and I'm not sinking into the bed, like a memory foam mattress.” —Pat Walsh

    “The mattress is comfortable, especially if, like me, you're a side sleeper. This mattress is sold as being medium in firmness, and I'd agree with that. You will definitely slowly sink into the mattress as your body heat warms the gel material on the top--but not so much that you will find yourself stuck. Given the price and convenience, I'm giving this a big thumbs up.”—David Pearlman

    Price: $251.20+ (originally $349+; available in sizes twin–king)

    Finally, the Simmons 12" hybrid gel memory foam mattress has everything you like about the 10” hybrid mattress, just with a little more height. And just like its little hybrid sister, its individually wrapped coils work through the night to enable airflow, so you’ll never have to sleep commando again.

    A 12" hybrid gel memory foam mattress

    Not convinced? Just going to drop these amazing user reviews here.

    Promising review: “12” hybrid is firm and supportive with a plush top. When you lay on it, your entire body doesn’t sink—you only sink into the plush part then you land on a firm part of the mattress. Overall, I like this mattress very much.”—La Vida Loca YouTube Keeping Up With The Reviews

    “I got the 12" and it has very thick layers of memory foam on top of the coils, so it has a super soft feel. I prefer a firm mattress, but my teen son, who I got this for, is very thin and prefers a soft mattress. He LOVES this mattress! If you want a reasonably priced mattress that is soft but supportive, this should be on your shortlist.”—Terry

    Price: $272.88+ (originally $379+; available in sizes twin–queen)

    So be sure to check out their Prime Day deals before it's too late (and don't forget to use the 20% off coupon)! Wishing you a restful night’s sleep this Prime Day!

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    Just be sure not to keep hitting the snooze button 🙃.

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