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    25 Products From Amazon You’ll Probably Love If Your Dog Is Truly Your Best Friend

    This is basically your sign to further spoil your best friend.

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    1. An orthopedic foam bed, because dogs of all ages will greatly appreciate this supportive design, which offers a sofa-style feel that is easy on the joints.

    Reviewer's golden retriever lounging in the bed

    2. A pack of bone broth if your furry friend refuses to eat dry food — trust that this will make the perfect hydrating topper to coax your pet into eating it.

    Reviewer's dogs sitting with the box of bone broth

    3. A waterproof life jacket so you can protect your precious best friend if they can't swim, or is new to water. Having a beach day together should be nothing but fun!

    This lifejacket keeps pups  safe and afloat in water

    4. Joint chews that'll consistently come in handy if your friend needs a nutrition boost. These'll help your pooch build strong joints *and* they contain mouth-watering pork flavor and are jam-packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

    The joint chews

    5. A portable (and foldable!) wash station suitable for small to medium-sized pooches, so you can safely clean your dog, without any arguments with your bestie. Bath time fights in the tub? Those days are behind us.

    Reviewer washing their bulldog in the shower with the wash station with five star caption "best investment ever"

    6. Foam dryer balls to tackle hard-to-remove pet hair from your clothes — you know, the small price to pay for cuddling with your pal day in and day out.

    The dryer balls

    7. A cozy blanket, which boasts a fun Dachshund print, so your BFF can feel spoiled every darn day like they deserve. Not to mention, it can serve as some comfort when you two *gulp* have to part for the day.

    Reviewer's dog wrapped in the blanket

    8. A bag of dry dog food, made for dogs of all ages and sizes, so you can make sure your pup is getting the nutrients they deserve thanks to its combo of chicken and rice. And this'll help them feel plenty energized for many a day in the park with you!

    The dog food

    9. A set of doggy bags for keeping some emergency backups on hand. Plus they're biodegradable and are scented with lavender so no need to hold secret grudges against your bestie for making you carry smelly *cargo* for blocks on end.

    These lightly scented doggie bags are also biodegradable.

    10. A dual-sided water bottle that'll be wonderful for any on-the-go parents who love to take their pups anywhere and everywhere. Not to mention it stores both treats and water, *without* any leaks (your bag thanks you).

    This dual-sided water bottle can easily store both  food and water.

    11. An interactive dog toy that'll keep dogs engaged and entertained for hours on end by making fun giggling sounds, meaning they won't wait for you by the door all day whenever you have to leave. Better yet, maybe now they'll stay occupied when you have to work from home, instead of demanding your attention for hours (understandable).

    Reviewer holding the ball in front of their dog while playing outside

    12. A bag of natural dog treats for treating your pup to some pumpkin spice, which I think we can all agree is welcome year round. Maybe for your next Starbs run you can toss these in your car so you and your bestie can both have a lovely outing.

    Dog sitting next to the granloa bite treats that are pumpkin spice flavored

    13. Or! A pack of quinoa and pumpkin treats specifically for senior dogs, because sometimes they need a little midday boost so the fun can continue. And thanks to organic, nutritious ingredients like apple, sweet potato, peas, and carrots, they'll have the energy to keep playing hide-and-seek.

    Reviewer's dog eagerly taking the biscuit-like treat

    14. Waterless pet wash that easily removes dirt, urine, and feces so you have a reasonable solution if the only time you two fight is during bath time. No rinse, no fuss.

    15. A tube of Vet's Best toothpaste to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean by gently cleansing tartar and plaque with each use. Aka sloppy smooches won't almost knock you out thanks to better breath.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of dog's yellow teeth and then clean teeth with much less plaque

    16. Natural, jerky-style treats, made from sliced, whole muscle chicken breast for satisfying your pooch’s treat lust. Yummy, nutritious dinner = happy, happy bestie.

    17. A sling carrier that comes with an attachable leather strap, because how else are you going to comfortably take your best friend everywhere you go? Now even if they're not athletic enough to walk all day, they can come with you WHEREVER.

    Reviewer walking with small dog in the sling pouch

    18. A classic Kong dog toy so they can stay busy for hours and hours while you tackle back-to-back meetings. Somehow those are slightly less stressful without your pup barking in the background — reviewers also say this helps dogs stay distracted from scary storms!

    19. A machine-washable snuffle mat blanket reviewers say really helps to soothe stressed-out puppers — meaning if your bestie struggles to keep their cool when you're not immediately available, you can use this to keep them curious and engaged.

    Reviewer's three dogs sniffing the textured mat for treats

    20. A poop bag holder that you can clip onto their leash so you have *plenty* of backup when taking long walks together. Now you can enjoy each other's company for miles (this is for you, hiking buddies) without worrying about any spare gifts left behind.

    Reviewer holding the poop holder with caption "game changer"

    21. A treat-dispensing dog toy so they can have some fun with their favorite treats *and* digest things slower, instead of scarfing everything down and getting a bellyache. If they could speak, they would say "thank you" for the entertainment and the truly happy belly.

    Dog sniffing the coffee cup-like treat dispensing toy

    22. Grooming gloves for secretly solving the whole "my-entire-home-is-covered-in-fur" problem without hurting your BFF's feelings. They think they're getting a belly rub, your couch is breathing a sigh of relief.

    Reviewer holding the fur-filled gloves next to a happy dog

    23. A Furbo dog camera, because this way you guys can basically talk over the phone whenever you're away. You can toss treats, speak to them, and watch them from your phone while on-the-go — think of this as FaceTime for your pup!

    Reviewer's footage of their dog sniffing the camera

    24. A tech-powered pet tracker that can be attached to their collar so you can keep tabs on your friend no matter where they are — or just feel comforted by the knowledge you'll be able to find their whereabouts should they become too invested in hunting down that squirrel.

    Dog wearing the collar

    25. And a ceramic mug, because everyone should know what you and your bestie are about!

    The coffee mug with words "fur mama" on it

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