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    31 Home Products From Walmart With Such Great Reviews You'll Feel Like You're Missing Out Until You Own Them

    Home decor boredom stops here...

    1. A set of two hanging shelves that show off all your precious plant babies and is foolproof to install — but you'll still feel like an accomplished adult when it's all put together. Thanks to its warm tones and vintage design, people will think these shelves are imported and handmade, so don't be surprised if they ask you more than once if they are really that affordable.

    A set of two wooden hanging shelves

    2. A glass coffee table because if your decor aesthetic is modern-glam and filled with romantic rose gold tones, this piece will definitely tie the whole room together. Reviewers love this table's exquisite golden finish and that it can hold whatever you place on top of it with ease. They also love that it looks a lot more expensive — like, Pottery Barn expensive — than it actually is, so, again, people may not believe you when you say you snatched it up from Walmart.

    An image of a glass coffee table with a gold finish

    3. A storage ottoman to compliment the new faux leather couch you just scored and provide storage space for blankets, pillows, toys, and more. Aside from its sleek and sexy ~lewk~, what makes this storage ottoman even more awesome is its collapsible design. Now, you can use it when you need to and take it down easily when you have to.

    An image of a collapsible storage ottoman with a removable lid and durable faux black leather upholstery

    4. A pair of pom-pom fringe velvet pillows if you want to give your couch an easy facelift. As the covers of these pillows are machine washable, they are also super easy to maintain — so removing spills, food stains, and pet accidents will be a breeze. Plus, reviewers really appreciate that these pillows come in several sizing options, so you can find the perfect set for you.

    An image of a pair of two pom-pom velvet pillows

    5. A pair of storage baskets that store all your stuff and add some bohemian vibes to your space. When you don't want to use them, rest assured that these storage baskets nest inside each other and are easy to put away without taking up too much space.

    An image of a two round storage baskets with strap handles

    6. A medallion area rug to help your floors pop. While this accent rug looks difficult to maintain, it's not — it's low maintenance and easy to clean with a vacuum. Plus, it'll go with any decor aesthetic you've got going on, so rest assured that you won't have to change a thing wherever it's placed.

    The ombre shag area rug

    7. A three-level wooden shelf with a metal frame, so the bare walls in your home will have something special to help them stand out. Even better, this shelf can fit into any decor aesthetic — farmhouse, industrial, maximalist — without overpowering the vibe of the whole room. And most importantly, it has three spacious tiers to store plants, books, pictures, and candles. Oh, and it's under $50. It really doesn't get any better than that!

    An image of an iron and wooden wall shelf with plants, books, and candles on the shelves

    8. A classic open storage nightstand for storing all your valuables and easily matching with other furniture pieces in your bedroom. In addition to its awesome price point, reviewers love that this nightstand comes in six timeless colors.

    the brown nightstand with books in it and a lamp on the top

    9. A rustic solid wood dresser if your bedroom's farmhouse-inspired makeover could use a little something extra. Reviewers love that this dresser has spacious drawers and that it comes with all the hardware needed to assemble it, so no trips to the hardware store are required.

    A five-drawer dresser in a weathered brown stain

    10. A gorgeous Grecian bust that looks like you time-traveled back to ancient times to get. As this bust is sure to grab eyes, it's a great centerpiece item to place on your dining room or coffee table, on top of a bookcase, or near your bedroom vanity.

    An image of a white Grecian bust sculpture that is 17 1/2-inches high, 9 1/2-inches wide, and 8 1/2-inches deep

    11. A black twist cage curtain rod so you can hang your curtains in style. Plus, this curtain rod adjusts to any size, so you won't have to worry about it not fitting your windows.

    An image of a black twist cage curtain rod used to hang up a curtain panel

    12. A sunburst accent mirror to bring a regal feel to your home. The best part? This mirror looks like it costs well over $100, and like you had to haul out to the antique store to get it.

    The sunburst accent mirror

    13. A Pioneer Woman fragrance warmer for adding some color to your mantle or coffee table and filling your space with a wonderful aroma. Unlike candles, this warmer skips the soot, flame, and wick trimming, so it's mess-free and won't pose a fire risk.

    An image of a full-sized embossed fragrance warmer

    14. A modern square-arm velvet sofa if you want a couch that looks super expensive but really isn't. Reviewers love the couch's comfortable upholstery and its gorgeous and functional color choices. I don't know about you, but I am definitely thinking about adding that green one to my shopping cart.

    A image of a green velvet two-seat sofa with a sturdy wooden frame, solid rubber wood legs, and a black finish

    15. A vintage-inspired floral table lamp that channels all those romantic and floral vibes you love. This lamp is also just the right height, so it's perfect for your nightstand.

    An image of a table lamp with a floral lampshade

    16. A set of three white and gold wooden shelves, so you can have an extra chic storage place for all your towels and toiletries. Thanks to their gorgeous detailing, these shelves will also add some contrast to your walls. Now, you can give your bathroom a fresh update without having to paint anything at all.

    An image of a set of three wall mounted wooden shelves inside a bathroom

    17. A down alternative comforter as gorgeous as it is comfortable. Now, your bedroom will look as fancy-schmancy as the hotel room you stayed in last summer. Plus, you'll also have the snuggliest piece of bedding to cuddle with at night. Talk about a major win-win!

    A quilted white comforter atop a bed

    18. A Beautiful by Drew Barrymore electric kettle that not only makes a cuppa fast, but also looks like the luxury one on your wishlist that costs an arm and a leg. Reviewers also love that this kettle has easy-to-use touchscreen functions and that you can use it to heat soup, hot chocolate, and other items. Now, everyone in your house can enjoy some "hot stuff" just the way they like it.

    19. An arched floor lamp so you can have something to put the finishing touches on your decor aesthetic. This lamp also features gorgeous rattan detailing, so trust that it will also fit into any '70s-inspired decor scape nicely.

    An image of a arch floor lamp with a shade made of wicker rattan

    20. A wingback accent chair if you want a piece of living room furniture that is an instant compliment magnet. Since it's so comfortable to sit on, don't be surprised if you have to shoo your pets off of it every once in a while.

    The black tufted wingback accent chair

    21. A geometric tabletop sculpture to add some character to your coffee table or floating shelves. Aside from being pretty to look at, this sculpture holds weight well, so you can use it to keep mail and important documents from flying everywhere if you leave a window open.

    An image of a gold geometric tabletop sculpture that is five-inches long, five-inches wide, and six-inches high

    22. A textured ceramic oval table lamp that'll add a punch of color to any room it's placed in. I, personally, am obsessed with its textured detailing — it makes it look way more expensive than it actually is.

    An image of a blue textured ceramic oval table lamp

    23. A round tufted storage ottoman so you can have a place to prop up your feet, as well as storage space for all the items you can't shove into your closet.

    An image of a round tufted storage ottoman with a chic tufted top in linen upholstery and nail-head detailing

    24. A four-piece Pioneer Woman tumbled glass set to inject some color into your glassware collection. These glasses are also durable and dishwasher safe, so don't be surprised if they become your favorite drinking glasses you own.

    An image of a set of four blue embossed 16-ounce glass tumblers

    25. A pharmacy-style floor lamp with a fully adjustable arm, so you can add a pop of warmth and strong light to your living room. While it looks like it cost well over $100, this lamp is way cheaper, so you can still enjoy that industrial-chic look, without worrying it'll break your budget.

    A brass pharmacy-style floor lamp with a boom-style arm that can be adjusted into any position

    26. A diamond-tufted upholstered headboard that will make your bedroom look like you completely redid it (even though you don't have time for all that redecorating nonsense). Just plop one of these on and you'll be living in luxury.

    An image of a charcoal diamond tufted upholstered headboard available in sizes Twin—King

    27. A classic five-shelf bookcase so you can easily store books, plants, photos, and decor in an eye-catching way.

    An image of a five-shelf bookcase featuring two fixed shelves and three adjustable shelves

    28. A portable side table that'll bring a pop of color to your patio or living room. Aside from its modern feel, this table makes entertaining a breeze — it's foldable, so you can move it from your porch to the living room with ease.

    The teal portable side table

    29. A set of cordless faux wood blinds because summer is here, the sun is extra-bright, and installing real blinds is super expensive. These blinds get lots of love from five-star reviewers for their easy installation and wood-like detailing. Reviewers also love that these faux blinds block out sunlight and heat, so your rooms won't feel stuffy all summer long.

    An image of a cordless faux wood blinds with embossed slats that make it look like they are made from real wood

    30. A striped fabric shower curtain that has the prettiest ruffled detailing at the bottom, making it look like you got it for a muuucchhh higher price at Anthropologie. Even better, this shower curtain is machine washable, so you can easily give it a cleanse when it gets a little mildew-y.

    An image of a ruffle shower curtain that is machine washable

    31. And, finally, a gorgeous floral wooden lazy Susan for epic charcuterie nights. And beyond serving food, this lazy Susan can also make a gorgeous decorative accent on any coffee table. Dress it up with flowers and candles — the styling opportunities are endless!

    An image of a 12-inch floral wooden lazy Susan

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