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    20 Products From Chewy For Your Adorable Senior Cat

    These products will keep your senior cat living pawsitively.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A case of lickable cat treats because if your fussy fur child has been purposely avoiding the food that contains her daily medication, these treats will make sure the bowl comes back clean.

    A case of lickable cat treats

    2. A senior cat litter box that sits low and is easy to climb into so your little purrince feels independent enough to go to the potty all on his own.

    An image of a senior cat litter box

    3. A stainless steel cat fountain so your ol' friend can drink, play, and wash her paws to her heart's content. Plus, you can also control the fountain's water flow, keeping puddles to a minimum. Score!

    A stainless steel cat fountain

    4. A soft-sided carrier bag — which is also roomy and spacious — so your senior won't be giving you major cattitude once it's time for their checkup. And if your cat has aching joints, not to worry; this carrier's soft Sherpa lining will keep their tush comfortable throughout the car ride.

    A soft-sided carrier bag

    5. A lounge scratcher with catnip so your senior sweetie will be feline good whether she's snoozing, scratching, or playing. Pro tip: If you have Maine Coon or Ragdoll, make sure you have three of these scratchers on hand. That way, your girl feels like the queen that she is.

    An image of a cat scratcher with catnip

    6. A pack of squeezable cat treats that are so flavorful, your picky kitty will be begging you for more. PS: Since you'll be hand-feeding your elder these treats, you'll never have to ask Google if cats see their humans as slaves again.

    An image of a pack of squeezable cat treats

    7. A pair of pet steps to help your senior get to your bed, reach the bathroom sink, or reach the cat tree that sits in front of the main window. These steps are also sturdy and reliable, so you won't have to worry about any trips or falls on the way up.

    An image of 24.5-Inch 2-in-1 Pet Steps

    8. A thermal self-heated cat bed, so you not only achieve your personal goal of saving money on heat, but you'll also keep your fur baby's buns warm all winter long.

    A thermal self-heated cat bed

    9. An orthopedic pet bed, perfect if you've tried bed after bed to please Miss Kittylocks. This cozy bed will definitely have her sleeping juuuust right.

    A reviewer's image of a cat inside an orthopedic pet bed

    10. A cat wobbler treat dispenser toy for helping your old-timer get their exercise and, of course, some tasty treats to enjoy.

    An image of a cat wobbler treat dispenser toy

    11. A slicker brush for cats — which self-cleans thanks to retractable pins — for making grooming fast and painless, so you have more time for head-scratchies, belly rubs, and hide-and-seek.

    Promising review: "This brush is genuinely the best. Not only does it allow you to fully remove all of the hair from the brush with the push of a button, but it actually picks up a LOT of hair! My old brush was average at actually picking up hair. I can’t explain why, but my cat actually loves this brush, and he always used to run away from the old one. Now, he walks over to where I keep the brush and will meow when he wants to be brushed. This brush is so good that I bought one for my aunt’s cat, and it’s come up in casual conversation with friends. Buy the brush — you won’t regret it." —Mariya

    Price: $13.41 (originally $14.99)

    12. A senior cat tower because if your rescue loves to people-watch — or sunbathe — from the living room window, he'll be able to reach the top of it in four steps.

    An image of a senior cat tower

    13. A bag of unscented non-clumping crystal cat litter that keeps muddy paws caused by clumps, controlling odors, and waste at bay.

    A bag of unscented non-clumping crystal cat litter

    14. A tower of tracks cat toy that provides hours' worth of fun, so you can finally get Mr. Sleepycat to get out of his bed for once.

    A tower of tracks cat toy

    15. A play rings cat toy your cat can slide, flip, bite, or carry — because if your senior has suddenly become active at night, these toys will definitely tire her out 'til she's panting and ready for bed when you are.

    An image of a playrings cat toy

    16. Senior multivitamin chews that are soft on teeth and jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, and also taste like cat treats — your finicky feline won't be able to tell the difference.

    An image of senior soft multivitamin chews

    17. A calming diffuser for cats — which mimics a cat's natural facial pheromones — so if you are bringing home an anxious senior from the shelter, they can start to open up and become a beloved member of your fur tribe.

    An image of a calming diffuser for cats

    18. A dental water additive for breath freshening because if brushing your cat's teeth is a venture into dangerous territory, this will suffice as the much safer alternative.

    An image of a dental water additive

    19. A silicone dog and cat mat if your senior kitty is a messy eater and you want to cut down on wet food, kibble, and water spills. The even better news is that this mat is completely dishwasher-safe, so if hairballs or puke suddenly strike, you won't even have to grab a sponge.

    An image of silicone dog and cat food mat

    20. Annnd a large-sized mat for cat litter and liquid messes because if your furry loved one has trouble making it to the bathroom on time, rest assured that this mat will soak up her messes and can be easily rinsed off afterward.

    A large-shaped mat for cat litter and liquid messes

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