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Apr 2018
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    courtneyl4a633ab3f commented on We Want To Hear The Worst Thing You Ever Pulled Off As A Kid

    When I was 16 I was the wild child. Nothing like jumping off roof in a denim mini skirt into the snow to get the adrenaline pumping (backstory I’m from far northern Wisconsin)! Anyways, I snuck out one Saturday night and went drinking with friends. Come 330 in the morning it’s time… 


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    courtneyl4a633ab3f commented on What's Your Worst Poop Horror Story?

    So I had just given blood and wasn’t feeling the best. I went to visit my boyfriend who is a paramedic at the station. As I pull in my stomach starts to make angry noises and I felt everything in my intestines going to liquid. I frantically called and texted him to come let me in… 


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    courtneyl4a633ab3f commented on What Secret Things Would You Never Tell Anyone You Did While Pregnant?

    I was about 4 months pregnant and craving pasta salad. Of course I had none so I went to the deli and got a pound. Instead of grabbing a fork I ate the whole pound with my fingers in my car in the parking lot while crying because I thought the deli ham in the pasta salad was bad for… 


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