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RE: BuzzFeed FOOD APPLICATION — This Is The Future Of Food Delivery

2016 has seen deconstructed dishes, fusion fever and the reemergence of raw. It's been fun, a lil weird, but still fun. So what's one of the biggest foodie movements on the horizon?

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Fine-Dining Delivery

Yup, we are in the age where we can get restaurant-quality food brought to our doorstep. Or office chair. Or park bench.

Just thank Ando and Maple.

These New York City-based companies are pioneers of the fine-dining delivery experience. They create and cook delicious meals that you order online. For the foodie's out there, Ando was created by David Chang, head of Momofuku.

WARNING: Drool-producing pictures below

Maple / Via

These services break the chains of delivery. You're no longer left deciding between Chinese food or pizza and playing the game of chance as to whether your stomach will love or hate you.

It's the restaurant experience without having to move.

Ando / Via

The menus are savory and satisfying. The dishes often change, so you can keep trying new things. Meaning chicken curry on a never-leave-the-couch day and cheesesteak egg rolls in Central Park are totally doable life experiences!

Ando and Maple only deliver in the NYC area.

But have no fear! As the movement takes off, fine-dining delivery services are bound to start popping up in other major cities.

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