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RE: BuzzFeed FOOD APPLICATION — 5 Spots To Get Your Coffee (& Pastry) Fix In Downtown Asheville

The city, surrounded by Appalachian mountain views, is a vibrant and unique foodie haven in North Carolina.

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Asheville welcomes coffee-lovers, vegans and food adventurers alike.

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Full of restaurants and cafes that specialize in gourmet and one-of-a-kind dishes, it's no surprise this little city has an abundance of incredible coffee shops. Here's some favorites to check out on your next mountain escape:

1. High Five Coffee

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High Five is a sleek, modern and classy shop. Outfitted in glossy wood and a graphic menu, High Five exudes expertise in craft coffee. It serves Counter Culture Coffee, a roaster based in North Carolina. It's located on a side street making it feel like a hidden gem, yet really only steps away from the best shopping in downtown.

2. Double D's Coffee & Desserts

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That's a real double-decker bus. The first level is the coffee shop, while seating is upstairs. This is the most unique coffee drinking experience in the city, and well worth a stop despite being cash-only and a small challenge for tall people. Double D's offers a one-of-a-kind experience and delightful drinks.

4. French Broad Chocolate Lounge

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This spot has it all: coffee, cake and chocolate. French Broad Chocolates is a bean-to-bar company and this spot is its home for serving its delectable truffles, sipping chocolates and cakes, accompanied by fresh coffee drinks and espresso made from Asheville-based Mountain Air Roasting beans.

5. Old Europe Coffee & Pastries

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The owner of Old Europe bakes a plethora of pastries by hand each day. You'd need months of stopping by to try everything. Old Europe prides itself as the oldest coffee shop in downtown, making it a classic choice and a cozy place to stop.

This is only the start! Asheville has dozens more surrounding downtown, in West Asheville and outside the city limits.

You can go from hiking to sipping in minutes. It's that easy.

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