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23 Things You'll Only Get If You Grew Up In Geelong

I bet you never won a game against South Barwon either.

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5. And you always tried to be the first to make it to the centre circle after the siren at Kardinia Park.

7. You spent afternoons reliving your favourite fairy tales at Fairy Park.

8. You remember that time in 2007 when EVERYBODY was obsessed with Ghanda trackies.

You would have to message your friends on MSN to see what colour they were wearing to "casual clothes day" so you didn't clash.


9. You counted down the days until your 18th birthday, when you could finally get into Lambys.

You were so jealous of everyone with a working fake ID.


14. There was nothing worse than the VLine.

Or having to wait an hour before the next train arrived.

16. You pretended to go to Pako Festa for the parade, but you were really there for the food.

And to line up to meet some of the Home and Away cast.


17. You've spent an afternoon or two sliding down the hill on a cardboard box at Eastern Beach.

18. And you've made your friends take a dramatic photoshoot of you up against the bollards at least once.

19. You were always confused as to why the schools in Geelong had long-ass kilts when all Melbourne girls had short skirts.

20. You've been to the Sphinx at least once.

Even if it was just for the novelty of it.


23. And you knew there was nothing more beautifully tragic as the Geelong Christmas tree.

Seriously, it's a Christmas tree on a barge that blasts Christmas music non-stop until the 25th.