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23 Thoughts Every Australian Has While Travelling Through Europe

Is it just me, or is everything better in Europe?

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1. I've got to upload a boarding pass picture to Instagram so everyone knows I’m going to Europe!


2. OMG how bloody long did it take to get here?

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3. All of these languages sound so goddamn beautiful. I wish I could understand them.

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4. The food here is so much better.

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I'm going to put on some weight, for sure.

I'm going to put on some weight, for sure.

6. But I would kill for some Vegemite on toast.

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7. How do I find a cute European to have a holiday fling with like they do in the movies?

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8. At least the money is still colourful.

9. Bloody hell, I'm never going to get rid of all these one and two cent coins.

10. Why do their prices use a comma instead of a decimal point?

11. How do you turn these power points off?

12. There are way more smokers here than back home.

13. And people take their dogs everywhere!

14. All I want in life is to be able to take my dog on the train with me.

I am DYING of a cuteness overload.

15. Every hostel is full of Aussies!

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I bet one of them has Vegemite.

16. Why is the coffee cheaper if I stand at the bar compared to when I sit in the cafe?

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It's the same product?

17. Everywhere has free Wi-Fi!

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Or as the French say, Wee-Fi.

18. Thank god they do, Mum won’t stop messaging me.

"Mum, you were in Europe during the Cold War! Stop harassing me."

"Mum, you were in Europe during the Cold War! Stop harassing me."

19. Do people just park wherever they want on the street?

This is mayhem.

This is mayhem.

20. The mosh pit for the Mona Lisa is way more intense than the one at Falls.

21. I feel like I'm in one big history lesson.

Except unlike school, it's not boring.

22. And my Instagram has never looked better.


23. Europe, thanks for everything. I love you.

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