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25 Things You Did If You Grew Up Playing Netball On A Saturday

Please don't make me play wing defence.

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1. Snoozing your alarm multiple times, because getting up early on a Saturday was always a struggle.


2. Complaining that it was way too cold outside to be wearing a bodysuit.


Tell me again why Netball is a winter sport?

3. Layering your clothes over your bodysuit to make sure you stayed warm.


4. Forgetting to cut your nails, and then having to bend your fingers back to try and trick the umpire into thinking they were short.


5. But then getting caught with long nails and having to sit out while you cut them.


6. Trying to convince your coach you'd be a great goal attack, even if you weren't qualified for the position.


AKA, you were too short.

7. Not being able to get a piercing during the season.


8. But if you were brave enough to get one, you'd have to sneakily tape it before the game.


9. Sizing up the other team during the warm up...


10. ... and trying your best to intimidate them. / Via

"Our four corners were SO MUCH better than theirs guys."

11. Trying to subtly unpick the wedgie you’d gotten from the bike shorts underneath your skirt.

12. Making this face when you were asked to play wing defence...

13. ... or centre.


Because let's be honest, you weren't fit enough for it.

14. Battling it out with your opponent for the front position on the transverse line.


15. And giving a little smirk when you intercepted the ball on a centre pass.


16. Accidentally running into an area of the court you're not supposed to be in.

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17. Shouting "here if you need" every five seconds.


18. The look you gave to the umpire who pulled you up for stepping, even though you knew you totally didn't.


19. Eating way too many oranges and snakes at half time...

20. ... and having to battle through a stitch in the third quarter.


21. Making a comeback in the last quarter and feeling like your team could actually win this.


22. Throwing a Hail Mary pass during the last quarter and hoping your teammate would catch it.


23. Winning against a team higher on the ladder and feeling like a boss all week.

TLC / Via

24. Watching nervously as your coach voted for the game's best players.


Come Monday morning, you hoped to see your name in the paper.

25. And peeling off your sweaty bodysuit after a long game.

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It was a glorious feeling.

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