10 Useless Crafting Skills You Mastered As A Child

Why didn’t my favorite childhood crafts set me up to create a successful Etsy store?

1. Lanyard/Boondoggle

There’s a reason this craft became synonymous with the term boondoggle, which is defined as an unnecessary or wasteful project or activity. You can only have so many of these as key chains… and by so many, I mean you shouldn’t have any.

2. Pipe Cleaners

educationline.me.uk / Via Educationline

You can bend these into ANYTHING and yet they most of mine either resembled crumbled pipe cleaners or intertwined pipe cleaners.

3. Macaroni Jewelry

I don’t care if you were a budding jewelry designer at age 3, no parent should be subjected to wearing macaroni jewelry.

4. Foam Art

Foam art was legit, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

5. Fusible Plastic Beads

You spent hours placing these tiny beads on plastic boards just to convince an adult to get the iron and fuse the beads together for you.

6. Colored Sand Art

It looks so cool on your shelf, then you realize it’s just sand…
trippy, neon-colored sand.

7. Paper Plate Art

tremendouslythrifty.com / Via Tremendously Thrifty

The poor man’s preferred craft project, it doesn’t get more inexpensive then a pack of paper plates and some paint.

8. Potholder Looms

Is there anyone who actually knows how to turn that square of loops into a finished potholder?

9. Finger Painting

wordpress.com / Via Nourishing Your Children

Who needs paintbrushes? You could have been the Bob Ross of finger painting. Extra credit if you ever finger painted with chocolate mousse.

10. Popsicle Stick Frames

squiglysplayhouse.com / Via Squiglys Playhouse

Your most precious moments framed by yesterday’s painted fudgesicle stick.

BONUS: Pet Rocks

crossfitcarmel.com / Via Crossfit Carmel

Is it a craft or is it a pet?! It’s both! Meet the world’s most low-maintenance pet, designed by you.

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