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    27 Things From Amazon With Such Great Reviews You May Want To Own Them Yourself

    It's shop o'clock.

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    1. An organic dish soap that cuts grease and grime off pots and pans with plant-derived, biodegradable ingredients. You'll feel good scrubbing your dirty dishes with this environmentally-friendly soap that doesn't sacrifice quality.

    the bottle of dish soap on a sink

    2. A panel or two of thermal insulated curtains to keep light and sounds from waking you up too early on the weekend. The super elegant design is the icing on the cake when it comes to these luxe curtains. Plus, they protect your furniture from sun damage!

    the curtains in a room showing the light-blocking tech

    3. A set of rustic wood shelves so you can give your apartment a quick upgrade without the hassle of an entire remodel. These farmhouse shelves provide extra storage for all your favorite plant babies and picture frames, while keeping them out of reach of nosy pets.

    three of the wooden shelves hanging on the wall with books and plants on them

    4. A six-pack of Bounty paper towels because the holidays are coming up which means tons of cooking and, inevitably, tons of spillage. Not to worry! Now you have these sturdy paper towels that will wipe up any and all messes that are made.

    the bounty paper towel roll on a counter

    5. A bedside shelf accessory for those who like to have all their favorite comfort items right next to them while they sleep. This shelf can hold your phone, glasses, current book, and even a snack or two, so you don't have to get out of bed when you get a lil' hungry.

    the bedside shelf holding a remote for the tv and a light switch remote

    6. A headphone hook to store your fave gaming headphones when you aren't playing. If you're lazy (like me), this gives you an easy way to store them without having to fold them up and put them back in their original container.

    7. A supportive mouse pad because we spend so much time working from home nowadays, it's important to have a comfy place to rest your wrist while you scroll through emails. Plus, the 35 different styles will bring a colorful touch to your home office for a pick-me-up on difficult workdays.

    the mousepad in a metallic marbled blue, pink and purple design

    8. A fleece throw blanket that will keep you nice and cozy during the upcoming winter months. You simply can't go wrong with a cute throw blanket. *Bonus:* it still looks cute even when not in use so you don't have to try and store it in a closet during the spring and summer.

    9. A wax warmer that reviewers love because of its super cute color options and cozy ambiance. If you're a candle lover and are looking for something new to try, melting wax in this baby is the perfect next step in your scented candle journey.

    the wax warmer with a brown base and metal top with red wax in the top

    10. A Colson tabletop fireplace so you can have a cozy dinner by the fire without having to deal with the biting cold of the actual outdoors. And the smokeless, odorless features keep your smoke alarms from annoying the neighbors.

    the lit firepit on a table in front of a christmas tree

    11. An oscillating heater that you can move to wherever you need it most. Whether you're having a hot toddy outside with some friends or just sleeping in the basement for some reason, your new best friend (this heater) will be right by your side.

    the small heater on the floor

    12. A string of outdoor bistro lights with Edison bulbs to create a classic, glowy patio vibe for your home. These give off a perfect warm glow, next to which you can eat, drink, read, or relax.

    reviewer image of the lights hanging above a patio with a chair and firepit

    13. A dog puzzle toy that will entertain even the most rambunctious of pups. With levels ranging from easy to expert, you can start your dog out on a simple brain teaser and work them up to the more complicated versions as they advance.

    reviewer image of a dog looking up at the counter with the toy puzzle sitting on it

    14. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper for those people who are still renting but don't feel like looking at that ugly old wallpaper the landlord refuses to upgrade. Now, you can love your home while you're in it but return it back to its vintage glory before you move out.

    reviewer image of the wood wallpaper over a bathroom sink with a round mirror on the wall

    15. A cat litter mat that catches all the ~sprinkles~ your furry friend brings with them after they use the bathroom. The honeycomb design traps litter in the attached pocket for you to pick up and dump back in the litterbox. Kitty recycling!

    the litter mat in front of an open litter box

    16. A fun card game that you can bring out at holiday get-togethers when grandma starts asking about your dating life. This game — appropriately titled "Unstable Unicorns" — is all about taking your friends and family down (in a fun way, of course).

    the game with all the cards laid out on the table

    17. A face mask party pack perfect after a long, stressful day at work. The 12 different masks help hydrate, renew, and deep clean your pores so you can have glowing skin, even when you're stressed. These also make great stocking stuffers!

    the full set of face masks with six different versions

    18. A bottle of lavish body wash that reviewers love because of the long-lasting scent that is left on their bodies after using it. With notes of cypress, oak, mint leaf, and grapefruit, you'll be bathed in a cloud of deliciousness all day long.

    the body wash in blue cedar and cypress

    19. A high-pressure water flosser to help get those dang popcorn kernels out of your teeth after a movie night. Plus, this handy tool removes up to 99.99% of plaque from teeth with just a simple high-pressure water stream. Prepare to be your dentist's favorite patient.

    the flosser in white on a counter

    20. A Color Wow anti-frizz spray that's lightweight but still super powerful when it comes to controlling those pesky flyaways. Even coarse hair doesn't stand a chance against this magic little spray.

    21. A Simplehuman sink caddy so you can store your sponges close by when you need to do a quick counter wipe down. The extra holes in the bottom help drain water from your sponge so they don't get mildewy and smelly as quickly.

    the sink caddy holding sponges and a washing brush

    22. An adjustable rolling pin that will simply revolutionize your baking skills. The removable discs allow you to roll dough to your desired thickness with ease. Plus, it's just a cute kitchen addition!

    the rolling pin on a counter with a sheet of cookies and a mat with flour and dough on it

    23. An infusion pitcher for those people that need a little something extra in their water to stay hydrated. Easily level up your water by simply adding your fave fruits, herbs or teas to this pitcher.

    the pitcher filled with water and fruits in the center

    24. An indoor electric s'mores maker because it's hard to roast s'mores during the rainy and snowy winter months. Now, you can create the perfect after-dinner treat from the comfort of your warm home without worrying about dangerous flames or icky smoke.

    the s'mores grill with chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers surrounding it and three skewers roasting marshmallows over it

    25. A fleece robe to keep you cozy and warm on winter mornings. Or wrap yourself in this luxe robe after a warm shower to trap in the heat while you get ready for the day.

    reviewer wearing the robe in black with gray lining

    26. And a pair of fuzzy slippers to complement your aforementioned robe. Your feet deserve to be warm and cozy too and these do the trick while also adding an element of style to your indoor shoe game.

    reviewer wearing the slippers in white with painted black toenails

    27. A multicolored knife set with blade guards to protect your fingers from getting sliced and your knives from getting dull. And the nonstick feature helps keep food from getting stuck as you slice.

    the knife set with green, yellow, blue, orange, purple, and red colored knives and their guards next to them

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