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    31 Cosmetic Products From Target To Help Solve Your Most Annoying Beauty Problems

    Everything you need to make your skin glow, eyes sparkle, and lips pop.

    1. A Jason Wu lip oil wand with vitamin E, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil to replenish and moisturize your lips. This product will feel and look like just a super shiny lip gloss but will actually be doing the hard work of healing your chapped lips all fall long.

    2. A pack of makeup sponges because it's always good to buy in bulk when it comes to something you use daily. Having a whole pack of these in your bathroom is perfect because you can just pull out a new one when the old one gets a bit ~musty~.

    a hand with pink nails holding one of the orange sponges against a pink background

    3. Maybelline setting spray that will keep your face makeup looking pristine throughout the day. This is perfect for those days you're late to work and have to run from the train, making you a sweaty mess when you arrive. Putting this on in the morning will keep your makeup right in place no matter how much you sweat.

    the purple bottle of setting spray

    4. A facial roller to help change your skin's life with a simple daily use.

    model using the silver roller on their cheekbone and temple

    5. An E.l.f. multi-stick for people who hate having a different product for every part of their face. This versatile product can be used as a blush, lip stain, and eyeshadow so it's practically all you need. Plus, it's great as a travel item if you need a little cheek flush before happy hour.

    6. A Winky Lux brow pencil meant for pretty much all eyebrow shades. Give your brows an upgrade with a simple swipe and blend action.

    7. A tinted lip balm to hydrate your lips *and* give them a pop of color. Filled with avocado oil and acai, this vegan lip balm is about to be your lips' new best friend.

    seven of the lip shades set against a tan background with streaks above them to show off the colors

    8. A Maybelline concealer blender for those days when you sleep terribly and wake up with massive under-eye bags. Give this product a simple tap under your eyes and smoothly blend it with the soft applicator for a bright-eyed, refreshed look.

    9. A L'Oréal hyaluronic facial serum to solve that super annoying problem of your skin not having a dewy, glowing look all on its own. Use this vitamin C-infused serum for a radiant, hydrated look.

    the bottle of serum in water with droplets spalshing upwards

    10. A Revlon oil-absorbing face roller if you have the kind of skin that constantly looks like it has a sheen of sweat on it. Made from actual volcanic stone, this on-the-go facial roller will quickly absorb the oil on your face and *bonus* it's reusable.

    11. An E.l.f. makeup putty primer to help prep the pores on your skin and give you a smooth canvas to work with when you do your makeup routine.

    the putty primer against a pink background with a chunk taken out and placed next to the primer packaging

    12. A lip-plumping lipstick with gorgeous shades and the added bonus of giving you a naturally plumped lip look. Grab all five shades and let the compliments roll in on your colorful, hydrated lips.

    13. A NYX under-eye concealer to help with redness, dark spots, and skin neutralizing. Top with some foundation and you'll have a professional makeup shine every day.

    Model brightening her complexion with the concealer

    14. A Maybelline tinted moisturizer that will both nourish and hydrate your skin as well as give you a sweet sun-kissed glow. The lightweight feel of this moisturizer is perfect if you're looking for a natural makeup feel.

    the tinted moisturizer in a dark bronze shade

    15. A Physician's Formula face palette I absolutely swear by. The colors of this palette are so pigmented and you have everything you need for a full face routine in one simple palette.

    the face palette with highlighter, blush, and bronzer

    16. A lash primer and mascara duo because a 2-in-1 is always a good idea. The primer helps promote the lift of this mascara and keeps it looking perfect all day long.

    the product with the black mascara side on a cream background with a smudge of mascara and the white primer side on a tan background with a white smudge

    17. Eyelash glue for those days you want an extra lift to your eye look. This easy-to-use glue makes putting on falsies a breeze. Give them a swipe with this clear glue and have beautiful eyelashes the whole day.

    the lash glue packaging

    18. A Maybelline eyeshadow palette with beautifully pigmented natural colors that give you both a matte and glittery look. Use this palette to create gorgeous looks for both Friday night drinks and Sunday brunch.

    the palette with 12 nude colors

    19. An E.l.f. blush palette to switch up your routine every few days. Some days you want a pigmented pink glow on your cheeks and other days you want a more natural bronzed shine. This palette solves all those problems.

    20. A L'Oréal face mist that will have you glowing before and after you apply your makeup. This versatile mist helps prime your face before you do your makeup, sets it when you're done, and refreshes it during the day when it needs a pick-me-up.

    the pink bottle of setting spray

    21. A step-by-step contour kit with easy instructions and an added angle brush. This kit makes the terrifying act of ~contouring~ a little less scary when it's all right there in front of you.

    22. A NYX makeup refreshing spray because we all run into that midday slump where our makeup just doesn't look as good as it did this morning. A quick spritz of this and you'll be good to go.

    the refreshing spray in a puddle of water set against a pink background

    23. A makeup brush set because having a full set of brushes is always a good investment. No more using the same brush for your eyeshadow and your blush — now you have one for each.

    the full brush set with ten brushes

    24. A tube of Maybelline mascara that should really just be a staple in your everyday routine. This beloved mascara gives your eyelashes a bold tint and extra lift so you'll be stunning all day long — without the need to struggle with falsies.

    model applying the mascara to their eye

    25. A Clinique facial moisturizer with aloe and hyaluronic acid to give you a super hydrated look without any added oil. Swipe this on before bed and when you wake up to help replenish your skin.

    model using one finger to apply the moisturizer on their cheek

    26. A Winky Lux glitter spray to deal with that pesky problem of natural, nonglittery skin. With this product, you'll sparkle like Edward in the sun every time you leave the house.

    the glitter spray leaning against the box set against a pink background

    27. A set of press-on nails because it's simply too much money to get a new manicure every week. These easy-to-use nails come in a variety of different styles and cost less than 10 bucks so you can switch things up whenever you want.

    model wearing the press-on nail set with gray, granite, and sparkle nails

    28. A pack of under-eye patches that will reduce the look of those puffy eye bags you get when you really didn't sleep well the night before. Throw these in the fridge overnight for an added cooling effect in the morning.

    two open containers of the green under eye patches stacked on top of closed containers with two of the boxes showing the packaging laying next to them.

    29. Some NYX matte pressed powder to keep that gorgeous makeup you spent all morning putting on staying in place. The matte feature of this powder will smooth the visibility of pores without drying out your face.

    30. A facial steamer so you can bring the spa home with you. This hydrating steamer will replenish and refresh your skin after a long day out in the world and make you feel like true royalty every time you use it.

    a model using the facial steamer against a pink background

    31. And a Neutrogena oil-free makeup remover you will swear by once you try it. No more scrubbing at your waterproof mascara for what feels like hours. Just dab a few times with this oil-free remover and watch the mascara fade away.

    the bottle of makeup remover

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