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    ModCloth Is Having A 30% Off Sitewide Sale, And Everything Is As Adorable As You'd Expect

    Those adorable fuzzy shoes aren't going to buy themselves.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    Good news, fellow bargain hunters! ModCloth is having a 30% off sale ~sitewide~, meaning the time to treat yourself to adorable frocks is right now.

    Because this sale ends 1/13, let's not waste time and get straight to some of our favorite styles:

    1. A gentle giant shirt dress, because how are you supposed to say no to something with giraffes on it? Pair this with a classic black heel to keep your outfit popping but not overwhelming.

    Model wearing the dress in navy

    2. A cozy winter sweater because even though the holidays are behind us, the cold weather definitely is not.

    Model wearing the sweater in light grey

    3. A bucket bag to take your handbag collection to a new level. This versatile bag comes with both a chunky top handle and a crossbody strap.

    The bag in mustard

    4. A pair of furry heels to give you the comfort of cozy slippers with the elegance of stiletto heels.

    The heels in black

    5. A basic long-sleeve top that can easily be dressed up with a pair of dark denim jeans and booties. Suddenly, your basic outfit is a non-stop eye-catcher.

    Model wearing the top in teal

    6. A winter dreamin' coat that's basically straight out of a Hallmark holiday movie.

    The coat in ivory

    7. An elegant everywhere jumpsuit for a sleek look with a comfy feel. The fabric is "stretch-induced" so you know it's a good choice.

    Model wearing the jumpsuit in black

    8. A pair of mesh tights that take fishnets to a whole new level. The spiral stripes down the length of your leg give a more elegant feel to this piece.

    Model wearing the tights

    9. A three-quarter length sleeve cardigan so you can pair it with jeans for a more laidback look, or throw on a skirt and some knee-high boots to spice things up.

    Model wearing the cardigan in black with white polka-dots

    10. A pair of pearly tulle socks to make you feel like a star when you wear them. Pun definitely intended.

    Model wearing the socks dotted with stars and black heels

    11. A soft pullover sweater that's semi-sheer so you'll be feeling a little sassy while you wear it.

    The sweater in white

    12. A festive sweetheart blouse perfect for that at-home New Year's Eve party you and your cat will be having.

    Model wearing the blouse in black

    13. A faux wrap dress to give you that elegant look without the hassle of having to actually wrap a dress. Pair it with heels for a nice summer party or throw a warm coat on top for a winter walk.

    Model wearing the dress in red

    14. A prim and pleated midi skirt because life is pointless without colorful flowy skirts. Have a photoshoot in this skirt in your apartment just for the heck of it and watch your mood increase.

    Model wearing the skirt in teal

    15. A mini dress that pairs perfectly with a glass of champagne. That's all.

    The dress in navy with sequins

    16. A pink plaid coat that gives off Gossip Girl vibes. Grab a bite on the steps of The Met in this coat and hope an anonymous site doesn't start posting your dirtiest secrets.

    The coat

    17. A pair of d'Orsay flats to add a little pop to your outift, but not *too* much, you know?

    The flats in burgundy

    18. A twofer dress that makes it look like you put effort into your outfit when all you really did was slip this over your head.

    The dress in black floral

    19. A black velvet crossbody bag because it's a black velvet crossbody bag. What else do you need?

    The bag

    Don't forget to check out all their incredible styles before they sell out!

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