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    If You Want To Finish Off Some Holiday Shopping Early, Here Are 36 Gift Ideas Under $50

    Unique and meaningful finds for practically everyone on your list.

    1. A set of unique wineglasses for the wine lover of the group. If you feel like they already have every wine gadget out there, gift them these classic wine staples with a fun rainbow tint.

    2. A cozy FP Movement beanie to keep their heads warm and stylish in the colder months. There's still plenty of time for cold weather and winter sports like skiing and snowboarding after the holidays so your friends and family will be thankful to have this beanie in the new year.

    model wearing the white beaning with a brown blanket and white turtle neck holding a mug

    3. A Homesick candle for that person in your life that recently moved away. This is a great gift for a long-distance friend or someone who you know has been missing home recently.

    4. A pair of funky socks to brighten their gloomy days. They'll love adding a touch of something special to their outfits every day with these silly socks.

    the socks with avocado and peppers in a bowl of guacamole that says "you guac my world" underneath each bowl

    5. A super-cute bear mug because why the heck not? This little mug holds just enough coffee for the perfect morning pick-me-up for your loved ones.

    the bear mug filled with coffee on a counter in front of a lamp with a computer next to it

    6. A personalized name necklace that adds a touch of sentimental value to your gift. Adding a personalization to this gift will tell your friends and family how much they mean to you in the simplest way.

    model wearing the necklace that says "faith"

    7. A Doja Cat Collection eyeshadow palette for the makeup lover in your life. This super pigmented palette has tons of colorful shades so everyone from makeup novices to makeup experts can have fun with it.

    8. A strategic card game if you like reaping the benefits of the gifts you give. This card game will swiftly become a game night fave and make an appearance at every family gathering.

    the "one night ultimate werewolf" card game on a table with the box open and cards laid out and tokens still in the box

    9. A flannel shirt to keep them cozy and fashion-forward all winter long.

    model wearing the green and white plaid shirt with black pants, green socks, and brown boots, standing in a foresty area in front of a wooden fence

    10. A NodPod weighted eye mask so you can give them the gift of a good night's rest. This weighted mask blocks out all outside light and has an added calming effect so they can sleep soundly and peacefully because of you.

    the gray nodpod mask next to its packaging

    11. Letters to My Love: Write Now. Read Later, a customizable book, because the best gift is one that comes from the heart. These personalized books give you the opportunity to craft your own heartfelt notes to the people in your life and come in the form of a cute little booklet.

    four versions of the "Letters to my..." book including "Letters to my love" "letters to my grandchild" and "letters to my baby"

    12. A luxurious Sherpa blanket they can wrap themselves up in after a long day at work. Or gift a blanket large enough to fit on their beds so they can be cozy while they sleep.

    the gray blanket on a chair showing the sherpa underside and velvet topside

    13. A personalized collar for the dog lover of the group. You know those friends who love getting gifts for their pets practically as much as they love getting gifts for themselves? Yeah, this is the gift for them.

    two of the brown leather dog collars with personalized nameplates

    14. A paint-by-numbers kit even your most artistically challenged friends will love. This easy-to-use kit comes with paint, brushes, and step-by-step instructions on how to craft a beautiful piece of art.

    reviewer image of the finished paint by numbers piece and all the color bottles laid out below it

    15. A digital instant-print camera so they can keep all their most precious memories forever. This camera spits out mini prints of special moments so they can have a super-cute keepsake right away.

    reviewer showing the white instant print camera with a photo of two people printed from the camera

    16. A hot sauce flavor pack for those friends that are always requesting something spicy at the table. This pack is a great introduction to the flavors of Hot N Saucy and will have your loved ones immediately jumping online to order more.

    the three hot sauces: garlic n peperoncini, beet n fresno, sweet potato n habanero

    17. A mini stacking planter to house their favorite succulents in a cute display. These stoneware planters have a sophisticated look that can take any counter decor from just OK to super elegant.

    two of the stacking planters in orange and cream colors with succulents in them

    18. A moon lamp with a realistic surface exterior to give them a galactic upgrade to any room. And with tons of different color combinations, they'll never run out of love for this gift.

    the moon lamp lit up white sitting on its wooden stand

    19. A "World's Best Plant Mom" tote bag for the plant lover in your life who is always trying to teach you how not to kill your plants. They'll love this humblebrag bag and it holds everything they need when going out so it's really a win-win.

    the green bag that says "world's best plant mom"

    20. A blue granite tumbler that looks beautiful and has the added bonus of keeping their morning coffees and teas nice and hot.

    the blue granite tumbler on a countertop with a person pouring liquid into it from another water bottle

    21. The Korean Vegan cookbook for the TikTok lover of the friend group — or anyone looking to up their culture and vegan game. Filled with meaningful bits of knowledge from Joanne Lee Molinard, as well as some *divine* recipes, you can't go wrong gifting this book.

    22. A super-cute circle pouch they can use to carry AirPods, keys, and ChapStick when they go out. This is the perfect gift for your super-stylish friend who is always losing small things.

    the small yellow pouch

    23. An AirPods case that will protect their precious new tech in a pretty case. Let someone else drop the money on the pods, you'll swoop in with the money-saving case.

    24. A bonsai tree starter kit for that one friend who is always trying to start a new hobby. This easy kit gives them everything they need to start their own little home garden.

    reviewer showing the four pots from the kit each with different bonsai seeds in them

    25. A long-sleeve tee to gift to the stylish men in your life. This cozy tee can be easily styled with some dress pants for a professional look or a pair of jeans for a day lounging at home.

    model wearing the tee in purple with white pants and a brown belt

    26. A scratch-off travel map for the friend who is always dreaming of quitting their job and traveling the world. Give them the little push they need with this unique map.

    The black scratch-off map

    27. A vinyl album of their favorite artist for a retro yet functional gift. Not only will they love the aesthetic of owning a record album, they'll love the thought you put into gifting them their favorite music.

    taylor switft's "fearless (taylor's version)" in gold album cover standing next to a record player with the gold vinyl record in the player

    28. A refreshing Glossier serum that will refresh and renew their skin. Next time you see them glowing, ask how they get such radiant skin and bask in the glory of them answering, "Oh, it's from the serum you got me!"

    model's hand holding the serum

    29. A pet hammock you can gift to the cat lovers in your life or to your own kitty friend. No, it's not a gift for you, it's a gift for your *cat*, there is a difference.

    30. A What Do You Meme? The Office Edition card game that's perfect for those people in your life who are constantly throwing The Office quotes into the group text.

    31. A wooden recipe holder to help them build out their kitchen aesthetic. This gorgeous wooden chest comes with recipe cards inside they can fill out over time. Or, throw some of your own recipes in there before you gift it for a personal touch to an already amazing gift.

    the wooden recipe box with a metal clasp and the word "recipes" written in light cursive on the front

    32. A canvas belt bag for a stylish take on the classic fanny pack. If your friends hate carrying bags, this is the perfect gift for them. Hands-free storage right on their hips!

    the cream belt bag

    33. A pair of sun and star dangle earrings they can style with practically any outfit. For less than 20 bucks apiece, you could buy both of these earrings for someone and still not have crossed the $50 threshold.

    the black and brown sun and star dangle earrings laid on a white granite coaster

    34. Some cozy moccasins so they can achieve maximum comfort when meandering around the house.

    the light brown moccasins with ties on top and white fuzzy insides

    35. Some decorative books for your fashion friends. These black and white books add an elegant touch to any decor *and* they have blank pages so they can fill them with notes of special memories spent together.

    the three books that say "paris" "london" and "new york" stacked on a counter with two ceramic deer standing next to them

    36. A mini donut maker because what is more fun than mini donuts at any time of the day? They'll love how easy this little machine is to use and the delicious creations that come out of it.

    the mini donut maker on a counter with a pan full of mini chocolate donuts in front of it cover in nuts and powdered sugar and all the ingredients on the counter behind the pan

    Prepare to be the best gift giver of the group.

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