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    30 Pieces Of Clothing And Accessories Under $50 From Amazon That Have Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews

    Hello, summer of style.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A pair of slide sandals that will add a cute touch to a classic, comfy shoe. The strappy design takes these babies from boring footwear to an outfit staple.

    The sandals

    2. A stylish belt to dress up any outfit. Whether it's with a super cute sweater tucked into your jeans, or cinched around your waist in a flowy sundress, you'll love accessorizing with this piece.

    A person wearing a black belt

    3. A long-sleeve blouse for a comfy yet professional work look. The lace trim on the sleeves makes this so much more than just another black blouse.

    A person wearing a black top and denim jeans

    4. A loungewear set because you deserve to feel stylish even when you're just relaxing at home. Plus, who can say no to a matching set? Not me.

    5. A mini skater skirt that screams fall vibes but can easily be worn throughout the year. Perfect for a day trip to Disney or a summer picnic in the park.

    A person wearing an orange skirt and white top at Disneyland

    6. A button-down tank top with a super cute knot to add *flair* to your basic tank top and jeans look. Throw a comfy cardigan over this and you'll be ready to slay the day.

    A person wearing a white button-down tank, grey cardigan, and denim jeans

    7. A pair of casual joggers for maximum comfort at alllllll times. Throwing these on after a long day in jeans or slacks will be a feeling you never get tired of.

    A person wearing leopard print pants, a grey top, and red cardigan

    8. A one-piece swimsuit because why go basic at the beach when you could roll up in this stunning piece? The ruffle trim is the perfect addition to an already unbelievably cute suit.

    A person wearing the tropical monokini

    9. A purse set so you can get all the bags you need in one purchase. Plus, the super stylish leather-look is great for work or play days.

    The bags in a tan brown color

    10. A cold-shoulder dress to keep you feeling stunning all day long. With 10 gorgeous colors, you could own multiple of these and no one would fault you.

    A person wearing a black cold shoulder dress with green tropical palm leaves

    11. A ribbed crop top for that summer vacay you've been putting off. This top is ideal for all your beachy, touristy pics and is just as comfy as it is stylish.

    A person wearing a white ribbed crop top and blue shorts

    12. A layered heart necklace because sometimes all you need to spice up an outfit is a simple jewelry accent. This minimal necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit you've got on.

    13. A pair of ankle-strap flats to upgrade your favorite pair of flats. Who knew all it took to add some sophistication to a shoe was an ankle strap?

    a person wearing the shoes in black

    14. A super cute ring set you can mix and match to your heart's content. These pretty accessories are a great way to find what you like in a ring before investing in more hefty jewelry.

    15. A round rattan shoulder bag that is soooo in style right now you simply must have it. Plus, it has plenty of space to fit your necessities and you don't have to worry about spillage.

    16. A one-piece swimsuit with a gorg floral, leopard or striped design on top that adds a perfect accent to an otherwise all-black suit. Feel confident at every pool party you attend this summer!

    17. An Anne Klein watch and bracelet set so you can keep track of the time and still be a style icon among your friends. The simple watch face and skinny band make these accessories just the right amount of glam.

    18. A pair of open-toe heels that 2,500 reviewers cannot get enough of. Another strappy shoe that doesn't sacrifice comfort for style.

    19. A vintage-inspired high-waisted bikini for the ultimate beach-glam look. Plus, with 39 color options, you can mix and match to have a different swimsuit for every day of the week!

    reviewer wearing the suit with a yellow top and floral bottoms

    20. A set of teardrop earrings with a lovely pressed flower design that you'll want to show off to everyone you meet. Hey, have you seen my earrings?

    21. A sleeveless button-down dress to keep you cool in the warmer months. And you don't have to worry about any pesky holes in the middle, the buttons are fake!

    reviewer wearing the dress in green

    22. A sleek pair of chunky heel ankle boots that will make you look badass the second you slip into them. These can be paired with an all-black look or even a flowy dress and still be the perfect style addition.

    reviewer wearing the boots in black

    23. A pair of super sleek bike shorts with some stretch for maximum comfort. Plus they come in 45 (!!!) different colors so you can wear one with every outfit.

    24. A wide-brim hat that adds a pop of color — be it bright or neutral — to your outfit and has the added bonus of shielding your face from the sun.

    reviewer wearing the hat in camel standing in a field

    25. A stretchy mini skater skirt for those who love a breezy little skirt. Throw this over a body suit or with a loose sweater and you'll be the fashion guru for all your friends.

    reviewer wearing the skirt in green

    26. A cute backpack that's perfect for travel and can still be used as an everyday carryall as well. Plenty of pockets and no back pain in sight!

    the backpack in gray with brown straps

    27. An activewear set you'll never want to take off. You're not the only one, though — the 3,000 reviewers who gave 5 stars would absolutely agree with you.

    reviewer wearing the set in black with red and white trimming

    28. A high-waisted polka dot pleated skirt to add a splash of color and texture to your day with an easy slip-on piece. We love simple, effortless style.

    reviewer wearing the skirt in orange

    29. A casual Adidas cap that can hide that bed but still work as a cute outfit accessory even when your hair looks good.

    30. And a classic jean jacket because everyone needs this staple in their wardrobe, so why not buy one endorsed by over 5,000 people? Bonus points if you get all four colors!

    reviewer wearing the jacket in black

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