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    Nathalie Emmanuel Talked About The Impact Of Missandei's Death In "Game Of Thrones"

    "I was not anticipating the size of the reaction that happened."

    It's no secret that Game of Thrones had some gruesome death scenes in its eight-season run (see: Red Wedding).

    But one character's death seemed to shake the fandom to its core: Missandei, played by Nathalie Emmanuel.

    Nathalie, who most recently starred in F9 and Four Weddings and a Funeral on Hulu spoke to Vogue about the impact of her character's death in Season 8.

    “When I learned that Missandei was going to die, as the only woman of color on the show, I knew that people would feel her loss because she’s also just like a really kind, good character. I was not anticipating, I guess, the size of the reaction that happened."

    She went on to talk about the presence of people of color in different projects. "I think that really sparked a conversation about, when we make these shows in the future, when we are casting these shows, like, do we just have to have the one person; is there space for more of us? And I think the answer is yes. I know the answer is yes."

    During her "Beauty Secrets" video, Nathalie also talked about how the TV and film industry also needs to be more inclusive and representative of natural hair.

    “I didn’t realize how challenging it would be having very curly, kinky hair in the acting industry. The idea that my hair would be natural was kind of, like, not really seen much."

    "It actually became kind of important to me, to just kind of demonstrate that my hair’s natural form is just beautiful and fine — I don’t have to change it.”

    Forever wishing Missandei ended up on the throne.