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    Luke Bryan Teased Katy Perry About Her Leg Hair, And She Had The Best Response

    "I don't got time. I'd rather cuddle with my daughter!"

    Being a mom is time-consuming — and Katy Perry knows this.

    The singer and American Idol judge recently revealed that she stopped shaving her legs because she simply doesn't have the time as a new mom.

    Katy Perry in front of the American Idol sign
    Eric Mccandless / ABC via Getty Images

    On Sunday, Katy shared an Instagram story of fellow Idol judge Luke Bryan telling her she's "gotta do something about that leg hair."

    Katy Perry and Luke Bryan on the set of American Idol
    Eric Mccandless / ABC via Getty Images

    Katy playfully zoomed in on her stubbly legs, saying, "No! I don't got time. I'd rather cuddle with my daughter!"

    Instagram story from Katy Perry zoomed in on her leg hair with the hashtag "moms know"
    Katy Perry / Via Instagram: @katyperry

    The "Smile" singer and her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, welcomed their baby girl, Daisy Dove, last August, and Katy hasn't been shy about the work of being a mom.

    "What they don't tell you is, nobody talks about the first six weeks after you have the baby," Katy told Jimmy Kimmel in February. "Oh my god, that's wild! What a roller coaster!"

    Katy Perry on Jimmy Kimmel Live
    Randy Holmes / ABC via Getty Images

    Not that she needs one, but I'd say cuddling with your daughter is a pretty good excuse for not shaving your legs.

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