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    Demi Lovato Posted An *Interesting* Instagram, And Miley Cyrus Had The Best Comment

    Miley Cyrus: Queen of Instagram Comments.

    So Demi Lovato recently posted an...interesting Instagram video.

    The "Dancing with the Devil" singer posted a double video of their journey making contact with extraterrestrials to promote their new show, Unidentified.

    Lots of stars had comments — their BFF Matthew Scott Montgomery commented, "Oh, hi."

    But the best one by far was posted by Miley Cyrus, who commented, "Me finding my G-spot for the first time!"

    What makes it even better is the audio in the video Demi posted.

    In it, you can hear them saying, "There we go! There it is! Hello!" Which just makes Miley's comment 100 times funnier.

    Miley Cyrus performing

    Truly, it doesn't get any better than this, people. Happy Friday!!!