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    21 Curly Hair Products On Amazon That Reviewers Swear By

    Whether for loose waves or tight coils, reviewers can't get enough of these products.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A SheaMoisture styling milk perfect for adding moisture and bounce to your curls. Plus, it smells like literal paradise, which is just the icing on top.,

    Promising review: "This product is very moisturizing and excellent for natural hairstyles and wash and go. I would recommend this product for type 3b 3c, 4a hair. I used it instead of gel to really make my curls pop. After deep-conditioning, I add leave-in conditioner to damp hair and then a detangler. I add this product last and comb through with my fingers and let hair dry and defuse and my curls pop for a week." —JTurn

    Price: $8.69

    2. A Head & Shoulders coconut oil shampoo that helps with dandruff *and* keeps your curls looking beautiful. Now there's no need to choose between good curls and a healthy scalp, because you can have both.


    Promising review: "I have very curly hair and also have pretty significant dandruff. It was always hard for me to decide whether to cater to my curls or promote a healthy scalp. This is what I've been waiting for. My hair is hydrated and my scalp is flake-free... get this after ONE use. I'm so in love with this product." —Bethany Moore

    Price: $6.97 (available as a shampoo or protective styles collection)

    3. An Aussie curl set so you can get everything you need for perfect curls from one purchase. This set comes with shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, spray gel, detangling milk, and oil hair treatment.,

    Promising review: "My curls LOVE LOVE LOVE this product line. It really helps to define your curls and add shine. I have primarily 3C hair and it works wonders." —Gena

    Price: $30.02

    4. A spray bottle to help keep curly hair damp without drenching it. A super simple product that makes all the difference in your hair routine.

    The white bottle spraying water

    Promising review: "This spray bottle is absolutely fantastic! I have super curly hair and often need to keep it moisturized and like to apply my hair products to wet hair. If my hair gets a bit too dry after the shower before I put my products in, I don’t need to worry. This spray bottle does the job with a luxurious amount of water, which evenly gets distributed throughout the hair. I highly recommend this spray bottle! You will NOT regret your buy with this one." —Lexy

    Price: $6.99 (available in two colors)

    5. A Moroccanoil curl defining cream that leaves curls soft to the touch but controls the frizz in humidity. Sleep with it in, give it a spritz of water in the morning, and *boom* it's as if it's been reactivated.,

    Promising review: "Decided to wear my hair naturally, but was ready to move on from the crunchy curl look I got with the mousse. I found this product and am amazed. It separates and defines my curls and they’ve never looked this beautiful and healthy. It does stay kind of sticky but doesn’t weigh my hair down. Just don’t touch your hair too much and you won’t get sticky hands. Smells amazing too. Great find." —Cat

    Price: $14+ (available in two sizes and as part of a set)

    6. A detangling brush perfect for 3a–4c hair, easily working through knots while also giving you a luxurious scalp massage.

    Promising review: "I purchased this brush based on all the reviews from women with 4c type hair. My daughter and I have 4c hair and I wanted a brush that wasn’t going to rip our hair out. This brush works great. It detangles with ease and doesn’t leave my scalp in pain. Absolutely love this brush. Great buy." —Jantoin3

    Price: $6.99+ (available in eight colors)

    7. A leave-in softening treatment for tight curls that will leave your hair feeling hydrated and soft without weighing it down. We can thank its main ingredients, aloe vera, coconut milk, plumeria extract, and papaya extract for our now healthy-feeling hair.,

    Promising review: "I purchased the Maui Moisture Quench + Coconut Oil and my 4c hair loves it. For a twist-out style, the key for my hair: I spritz with water, next apply the Maui Moisture Quench + Coconut Oil, make sure my ends are curled (you can use a few comfy hair rollers), and cover my hair at night. In the am, the waves are very defined and beautiful. I've used one container so far and what I noticed is that when I would wash my hair, the texture was so curly and my hair was much fuller. I highly recommend." —NEECE

    Price: $8.99 (also available in shampoo, conditioner, and curl smoothie)

    8. An argan oil hair mask because yes, even your hair needs a spa day every once in a while. This product is perfect for deep conditioning and helping with natural hair growth.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of straightened, frizzy hair and then heathy-looking tight curls

    Promising review: "This is by far the best product I have used on my hair yet! I have 4c curls and this stuff really leaves it feeling soft and conditioned for days. I recently bleached my hair, and thanks to this mask my curls are bouncy and healthier than ever. My second tub just arrived so I really wanted to take the time to make a recommendation tailored to my curly-haired girls! I am in no way associated with the company, but I wanted to share my experience because it’s been one of my favorite things ever." —Adriana Wallace

    Price: $12.95

    9. A microfiber hair towel that actually helps curls keep their shape and fights the frizzies from other towels. And yes, it can handle thick, long hair.,

    Promising review: "Holy moly, what can I say, except I freaking love these. Normally I have to put a ton of product in my hair to counteract my frizzy nature. Last night I showered and rather than using a terry cloth towel to wrap my hair, I used one of these microfiber wraps. I put it up and slept in it. When I woke up my hair was dried in fantastical curls. No frizz to be seen. I did my makeup and went to work. No product at all. Now halfway through my day, the curls have separated a little, but the amount of frizz is nothing compared to usual with no product. I don't know how I've never tried this in my 35 years of life." —Sg0506

    Price: $12.96 (available in seven colors)

    10. A tub of coconut curling cream with shea butter so you can be confident that your curls will stay defined all day.


    Promising review: "I have naturally curly hair and this brings out the best in my curls! I put on damp hair and scrunch with my diffuser. Curls are defined and not frizzy. I also put on my dry curls the day after to revitalize my curls. Oh, and the smell is heavenly if you like coconut:) It doesn't leave my hair sticky either." —B. Walters

    Price: $5.97

    11. A bottle of Marc Anthony curl lotion to help reinvigorate dry wavy hair. The lotion has vitamin B and E that bind to waves to hydrate and define them.


    Promising review: "This is a must-have for curly hair! Hair is left feeling soft and not crunchy. Holds curls like crazy! I can literally wash my hair and put this in, use a diffuser on the blow dryer to scrunch my curls or dry it with a T-shirt and my curls will be good for the next two days until I wash my hair again. It also keeps frizz away even in high humidity." —Tracy

    Price: $6.97

    12. A cocoa butter pudding that's perfect for styling curls while adding moisture for days and reducing shrinkage in curls.,

    Promising review: "I have extremely coarse, tightly coiled hair with significant shrinkage. Recently having been introduced to my own hair due to COVID-19, decades of braiding my hair, unfortunately, although culturally beautiful my hair was starving for moisture/care. But, seemingly my hard to manage, hard to absorb and maintain moisture, with the tightest of coiled strands just might have met its match with this product. The product did exactly what the instructions said it would do by first lengthening my natural hair and visibly relaxing my “kinky” curls. I’m already saying I’m prepared to order two more and just might give wearing my natural hair at least for a while a shot!" —Janielle

    Price: $11.99

    13. A custard aloe gel with a lightweight feel so you can have bouncy curls throughout the day. This all-natural product is paraben-free, sulfate-free, *and* dye-free. We love to see it.,

    Promising review: "This works so well on my fine hair. I put a quarter size amount on my soaking wet hair and scrunch with my hands and then with a microfiber towel. I let it air dry for about an hour and then diffuse. Shake/pick my roots out and scrunch again and it’s perfect. It dries with a crunchy cast, but after it’s dry and you scrunch that crunchiness is completely gone. Leaves no buildup in my hair and works great again for second-day curls. My only complaints are that it comes in a tub instead of a pump and the smell reminds me of lemon Pledge furniture polish. You can’t smell it after it’s dry thank goodness. This is well worth the price!!" —Ashley Seratt

    Price: $15.99+ (available in two sizes and packs of one or two)

    14. A L'Oreal Paris sculpt and hold cream-gel because we all know some curls need a little help staying put. This coconut oil gel conditions and shapes curls without adding extra weight.


    Promising review: "Hands down this is the best gel that I have ever used on my 3c curls. I cannot believe that it’s this good. I have tried a multitude of high-end gels over the past year and none of them have provided the hold that this one does. This gel holds my curls for days. I am on day 5 and my curls look like second-day hair! The smell is decent. It doesn’t linger past day 3 and it’s not overwhelming upon application. It smells fairly decent. The hold is second to none. After styling on very wet hair, I scrunch out any excess water. I then apply the gel. Whether I blow-dry or air dry, the hold is always the same. My curls are absolutely beautiful. I have never gotten results like this. I’m about to purchase a second bottle. It’s the first time I ever bought a second bottle of any styling product! Amazing."—Sunshine 1972

    Price: $5.07

    15. A detangling brush that actually does glide through even the toughest of knots when it comes to curly hair.,

    Promising review: "This is my new favorite brush and I use it all the time. I have mostly 4a hair, with maybe a touch of 3c here and there, but my hair is definitely in the kinky category and this brush works great. I'm able to use it on my hair wet or dry as long as I have some product in it. When it's wet I normally use oil and leave-in conditioner and it glides right through with ease. With my dry hair I normally just use oil if I'm doing a pre-poo and it still glides through but obviously, I'm much more careful working root to tip." —Marisa

    Price: $12.88 (available in five colors)

    16. A curly hair oil treatment from Gabrielle Union so you know it's high-end. Infused with ten different oils, this product will leave your curls hydrated and beautiful.

    The oil treatment

    Promising review:"Not being dramatic but this hair oil you only need a little and it just gives your hair the extra shine and softness! I love this oil CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THE REST OF THE LINE!!! My hair is curly and my daughter's hair is coiled!! We love it." —Nancy

    Price: $9.99

    17. A Garnier Fructis shaping jelly you can use as a leave-in treatment to help hold the shape of your curls. The natural ingredients help fight off frizz from humidity while maintaining curl shape.

    A reviewer with curly hair and no frizz after using the jelly

    Promising review: "Absolutely love this product. I have a lot of frizz. And by midday, my hair is a puffy nightmare at the bottom and flat at my scalp. I get an all-day hold and volume with no frizz. I use Marc Anthony curl CREAM first (not the lotion) then scrunch the jelly into my hair and blow-dry especially at the roots for bouncy curls. Usually, it is 'crunchy' and wet looking at first. But I scrunch it more once it is completely dry and it softens while still holding the curl. Never flakey. You do have to find that perfect amount for your hair too little is frizzy still and too much is crunchy and wet looking. I get compliments on my hair all the time now and can finally wear it long again." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $6.99+ (available as a butter, jelly, or smoothie)

    18. A curl activator that works for both tighter curls or looser waves, depending on your hair type.,

    Promising review: "Simply amazing!!!! I have curly, frizzy hair and a friend at work told me I needed to purchase this product but I just couldn't justify the price. Finally, after realizing I need to spoil my hair if I want to embrace its natural beauty, I bought it. I AM SO UPSET I DIDN'T LISTEN SOONER and I made sure to tell her! The product is light and soft and it does not stiffen your hair! My curls are amazing! I have the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner in my cart as I type!" —Larida Fortenberry

    Price: $22+ (available in two sizes)

    19. A scalp care brush perfect for that end-of-week product cleansing process. Or just a scalp massage whenever you're needing one.,

    Promising review: "I use this for when I shampoo- I have 3c–4a hair. This is perfect after a long day at the beach or a workout. The bristles are in between soft and hard rubber, with mild pressure they bend. For kinky hair I personally recommend putting the hair into four braids, and then massaging your scalp so your hair doesn't get tangled." —Wren

    Price: $8.58+ (available in four colors)

    20. A curl defining cream to add control and shine post-application. The best part? You only need a few pumps for this product to do its job.


    Promising review: "Long have I searched for a product which would help my curls to be less frizzy and more defined. I have tried many creams in search of the Holy Grail. Then, when all hope seemed lost, I stumbled upon this golden fleece of curl creams. It came in a shiny silver bottle; it smelled of the sweetest strawberry candies; my curls were soft and perfectly curled. My hair is 2c/3a, and I recently got it chopped off from mid-back to barely brushing my shoulders (curly) and slightly layered. Add in a single, small pump of this, and my loose spirals are soft, bouncy, and defined. Not to mention, I smell like strawberry candy." —Heather

    Price: $17

    21. And some Redken ringlet shape-perfecting lotion from so you can achieve salon-looking curls without sacrificing your savings.,

    Promising review: "NO KIDDING!!!! After not getting a haircut for months, my curly hair was looking downtrodden. Someone suggested this product and my hair and mood immediately changed to curly and cute. HIGHLY recommend if you want your curls to perk up. Love it. You don’t need to use a lot. The pump works well so just use a bit at a time and you will see immediate results." —Kazie

    Price: $21

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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