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    21 Curly Hair Products On Amazon That Reviewers Swear By

    Whether for loose waves or tight coils, reviewers can't get enough of these products.

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    1. A SheaMoisture styling milk perfect for adding moisture and bounce to your curls. Plus, it smells like literal paradise, which is just the icing on top.

    2. A Head & Shoulders coconut oil shampoo that helps with dandruff *and* keeps your curls looking beautiful. Now there's no need to choose between good curls and a healthy scalp, because you can have both.

    3. An Aussie curl set so you can get everything you need for perfect curls from one purchase. This set comes with shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, spray gel, detangling milk, and oil hair treatment.

    4. A spray bottle to help keep curly hair damp without drenching it. A super simple product that makes all the difference in your hair routine.

    The white bottle spraying water

    5. A Moroccanoil curl defining cream that leaves curls soft to the touch but controls the frizz in humidity. Sleep with it in, give it a spritz of water in the morning, and *boom* it's as if it's been reactivated.

    6. A detangling brush perfect for 3a–4c hair, easily working through knots while also giving you a luxurious scalp massage.

    7. A leave-in softening treatment for tight curls that will leave your hair feeling hydrated and soft without weighing it down. We can thank its main ingredients, aloe vera, coconut milk, plumeria extract, and papaya extract for our now healthy-feeling hair.

    8. An argan oil hair mask because yes, even your hair needs a spa day every once in a while. This product is perfect for deep conditioning and helping with natural hair growth.

    Reviewer's before-and-after of straightened, frizzy hair and then heathy-looking tight curls

    9. A microfiber hair towel that actually helps curls keep their shape and fights the frizzies from other towels. And yes, it can handle thick, long hair.

    10. A tub of coconut curling cream with shea butter so you can be confident that your curls will stay defined all day.

    11. A bottle of Marc Anthony curl lotion to help reinvigorate dry wavy hair. The lotion has vitamin B and E that bind to waves to hydrate and define them.

    12. A cocoa butter pudding that's perfect for styling curls while adding moisture for days and reducing shrinkage in curls.

    13. A custard aloe gel with a lightweight feel so you can have bouncy curls throughout the day. This all-natural product is paraben-free, sulfate-free, *and* dye-free. We love to see it.

    14. A L'Oreal Paris sculpt and hold cream-gel because we all know some curls need a little help staying put. This coconut oil gel conditions and shapes curls without adding extra weight.

    15. A detangling brush that actually does glide through even the toughest of knots when it comes to curly hair.

    16. A curly hair oil treatment from Gabrielle Union so you know it's high-end. Infused with ten different oils, this product will leave your curls hydrated and beautiful.

    The oil treatment

    17. A Garnier Fructis shaping jelly you can use as a leave-in treatment to help hold the shape of your curls. The natural ingredients help fight off frizz from humidity while maintaining curl shape.

    A reviewer with curly hair and no frizz after using the jelly

    18. A curl activator that works for both tighter curls or looser waves, depending on your hair type.

    19. A scalp care brush perfect for that end-of-week product cleansing process. Or just a scalp massage whenever you're needing one.

    20. A curl defining cream to add control and shine post-application. The best part? You only need a few pumps for this product to do its job.

    21. And some Redken ringlet shape-perfecting lotion from so you can achieve salon-looking curls without sacrificing your savings.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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