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    31 Things From Target That’ll Make Your Home Look More Modern While Staying On A Budget

    From fake plants to kitchen essentials, these items will make your home a modern masterpiece without costing you a fortune.

    1. A faux Monstera plant to add some warmth to your home without having to worry about keeping a real plant alive (trust us, we get it).

    the fake plant in a white pot on the floor of a room

    2. A fuzzy throw pillow that'll add a luxe vibe to any room with its unique ruched accents. You'll love to lounge on this at the end of a long day just as much as you'll love to look at it.

    A white pillow with a pink and neutral pillow

    3. A set of balloon animal sculptures because they're just the cutest. These metallic puppers will look incredible on your favorite coffee table.

    A set of gold balloon dogs on a black table

    4. A window-pane table lamp with a simple modern base that'll be an eye-catching accent piece in your living room. The black and white colorway will easily match all your other new modern home additions.

    A black window pane lamp

    5. A ceramic planter with a wooden stand to add brightness and life to your home. The earthy legs and white basin pair perfectly with any plant you put in it.

    A light wood plant stand with a white pot in a home

    6. An acacia wine rack so you can proudly display your $10 wine collection in a beautiful, modern way. This gorgeous piece will spice up your counter while adding precious storage space.

    A wooden wine rack

    7. A classy white throw blanket to keep you cozy at all times. This gorgeous throw adds a touch of chic decor to your sitting areas while still maintaining that modern feel you're trying to achieve.

    A white throw blanket on a couch

    8. A four-cube bookshelf so you can keep your home super organized *and* chic. This unit is perfect for displaying decor or you can throw some bins in each cubby to hide some clutter.

    A white wood storage space for your home

    9. A wooden C-shaped side table for those who are tired of having to reach forward to grab their drinks off the coffee table. This convenient piece can easily move with you anywhere in the living room for instant drink and remote access.

    A black metal and wooden c-shaped end table in a home

    10. A stone resin tabletop fire pit if you don't have the room for a full-fledged fire pit. This super cute outdoor accessory fits perfectly on patio tables and will add a cozy ambiance to any get-together.

    the small fire pit on an outside table

    11. A handheld vacuum sealer to help you keep food fresher longer. Not only is this lil thing super easy to use, it'll make you feel like you're living in the future.

    the vacuum sealer with celery in a sealed bag

    12. A set of wooden salt and pepper mills for a modern take on a classic, overlooked kitchen item. These monochromatic mills will be a gorgeous addition to your table or countertop while adding freshly ground flavor to all your meals.

    the gray wood mills

    13. A super cute breadbox that'll make you smile every time you see it. While it has a retro feel, this colorful, modern accessory will pair well with any kitchen decor and add a touch of fun to your cooking station.

    the blue box that says "bread" with bread in it

    14. A single basket air fryer perfect for meals of one or to make a delicious, healthy side for your dinner party. This sleek, contemporary machine will look great on your countertop and take mealtime up a notch.

    the black air fryer next to a plate of food

    15. A black and white canvas print that adds a minimal yet modern touch to any home's decor. The simple line drawing is the perfect balance of sentiment and style.

    the line drawing of two holding hands

    16. A modern dining chair so you can sit in comfort and style. The curved back and metal legs make this chair a sleek addition and probably one of the coolest things you'll own.

    a brown table with the modern chairs in black surrounding it

    17. A futuristic temperature-controlled smart mug because nothing screams modern like a mug that keeps itself hot while you drink it. No more sips of lukewarm coffee after 20 minutes — this keeps your drink warm for up to an hour and a half.

    the black mug next to a coffee pot

    18. A 16-piece stoneware dining set so you can switch up that old plate set you've had for forever with these earth-toned ones. And no two are exactly the same so your dinnerware can be as unique as you.

    the full set of dinnerware in different colors, cream, blue, orange, and tan all stacked together with gold knives and forks on top and three apples on the side

    19. A cheeky "Wash Your Hands" sign for the bathroom because there's no better way to state the obvious than in the form of a cute ceramic sign.

    the black sign with white lettering hanging on a white wall with black dots over a counter with two towels hanging on a rack, a soap dispenser, soap dish, comb, toothbrush holder, and sponge holder all below it.

    20. A 15-piece KitchenAid gadget set that your kitchen simply needs. This starter kit has all the essentials any baker or chef needs and will make you feel more settled in your home.

    the utensil set on a gray counter with various plates of food and spices surrounding it.

    21. A utensil holder with a minimalist modern look for your counter. This adds just a bit more style than a classic stainless steel utensil holder but doesn't go over the top in its design.

    the white holder with "utensils" written in black cursive on a wooden counter with a slotted turner, spatula, and scraper inside

    22. A standing spoon rest that will instantly modernize your home. Say goodbye to the flat spoon rests of the past, your spoons sit upright when they aren't in use.

    23. A Lazy Susan serving tray you can use for decorative purposes when you aren't entertaining and then pull out for an easy access charcuterie board on movie night.

    the wooden tray with black wiring around the edges

    24. A vanity organizer with a metal strip so all those clips and bobby pins you keep losing stay in one place. This is the future, people.

    the wooden organizer with different bathroom essentials in it like brush, toothpaste, comb, and clips attached to the magnetic strip on the side

    25. A gold napkin holder for an elegant yet understated look. This gives you a simple way to display your napkins while maintaining a beautiful, modern style on your counter or table.

    the gold napkin holder with white napkins in it on a counter next to a white mug with a tea bag beside it and a white canister.

    26. A faux fur sheepskin throw blanket that will look so refined on your bed. The geometric shape of this blanket takes it up a notch from classic throw blankets but has that contemporary charm you've been going for.

    the brown sheepskin blanket on the bottom corner of a bed

    27. A wire storage basket to keep all your essentials tucked away in a super cute fashion. The gold nameplates give these sleek wire baskets that little something extra so they don't feel like cheap finds.

    two of the wire baskets one large version with a towel and scrubber and a smaller version with sponges in it

    28. A shoe rack because modern definitely doesn't mean unorganized. Place this at your entryway or even by your back door to slip your shoes onto so you don't track dirt into the house after taking the dog for a walk.

    the shoe rack with boots on the bottom rack and dog treats and a leash on top

    29. A minimalist doormat that simply greets your guests for you. The classic black with gold lettering feels elevated in style but still gives off that contemporary decor look.

    30. A shower curtain with a sleek understated look that still adds a pop of color to your bathroom without overwhelming the whole vibe you were going for.

    the shower curtain with the top half light blue and bottom half dark blue hanging over a white bathtub

    31. And a kitchen conversion plaque so you can add contemporary style and *essential* information to your home in the form of a simple wall decoration. This will be so handy when you don't have to Google these conversions and can simply glance up at your plaque!

    the conversion chart hanging on the wall above and open recipe book

    We love a good home upgrade!

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