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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Make Any Home Look Bigger And Brighter

    It's always a good time to liven up your living space.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A metallic-framed, full-length mirror to help reflect light and give your space a more open feel. Plus, it has a super cute outer frame to give it a look of luxury as well.

    The mirror, which is long and rectangular, in rose-gold frame

    2. A pair of bright nesting end tables for a pop of color in your living area. The layered look not only provides more space for decorations, it adds a chic style touch to any room you place them in.

    The set, which includes one small table that fits under a larger table, both with rounded tops and splayed legs, in blue, with natural wood colored legs

    3. An open-frame wood pendant lamp that gives your home a rustic, farmhouse feel while still providing beautiful lighting. And it has a dimming feature to easily help you change up the mood in the room.

    4. A round accent mirror for those places who don't have a lot of space on the floor to place a mirror. Utilize every inch of free wall space and give your home a more open feel with this classy mirror.

    The mirror, which is circular with a thin white frame around it

    5. An elegant, Art Deco gold-finish bar cart with an etched geometric design on the glass tables to give your home an airy, luxurious feeling. The gold and glass combination will feel lighter than a darker color combination in your home.

    The bar cart, which has a gold finish frame, glass shelves on the top and bottom, and a circular design in the back area

    6. A glass and metal coffee table to match the new gold and glass color scheme you have going on in your home. This stylish piece is quite large but the glass makes it feel open and welcoming instead of in the way.

    The table, which is circular, with a round, metal frame, four legs, and a circle of safety glass as the top

    7. A light-colored rug that's soft and simple so you can easily style it with the other decor in your living space.

    The rug, which has a shag texture, in a square size, in white

    8. A minimalist writing desk for those people who still need ample working space in their homes but don't want an eye-sore of a desk. This has drawers for easy storage but still keeps it's stylish feel with a wood finish.

    the desk with a laptop and lamp and other books

    9. A bottle of streak-free glass cleaner because in order to let light into your home you need clean windows and mirrors. This is a must-have for all homes needing a light upgrade.

    The cleaner, which comes in a trigger-spray bottle

    10. A piece of wall art by Drew Barrymore Flower Home to give your home a pop of color. The plant graphics will breathe some life into your decor if you're the kind of person who can't keep an actual plant alive to save your life – hi, it's me!

    The wall art, which has a pink background and a green drawing of plant vines

    11. A set of U-shaped floating shelves so you can add extra space to your counters and move some decor up to the walls. Add a clock, a stack of books or flowers and it'll feel stylish and functional in no time.

    The shelves, which are white and have a "U" shape, with small shelves on either end

    12. A lively house plant because one sure way to liven up your living space is to bring actual life into it! Just make sure you remember to water it so it doesn't wilt.

    the live plant in a white basin on four black legs

    13. A simple, fold-down convertible sofa-bed that is a super comfy living room addition during the day and a guest bed at night. Perfect for places that don't have a ton of extra room.

    The couch in gray, with six small wooden peg legs and two raised arms at either end

    14. A three-piece sunburst mirror set so you can practically bring the sun into your home for an extra boost of light. Channel your inner sun goddess for a mood boost every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in these.

    The three mirrors, which all have a round mirrored center, and various "sunburst"-style gold-toned embellishments

    15. A 12-pack of bright, energy-efficient lightbulbs that will be good for the environment and also brighten up your living space effortlessly.

    The light bulbs, being used in light fixtures

    16. A tufted storage ottoman to clear up some of that clutter on the floor which will help make your room feel even more spacious.

    The ottoman, which is cube-shaped, and has tufting on top and nailhead trim around the top sodes

    17. A brightly colored, machine-washable throw pillow for an extra pop of color on a monochromatic couch or chair. This is the perfect focal point to add to a room that's missing that extra flair of style.

    The pillows in pink, which are square and have some thin dark trim around the edges

    18. A farmhouse-chic linen shower curtain with just a little bit of color so it's still easy to style. The neutral color addition gives this an elevated look but doesn't make finding matching decor impossible.

    The linen curtain, in pink and white, which has button flourishes across the center

    19. A single-serve coffee maker that won't take up too much space on your counter but will still provide you with a perfectly portioned cup of coffee in the morning.

    the black narrow coffee maker

    20. A set of stainless-steel food containers with glass windows so you can get a glimpse of the food you're keeping fresh in your pantry.

    the stainless steel containers filled with beans, chick peas, pasta, and peas

    21. A jar of faux peonies you don't actually have to worry about keeping alive but can still reap the visual benefits from having a beautiful pot of bright flowers in your home.

    the glass jar filled with white peonies

    22. A ladder bookshelf to help elongate the look of your apartment or home by reaching up to the ceiling instead of out into your room.

    the ladder bookshelf with books, plants, and other decorations on it

    23. A cube organizer for stylized storage. Display some decor here and add some decorative tubs to hide the less cute clutter you don't want people to see.

    the cube organizer with books and plants

    24. An over-the-toilet shelf for those who live in a space that doesn't boast a lot of bathroom storage. This will fit perfectly above your toilet and give you a place to put everything you need.

    the bathroom shelf over a toilet with bathroom accessories on the shelves

    25. A set of sheer curtains that will add a little privacy but still keep your home feeling open and bright. Instead of blocking out the light completely, these allow a trickle of sunlight in for the perfect ambience.

    the white curtains hanging over a window

    26. A pair of wall shelves because there's something super classy about decorations on the wall that aren't just classic picture frames.

    the two shelves above a couch with black and white decorations

    27. A mini globe you can look at whenever your world feels small to remember how big it actually is and how many possibilities you have in front of you.

    the globe next to a stack of books

    28. A decorative velvet throw pillow so you can have something comfy to sit on and nap with while also adding some elegant decor to your home.

    a couch with five of the pillows in orange, pink, light blue, green, and white

    29. A floor lamp that will project light up to your ceiling if you don't have overhead lighting, helping make the room feel a little bit bigger than it is.

    the lamp next to a couch

    30. A salt lamp to help you feel witchy and magical whenever you look at it. The soothing presence of this next to your desk will remind you to take a deep breath and relax when you need it.

    the pink salt lamp on a white counter

    31. And a colorful canvas you can — and should — use as motivation to take that road trip because you deserve it.

    the canvas of a yellow van with a dog and two surfboards

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