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    40 Products To Help Calm Your Nerves If You're An Anxious Traveler

    Now you can *literally* sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight ✈️.

    1. A wheeled carry-on bag if you'd rather die than pay for a checked bag. This one's small enough to fit under the seat, so it can qualify as a personal item on extra strict airlines (you know the ones). Plus, it has a side USB port for keeping your devices charged!

    reviewer image of the purple wheeled carry-on
    another reviewer's purpe wheeled carry on under the seat ahead of them on a plane

    Promising review: "This is the perfect bag that will fit Spirit's 'strict' personal item policy. I was able to fit it under my seat on Spirit and had no problems from any flight attendants about its size (no one even checked to begin with). Very lightweight and easy to maneuver around. All the zippers and wheels work perfectly. I recommend investing in this bag if you're a college student and/or travel a lot for short breaks." —Haegi Oh

    Get it from Amazon for $50.77+ (available in four colors).

    2. A stylish anti-theft backpack to protect your valuables while looking extra cute. It opens from the back instead of the front, so you won't be a pickpocket victim anytime soon. If packing for a trip usually involves anxiety about things getting lost or stolen, this one is for you!

    BuzzFeeder's photo of the black faux leather backpack holding snacks, sunscreen, an umbrella, glasses case, water bottle, and hand sanitizer in its theft-proof back pocket
    a reviewer sitting on a bench with the gray backpack with a lighter gray stripe down the middle
    Britt Ross / BuzzFeed,

    Former BuzzFeed Shopping writer Britt Ross says: "I recently returned from Italy, and as someone who prefers a small backpack over a purse most of the time, I thought this would be a great purchase, as it would give me some peace of mind as I spent hours wandering around different cities. I'm happy to report that after two weeks of daily use, I'm convinced I'll be bringing it on every trip I take from now on. It's small enough so that it doesn't feel bulky or uncomfortable throughout the day, but has plenty of space for everything you'd need on the go — I fit my wallet, sunscreen, glasses case, hand sanitizer, water bottle, snacks, and even a small umbrella, with room to spare! And the fact that it opens from the back means someone would literally have to pry it off of you to get to your valuables. I bought the medium size in black pebbled faux leather, and it's actually quite cute for the price!"

    Promising review: "I bought this backpack to use as a purse while on vacation, and it worked perfectly. The main pouch is protected when you’re walking around because the zipper is protected by your back. There are also two side zippered pockets, one of which kept my phone and the other perfect for sunglasses and a few other items that I wanted to access more easily. I loved that I could wear it as a purse to dinner but use it as a backpack during the day so that my shoulder didn’t get tired. I highly recommend this item!" —Allison

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in two sizes and 13 styles).

    3. A folding pill organizer with seven (!!) compartments because you shouldn't have to worry about missing vitamins or meds on vacation. Or worse, carry 'em in a flimsy plastic bag.

    A pink folding organizer open to show capsules inside of the clear-paneled compartments
    Reviewer holding a white version of the organizer and snapping it closed with one hand

    Promising review: "If you travel, I suggest buying several of these! They organize pills very well and always stay shut and are easy to pack. I also use one for my jewelry when I travel. They stay closed with a strong magnet and fit into a corner of your luggage very easily. I also used a label maker and labeled the individual spaces with the name of the supplement to help organize my partner!" —Anna Zucker

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in two sizes, 10 colors, and in packs of two). 

    4. An Apple AirTag if your idea of a good trip is knowing exactly where your luggage is *at all times*. Toss it in your bag so you can stop stressin' and enjoy yourself! It's also great for keeping track of your keys, wallet, and other valuables on a regular basis.

    reviewer a holding up the tag with a red ring around it
    Another reviewer's screenshot of their airtagged luggage

    To track your item, simply use your Find My iPhone app! The AirTag will even make noise if you select "Play Sound" in the app. 

    Promising review: "We used this on our honeymoon to Portugal. We were worried about the airport making us check our carry-on luggage – which they did make us do. We were able to rest assured that our bags were at the destination and on the plane." —Roberta

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99 (also available in packs of four — great for several suitcases)!

    AND here's a luggage tag AirTag case and an AirTag keychain worth checking out!

    5. And a discreet acrylic luggage tag because finding your bag on the carousel shouldn't feel like a game of hide and seek — the bright color will be easy to spot! Plus, if you experience the unfortunate situation of losing a bag, this ensures the airline will have your contact info.

    neon green acrylic luggage tag attached to a bag
    all five color options for the luggage tag, including neon green, pink, orange, yellow, and blue
    Evy Little Design / Etsy

    You can personalize your luggage tag to include a name, address, and phone number or email. The shop also allows you to request a proof before the tag is made to confirm everything looks good. You'll also be able to decide whether you want a plastic loop or metal wire for hanging the tag from your luggage.

    Evy Little Design is a small biz in California that makes a variety of personalized products.

    Promising review: "These are so well made. I love them and how well constructed they are and I will be purchasing these as Christmas gifts for several people." —Rosemary Rotondi

    Get it from Evy Little Design on Etsy for $9.68 (originally $11; available in five colors and two loop options/sizes).

    6. A set of packing cubes you'll soon wonder how you ever traveled without. Your clothes will remain perfectly folded (or rolled!) and you'll free up some room in your suitcase. What's not to love?

    Reviewer's clothes before using packing cubes
    Reviewer's clothes after using packing cubes

    Each set comes with a small, medium, large, and extra-large cube, a shoe bag, a laundry bag, a toiletry bag, and an accessories bag.

    Promising review: "I'm not sure how I got this far in life without using these to organize my suitcase. Never going back to the old way! They kept my business trip clothes wrinkle-free, and the sizes were perfect for cordoning off socks and underwear, skirts and dresses, business suit, etc. Even comes with instructions on how to maximize space with folding your clothes. I can't emphasize enough how having a well-organized suitcase makes traveling so much less stressful (for me anyway). This was a game changer."Meghan Peterson

    Get a set of six from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in 12 colors).

    7. Flushable toilet seat covers so your bum doesn't have to bear the unthinkable — a germ-infested public toilet seat. Why aren't these covers standard issue in ALL public restrooms? Now you'll be prepared!

    image of reviewer's hand holding up pack of flushable toilet seat covers
    reviewer image of a flushable toilet seat cover on a toilet

    Promising review: "These are perfect to take when traveling, because you never know if you’re gonna come across a nasty bathroom. They’re compact and they come in packs of 10, so they're small enough to put in your bag or even your pocket." —ChrisB_DZ

    Get a pack of 50 from Amazon for $9.99.

    8. A portable door lock, which is an absolute game changer for solo travelers who want to put their minds at ease when it comes to safety. It's a breeze to install/remove, it'll fit most doors, and it's small enough to toss in your bag. 

    FYI, this may occasionally be flagged by TSA. You can also check out this other option with a sleeker design.

    Promising review: "My apartment door has a deadbolt but no lock on the door handle. The latch is also misplaced, so if it’s not dead bolted anyone can just push my door open. Took a few tries to get this right but makes me feel much more secure, and it’s easy to use when you get the hang of it! I also take this with me when traveling, as it fits almost all doors. Definitely recommend; thanks TikTok for showing this to me." —Anna

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    9. A slim *and* lightweight Anker power bank if you're constantly worried about your battery dying on vacation. This will help keep your devices 100% juiced! No, but seriously, this monster can bring your phone to full battery more than once before the bank itself needs to be charged again.

    Promising review: "I like the solid and sleek construction. Fits easily in my pocket. Most importantly it works! Fast charging, enough capacity to charge my phone several times over a number of days and withstands plenty of me dropping it and yanking the cord out awkwardly and accidentally." —Joe Hull

    Get it from Amazon for 17.99+ (available in colors black and white).

    10. And an international power converter because this may just be the one thing that ensures your gadgets stay charged when you travel abroad! It works in 150 countries and has a 5-foot detachable power cable, four sockets, and voltage converters.

    Reviewer photo of the power converter
    the converter and included accessories with text that says

    NoPromising review: "I travel frequently both for work and pleasure and always find myself lugging around a bag full of power cords and converter depending on the country I am visiting. This useful tool has saved me at least 5 lbs worth of excess luggage (a multitude of extension cords, power connectors and external plugs) by consolidating the my connection needs into one tool. This power bank comes with two plugs (you can choose configuration based on the country specific outlets) and four USB plugs. The travel bag makes it convenient and keeps it organized. This is a great investment and value for the price." —LocalistGal

    Get it from Amazon for $39.98

    11. A nerve-calming safety keychain that could save your life in a dangerous situation. Push the hidden button two times and it'll instantly send an SOS text with your location to five predetermined contacts. Hook it on your wallet, keys, or belt loop and breathe a *major* sigh of relief.

    A model holding the keychain on their keys
    the keychain in black, gold, and silver
    A model with the silver holding on their purse

    InvisaWear is a female-cofounded small biz dedicated to helping people stay safe with stylish and discreet SOS alert systems (think bangles, necklaces — even athletic bands) that are backed by ADT Security.

    There are no monthly subscription fees for this service! All you need to do is download the free app on your phone and customize your contacts and settings.

    Promising review: "This gave me peace of mind while I traveled alone. I knew that I would have access to help if needed." —Lasonja B.

    Get it from InvisaWear for $126.65 (originally $149; available in three colors).

    12. TSA-approved silicone travel bottles to have your lotions and potions ready for flight in no time — and without a headache-inducing mess. It also comes with spray bottles and jars for perfumes and creams.

    These BPA-free bottles feature a leakproof design so you won't have to worry about messy spills. Each silicone bottle also has the capacity printed on it for TSA purposes! You get four bottles, four jars, and two spray bottles. It also comes with two scoopers to use with the jars, a funnel for transferring liquids, a clear travel bag, a set of labels, and a cleaning brush.

    Promising review: "This little set is perfect for your travel toiletries. Instead of paying $3 for those little travel bottles, you can fill your favorite products in these. The taller tubes are silicone and easy to fill. For the circular containers, I used the little scooper to fill them. I didn't use the spray bottles this trip, but I did use everything else, and I'm happy to say nothing leaked. Easy to clean after use as well." —Nicole

    Get it from Amazon for