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noun: a chaotic or disastrous situation that holds a peculiar fascination for others.

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I have a smart mouth. More often that not, I have a hard time controlling it. I'm selfish. I don't take no for an answer. I never sing the right lyrics, even when I know them. I'm almost always having an allergic reaction to something. On countless occasions, I've been so eager to eat an apple that I've eaten part of the core. I trip over my own two feet. I get drunk for all the wrong reasons. I hurt the people I love for all the right reasons. If I feel like people don't understand me, I just scream louder. I love talking to strangers. I love embarrassing my friends. I eat all the things I say I don't. Sometimes I'm too much for the world; other times I'm not enough. I struggle with balance. I angry cry. I'm judgmental, but I do not play God. I daydream too much. I half do things. I don't follow my own advice. I don't know how to add fractions. I hate Deadpool. I don't jump to conclusions, I leap. I overthink, and create problems in my own head. I make at least 13 mistakes a day.

I'm a train wreck, but at least I'm honest about it.

And you know what?

I think I'm pretty damn amazing.

I don't need a tutor, or slip on shoes. I don't need a reality check, I don't need to slow down. I am the way I am, and these flaws, they're never gonna change.

What I need is love.

I think I deserve it :)

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