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10 Thoughts I Had After Re-Watching Titanic

Door debate *not* included.

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1. How does Rose know all the intimate details of Jack's poker game as well as his time on the ship without her?

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Titanic is Rose's retelling of her story with Jack and experience on the ship. But then how does she know word for word and scene for scene what Jack experienced without her? The only time they spend alone pre-sinking is during her suicide attempt, one walk, one group dinner, some drunken dancing, and ~sexytime~.

3. In summation: Jack falls in love with Rose after seeing her from afar ONE TIME with ANOTHER MAN, then proceeds to: almost fall off a ship to prevent her suicide, go toe to toe with her multi-millionaire fiance to win her affection, get falsely imprisoned and shot at by said millionaire fiance, make her get in a lifeboat even though he couldn't go with her, and then drown himself so she can survive.

5. How on earth did that necklace stay in Rose's pocket after a jump out of a lifeboat, a tumble through rushing ocean water while escaping a gunman, climbing over the railing of a ship, getting sucked into the ocean as it's sinking, and then climbing out of the ocean up onto a door?

9. Why doesn't Rose give the diamond to her granddaughter who has dedicated herself to being her caretaker? And put up with all that damn pottery.

10. Kinda harsh that when Rose dies, she is reunited with Jack in Titanic heaven or wherever they go. Like, what about her husband who she spent decades married to and had children with?

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