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12 Things To Avoid On Your First Business Trip

Just another paid vacation, right? If you want to enjoy your first business trip, be sure not to make any of these mistakes — and stay at a Country Inns & Suites By Carlson℠—the next best thing to home.

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1. Drinking so much you start making confessions.

2. Trying to expense extravagant meals to your company card.

3. Disrespecting local customs.

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4. Talking about work politics...

5. ...or salaries.

6. Eating so much at the breakfast buffet that you have to reschedule your meetings.

7. Missing your flight.

8. Drunk tweets.

9. Packing the wrong shoes...

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10. ...or realizing you underpacked after you stain your only suitable shirt.

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11. Getting into an argument with a co-worker...

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12. ...or a romance.