12 Fashion Annoyances That Are Literally The Worst

No one ever asked for this to happen. We’ve all been there — those times when fate decides to take a swipe at your fashionable well-being.

1. When you discover holes in your pockets.

Level of Trauma: Missing keys and $3.26 in lost pocket change.

2. When you spill coffee on your clothes.

Paramount Pictures / Via mexidodeideias.com.br

Level of Trauma: Smelling like a vanilla latte for the rest of the day.

3. When it rains and you have to walk around all day with wet pant legs.

Level of Trauma: Nothing is finer than everyone at work hearing you squish with each step.

4. When you get a run in your favorite pair of tights.

FashionbyHe / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: fashionbyhe

Level of Trauma: Having nothing left to cover your legs by the end of the day.

5. When your bra strap won’t stay put.


Level of Trauma: Having someone confuse your loose bra strap as an attempt at being suggestive. Awkward.

6. When you manage to tear awkward holes in your favorite pants.

Level of Trauma: Unintentional public indecency.

7. When you tuck your shirt in your underwear without realizing.

Level of Trauma: Having everyone know what brand of underwear you like.

8. When you get food on your clothes.

Level of Trauma: A trip to the laundromat.

9. When your zipper catches a piece of cloth and then never works again.


Level of Trauma: Cut my dress into pieces — this is my last resort.

10. When your heel breaks and you have no backup.

Level of Trauma: Having to limp around awkwardly and explain to people that you’re not actually injured.

11. When static cling attacks you in all the wrong places.


Level of Trauma: Finding out that your skirt is more form-fitting than you expected.

12. When you misalign your buttons.


Level of Trauma: Not being able to figure out why it’s so uncomfortable to be fashionable, but then you realize what’s really going on.

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