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10 Laundry Mishaps Everyone Experiences At Least Once

We've all bungled our laundry before. Let's just hope these don't happen to you twice.

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1. When clean laundry falls on the floor while being transferred to the dryer.


Should have just taken two trips… just should have done it...

2. When you add way too much detergent.


The soapy aftermath is the perfect way to ruin a good night.

3. When you just can't quit dropping your clothes.


It's a never-ending cycle. Should've just gotten a hamper.

4. When this happens to your hair because of all the static in your sweater.


Who knew these mystery fabrics were loaded with static charges?!

5. When a pen explodes and ruins everything.


On the plus side, time for a new wardrobe?

6. When you accidentally toss something in the dryer that doesn't belong there.


Not necessarily an iron, but you know, maybe your PHONE that was next to your laundry?

7. When you show up at the laundromat and everything is full.


"But it was already so much trouble just to get here!"

8. When you realize you don't have enough quarters at the laundromat.

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You just put your clothes in the wash, and now have no way to dry them. The WORST.

9. When you accidentally mix whites and colors.


Faded pink is a good look, right? Right?

10. And of course, when you shrink your new shirt in the dryer.


How is anyone supposed to know how to take care of mystery fabrics?! Next time, check the label and opt for pre-shrunk cotton instead.