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13 Things We Should All Say Out Loud More Often

Forget the taboo, let's talk it out.

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1. Telling someone you love them first.

2. Defending yourself when you're sure you're right.

3. Admitting you're the one responsible for the stink in the room.

4. Apologizing for something you know was your fault.

5. Saying "excuse me" instead of shoving someone out of the way.

6. Saying "NO" when you just can't handle it anymore.


7. Genuinely thanking your mom for all she's done for you.

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8. Owning that you are, in fact, picking your nose.

9. Explaining to someone why they upset you.


10. Telling a stranger that you think they're cute.

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11. Confessing that it was you who clogged it.

12. Congratulating someone on a job well done.


13. Telling someone how happy you are to have them in your life.

Some things deserve to be said out loud, especially when it comes to your clean routine! Talk it out with Cottonelle.