15 Pictures That Prove More Is Better


1. This GIF that proves more ice cream is infinitely better:

2. This picture that is in favor of MORE RABBIT:

REX USA/M & Y News Ltd / Rex

3. This woman who is clearly delighted by a large number of sandwiches:

Poznyakov / Via shutterstock.com

4. This picture that is every person's dream:

5. This dog who knows that more pillows are NECESSARY:

tracey r / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: wanderingone

6. This DJ set that would've FAILED without all those cool cats:

7. This candygasmic assortment:

8. These lawn decorations that prove more Chia Pet can be absolutely regal:

REX USA/Geoffrey Swaine / Rex

9. This 47-layer dip that trumps all dips that came before it:

Macey Foronda / Via buzzfeed.com

10. This color run that wouldn't have been the same without TONS of color and TONS of people:

Scooter Lowrimoore / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: vesparado

11. This picture that proves three puppies are better than one:

12. THIS picture that proves an entire LITTER of puppies is unrivaled in cuteness:

13. This cake that is infinitely better with more layers:

Kristen Taylor / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: kthread

14. This picture that proves more pumpkin is amazingly functional:

REX USA/The Digital South Ltd / Rex

15. And this bunny who needs way more toilet paper:

Cottonelle knows that more is better — and that’s why their TP rolls are 25% larger than the leading brand!

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