12 Weird Combinations That Actually Work

Some things just work well together. Like using both wipes and toilet paper to take care of your business. Test your cleaning logic with Cottonelle.

1. Jetsurfing

Bournemouth News / Rex / Rex USA

Part jetski. Part surfboard. All fun.

2. A treadmill bike

Why bother running on a treadmill indoors next to a bunch of sweaty people when you could be running outside?

3. Pillow Tie

Solent News / Rex / Rex USA

Sleeping on the job will never be the same.

4. A monsterbike

Solent News / Rex / Rex USA

Some people were just born to ride.

5. A remote control bottle opener

Never miss a show while looking for a bottle opener ever again.

6. A Sailbike

Geoffrey Robinson / Rex / Rex USA

A pleasant excuse to wear your sailing outfit without having to actually go to sea.

7. A hot tub boat

Solent News / Rex / Rex USA

You can be in water without really being in water.

8. An umbrella helmet

Sideways rain will be a problem of the past.

9. A bike boat

Quirky China News / Rex / Rex USA

Whatever floats your boat.

10. Vertical Chess

The perfect way to frame a brand new perspective on a classic.

11. A beard hat

Stay warm and look manly at the same time.

12. A couch car

Never miss your favorite soap opera ever again.

Some things just work well together…

…like cloth and water! Use both moist wipes and toilet paper for a cleaner, fresher way to do your business. Test your cleaning logic with Cottonelle.

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