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10 Things You Shouldn't Be Embarrassed About

Stand tall my friend, stand tall. Don't let the world get you down, just go for it!

1. Don't be embarrassed about singing in the shower, the acoustics are too good not to!

2. Don't be embarrassed about your bizarre collection, It shows commitment!

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3. Don't be embarrassed that you cry while watching proposal videos on YouTube, you're only human!

4. Don't be embarrassed of your Netflix history, you're just working on your fitness man!

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5. Don't be embarrassed of your awkward dance moves! They're yours, and no one is better at them than you!

6. Don't be embarrassed that you get all your information from Wikipedia, it's always right. (Usually...)

7. Don't be embarrassed to make the first move! Someone has to... it's called the first move for a reason.

8. Don't be embarrassed that you know all the moves to Gangnam Style! It's not overplayed... It's. Just. That. Good.

9. Don't be embarrassed that you love your mommy, it's cool no matter how old you are.

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10. And don't be embarrassed that you just fell for that, it's too tempting.

You know what else you shouldn’t be embarrassed about?

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