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18 Things Only Curvy Girls Who Travel Will Understand

Raging cases of chub rub and teeny, tiny bathroom stalls aren't going to stop you from checking everything off your bucket list in style.

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1. Not only do you worry about dying in a fiery plane crash, but you're also concerned about bruising your boobs on your tray table.

4. You'd rather just stand and slay while riding the subway instead of squeezing yourself into that seat between two strangers.

7. You have the chub rub routine down pat. Baby powder, deodorant, and Bandelettes: Check, check, check.

8. You love that you can get away with wearing that fave beach wrap that doubles as a dress pretty much everywhere.

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11. Packing plenty of Bandaids for your jacked-up feet is a must.

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You won't be wearing grandma shoes on this tour if you want to look fabulous. Hell no.


13. You've learned enough of the local lingo to know those men are complimenting your ass and amazed how wide it is at the same time. Um, thanks? / Via

16. Or how about those artfully arranged jamon serrano and manchego plates in Spain? Be still, my heart.

17. Heck, enjoying glorious, indulgent vacation meals anywhere is magic. Treat yo' self.

18. You take pride in traveling, pushing your boundaries and owning your curves around the world. Work.

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