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16 Animals Who Care Not What You Think

When everyone else zigs, they zag.

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1. The feline who will decide when and where she baths, not you:

"Oh you wanted to use the sink? You'll just have to wait, won't you?"

2. This dog that's just dripping in swag:

SO MUCH SWAG. You wish you could have this much swag.

3. This dog that has no time for your obedience training: / Via

The other dogs haven't a clue what's just hit them. But hey, you snooze you lose.

4. This orangutan that has decided to adopt: / Via

Not sure the tiger had much say in this.

5. This dog that's considering running away to join the circus: / Via

Two legs? Okay, now you're just showing off...

6. These goats that want to live dangerously: / Via

Admittedly, this looks like great fun.

7. This dog who refuses to be put in the corner:

8. This rabbit that understands possession is nine tenths of the law: / Via

It may look mean, but this rabbit is teaching this young man a few things about how the world works.

9. This bulldog that has taken up motorbiking:

10. These two rascals imitating their baby brother: / Via

Who knew Alaskan Malamutes did satire?

11. This shiba inu that isn't really in the mood for cooking: / Via

He's obviously suffered through his owner's cooking before.

12. This elephant that's considering a future in rhythmic gymnastics: / Via

Such beauty, such grace...

13. This dog that's trying a new way of getting downstairs: / Via

And to think, all of those years using his legs like a sucker.

14. This labrador that's offended at the idea of a birthday pancake: / Via

Honestly, a pancake? Who give someone a pancake?! DO IT AGAIN!

15. This cat who's determined to keep a clean sheet:

He's not even willing to let the kid score once. Where do we sign him up?

16. This little guy who has commandeered himself a horse:

"Guys, I'm taking this. This is mine now."

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