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Hipster Dogs

These dogs soooo dug chillwave before you did.

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  • 1. I'm not rich, my owners are, and they just happen to give me seriously bitchin treats, besides I got this sweater in Urban's sale rack.

  • 2. Yeah, I'm in a band, we're called K9 Conspiracy. It's like part Math-Pop, part Stevie Wonder, part Homeward Bound. We'll probably make albums only, what's the point of whoring yourself on stage for a bunch of capitalist poseurs.

  • 3. I saw this hoodie at the Ragstock in Chicago, I came from the suburbs just to get it. It shows my dedication to my favorite Animal Collective member.

  • 4. Do I have a job? No. Art is my job. And my art is how much cooler I am than you.

  • 5. I really liked Sigur Ros, but I feel like they got really mainstream when they started singing a couple of songs in English(an actual language). Obviously the Icelandic volcano eruption was mostly because of that.

  • 6. P4k music fest got really mainstream this year. I saw too many alts, who mostly only came because they heard a Broken Social Scene song in the Time Traveler's wife.

  • 7. Seriously? Vampire Weekend? That's so 2007. If I want to hear white people make African music I just listen to Fool's Gold.

  • 8. I'm so happy! My parents lent me more money for rent in my 3 grand Bushwick garden apartment.

  • 9. I'm not a hipster. I don't drink PBR. I drink mostly local micro-brewery's made from toilets in Wicker Park. My friend Caleb makes them, and what makes them so great, is that he spins his favorite Guided By Voices record on *vinyl*, while making it.

  • 10. Omg. Fuck Wavves. I mean, yeah I liked him at one point. And I mean yeah, I really liked his songs with Zach Hill. And I mean, yeah, I really like the way Nathan Williams dresses. And I mean, yeah, it's really cool that he's dating Best Coast. And I mean, yeah, like, I bought King of The Beach on Cassette. And I mean, yeah, I saw him at the Empty Bottle with Harlem not too long ago. And I mean, yeah......but seriously, fuck Wavves. He's too mainstream now.