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Although 'Switch' Is On Hold, Anitta Drops 'Paradinha' For All Our Twerking Needs

Brazilian domination on the rise!

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Larissa de Macedo Machado AKA Anitta has done it again! After releasing 'Paradinha' on May 31, Anitta has stunned audiences with her playful side in the 2 minute and 26 second music video. Offering Portuguese and Spanish versions, Anitta is elevating Brazilian pop music like none other.

Whether you love her or hate her, Anitta's music knows how to get you moving.

Sticking to her funk music roots, Anitta has produced hits that have gone mainstream in not only Brazil, but the rest of Latin America and parts of the U.S. And not only is the music fun to listen to, but Anitta also accompanies her tunes with equally mesmerizing music videos. Some of her famous hits include: 'Bang,' 'Sim Ou Não (Si O No)' featuring Maluma and 'Essa Mina É Louca' featuring Jhama. It's no wonder why Iggy Azalea's team reached out to work with Anitta for her single 'Switch.' Like who wouldn't want to work with Anitta, she knows how to dominate pop charts just like Azalea.

If you don't know who Anitta is, it's about time you found out!

Instagram: @anitta

* She's 24.

* Started her music career in 2010 and debuted under Warner Music in 2013.

* Has 4 albums so far and numerous hit songs, including 10 Top Tracks on iTunes.

* Earned numerous awards from the MTV Europe Music Awards and Troféu Imprensa.

Unfortunately for Anitta and Azalea, internet pirates have ruined the release of 'Switch.'

The single released on May 19 just as planned, but impatient hackers leaked an unfinished rough cut of the music video not long after the audio version was made available. Millions of people were able to see the illegal upload before execs at Vimeo and other file sharing sites were able to take it down.

Losing the element of surprise, the pair has questioned whether they should even release the music video at all. "The video is not even finished being edited yet. We had media partners and other bigger plans for the video on the right day of release. And this leaking really just ruins things for Anitta and I," Azalea said in a Snapchat video according to

At least they were able to perform 'Switch' on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

View this video on YouTube

And it makes us wonder if Anitta filmed part of her 'Paradinha' music video during her trip to New York. Between touring through Brazil and collaborating with Azalea, how could she find time to fly out to NYC for such a short video? If Anitta was able through together this MV last minute while she was was prepping for her performance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, I will be thoroughly impressed with her multitasking and time management skills.

In case you haven't seen the video yet!

View this video on YouTube

A catchy beat, dancing grandmas, unashamed twerking throughout NYC- what else could you want?

And in less than 24 hours and Anitta has broken records!

Anitta's new music video just reached 7 MILLION VIEWS in less than 10 hours!!!

Only time will tell how well 'Paradinha' does, but seeing as how the MV made it to the YouTube trending section in just a few hours- well the future looks bright for Anitta, funk and Brazilian pop music.

How do you feel about Anitta's new single? Has it held you over while we patiently wait for 'Switch?' Share your comments below!

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