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12 Ways To Always Have A Little Bit Of Home With You

Opportunity is an empty room. CORT can deliver stylish rental furniture and set it all up for you.

1. Install a camera to see what the cat is up to while you're out of the house.

2. Add a touch of recreational nostalgia.

3. Set up a home gym. 💪

4. Make light of the situation.

5. Fill shelves or a glass cabinet with mementos.

6. 💯ify your gaming area.

7. Get the right gear to make a solid cup of joe.

8. Brighten your living space with plants.

9. Squeeze some screen time in between me-time.

10. Throw together a custom playlist of favorite songs.

11. Meanwhile, you'll want to maximize any outdoor space.

12. String a hammock in your backyard.

Turn off-base into your home base with help from CORT Furniture Rental for active duty military personnel.

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